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AOL Role Play Circa 1995 ish


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Good morning, all.


Was writing on Leigh's topic about impacts WoT has made and it reminded me of an AOL Chat based freeform roleplay back in the 90's.


So here I am, curious if anyone on Dragonmount was part of it. Be cool to see if anyone else stayed with the series or larger community.


In referrence to this, I was Ryanus at the time. Created him after being inspired by the concept of the Gholam and wanted to have a light side construct. Ended up one of the guys with an ADR Title on his handle.


So yeah, any others from that particular pasttime about?

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I have played allot of RPG games over chat as freeform roleplaying and I still do, but I have not played over AOL. When I play WoT RPG that be tabletop, over chat or over forum however I tend to try to stay true to the setting, unless I do a crossover which I do at times, that being said I prefer to play about two or three hundred years before the start of the series as then there is a bit of wriggle space to create a story in the RPG game and not either bust out of the setting's limits or bump into the plot of the series.

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