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Phew, finals week is gone, so I'm here again...

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What'd I miss? I tried to come on to post a LOA, but DM was being all skittish, and now I see a notice about malicious bots and whatnot. Was everything on the fritz for a long time?


I'm also happy to report that school is over for the term, and I got a B+, B-, and A-. Normally not anything to write home about, but at my school, grades are adjusted so that D- starts at 70% instead of 60%, so if not for a gracious instructor's rounding up, my 85% would have only been a C+. Not as bad as an 88% D my dad once got in a graded curve in an engineering class...


Also, for the record, graduate school is harder than I thought it would be. I only got a half-chapter read of KoD during the entire term, a far cry from my normal casual rate of one book per 3 weeks. A lot of reading to be done during the break... catch up on the series, and a head-start on next term so I can still manage to squeeze in MoL. 


Oh, and also, the University of Oregon was finally revealed as the cheaters they are by the NCAA, with their "trial" coming in the spring. Yay! That is all.

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Great job on the semester horn!


And yes, DM was attacked and on the fritz - I still can't reply to any threads using google chrome on our netbook so I'm on the imac using safari right now....much to my husbands dismay considering this is his big computer lol oh darn


Nice to have ya back though!

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