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The Age of Legends is beginning


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Tomorrow is the day when some believe that the world will end: 21.12.2012. But in fact it's something else.


I believe we live in the First Age of WoT, before the Age of Legends. There are proofs of it in WoT. Things are not so well as they are during AoL, but trust me, good times will come soon.


It's not the end of the world that comes tomorrow: as we know, there are no endings in the Wheel of Time. But this is an ending, end of the First Age. After tomorrow, the Second Age, the Age of Legends, will begin.


During the First Age, we can't use One Power, it has vanished from the world. It will change soon: When the Second Age begins, we'll get the access to the True Source. It's logical, for with the One Power, we can make the world to be like how it is during AoL.


So, don't worry about tomorrow, for soon we can see, in the real life what One Power is! This I Foretell.

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21.12 is the end of the First Age, not the beginning of a new one, so if you can't channel yet, don't worry: Age begins officially 22.12, you still have hope.


About the cataclysm, isn't it enough that magic will arrive to world? I don't know how it'll happen, but it will. Maybe we won't notice it at first, but let's be patient, for it will come. Maybe 8.1 is the real Day.

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