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  1. Well paying homage to Jordan, no, it is clear from Goodkind's words that he never respected Jordan in the least, that do not make him a ripoff though. The rest of the above I agree with completely. I disagree with you, I do not find the quotes telling, not if you have read any of the quotes by Goodkind on other things, the man is a first grade A hole and will speak derogatory about anyone, that do not mean he have stolen ideas from them, and also have a look at the Fremen and the Aiel for example, they have the exact same concept and the way they react to Rand/Paul is also exactly the
  2. I look at it this way, look at a garden hose, the hose itself is always there but sometimes you turn it on and then water will flow through the hose, and then you have the neighbors little shit of a kid who comes and tie a knot on the hose and that would be like a shield, however the hose is still there even when it is not in use. Basically channelers in WoT have a connection to the Source and that is always there, unless something tragic happens to them, and this is what they use to shape weaves and see others channel and so on, there is allot of things a channeler can do even when not active
  3. I have never liked Goodkind as a person, I will not go so far as to say that someone I have never met is a horrible human being, but I can say that from what I know of him he is not a person that I like, however I do not buy books based on how much I like the personality, ethics, political views or anything else about the author, I buy books based on whatever or not I enjoy them. Clearly mocking someone who is dying id despicable, that do not change the quality of someone's books. Now I am not saying that there are not similarities between WoT and SoT however I do not agree that the overal
  4. Well hope he do not decide to take a spaceship and go visit the WoT world before the end of book nine then for he is the male of his species. :P
  5. Well when Nyn had just healed Logain she shields him and from her point of view she describes feeling like a growing pressure or presence behind that shield, my guess and this is only a guess is that it is the ability to channel itself which is used to break a shield, after all a channeler is always connected to the Source it is just that when shielded they are prevented from actually drawing anything though that connection so my guess is that they use the connection itself, like a spiritual muscle to break a shield.
  6. I am a fan of both Wheel of Time and Sword of Truth in fact they are my two favorite fantasy series and while I like WoT better I do not agree that SoT is bad, however my point with this post is not to argue for the quality of SoT as whatever or not one like a book series is rather subjective. Now to the topic at hand. Yes I can clearly see some similarities between SoT and WoT but many of those similarities are generic to most fantasy of it's type. I have seen it mentioned in this thread the idea of a young nobody who is taken from home by a magickal person, get attacked by strange creatures,
  7. Sorry for going off topic Barid. Thrasymachus, would you like to continue the debate in the off topic section, if so could you make a thread and just send me a PM about it? And if not then I thank you for the debate, it have been interesting.
  8. Really and how are my moral relativism defeated by my above statement? Now having limitations on body and physical condition do not limit free will, it can limit our ability to act on said will, but it do not limit the will itself. First of all here you are wrong according to your own moral system, you say the highest crime is to force one's will upon another, but that is what you do when you say someone can not be allowed to choose to be a slave if they want to simply because against your moral system. That being said, no the highest wrong is not to impose one's will on another, ther
  9. This is not the personal morality I would have chosen but if it is right for you I see no problem with it as long as the things you choose to do is not wrong according to my own morality and affect me or others, then we might have a problem, not because your actions are evil or wrong according to some universal concept of good and evil, but because your will have imposed itself on my will and I personally have a problem with that, if that do not happen however do enjoy.
  10. Off course things without free will can not be moral or immoral, the problem here is that you think it work the other way as well, that one can not have free will unless one is moral which is wrong. Free will allow us to choose morality, but morality is not needed to have free will. It is like this, you need intellect to make tools, but you do not need tools to have intellect. Also the moral system someone chooses with their free will, might not be the same as the one you choose with yours, there is no universal morality, good and evil, right and wrong is made up concepts that beings with free
  11. And I would say the same about you. You mix morality and free will into a mess that really say nothing. Free will and morality have nothing to do with one another, they are two different concepts. Actually no it is not the same kind of error, making a logical and mathematical error is not the same as going against one's morality and committing murder. Morality is not a simple thing that can be quantified as easily as you seam to think. Also again this have nothing to do with free will, it have to do with the concept of morality and the two are different concepts, one can be the most i
  12. I do not think right and wrong exist outside of individuals and individual societies, right and wrong, good and evil are concepts of the mind, they are not universal truths, we as human beings created these concepts, they exist only as long as we believe in them, and as such in a society that do not believe in them they do not apply. Now off course things you do can be wrong, it can be wrong to your personal morality, and the morality of your society, but I do not think that anything is universally wrong. I am saying that nothing someone do to themselves as long as it do not harm anyb
  13. If one is going to have true freedom, one have to have the freedom to do anything with one's life, including giving it up or giving up freedom. If someone truly want to be a slave, then it would demean a person's individual rights to choose for themselves far more to deny them to give up their freedom than for them to do it. Is it freedom if rights you do not want is forced on you? I disagree with this strongly. It is not slavery in an off itself which is immoral, thee is nothing immortal in owning a willing slave, it is taking someone against their will which is wrong. If a person tr
  14. I can not remember any other than touch being used when it comes to giving damane sensations through the a'dam either but I could have missed something. I do not know about killing the damane through the a'dam, as far as I know that is never mentioned, but if there is no limit to how much pain can be given through the collar then off course that will eventually be fatal. I can not remember any limit being mentioned but I wanted to ask here to see if I had missed something. Thank you both for the replies.
  15. How far do the feelings a sul'dam can give a damane go? I mean we have seen examples of the feeling of being whipped being given, with and without the pain vanishing once the punishment is over, being rolled in nettles is mentioned and being boiled alive, but can the sul'dam give the damane any feeling she can imagine? I mean could she make the woman's who's a'dam she controls feel like her spine is being ripped out though her nostril, just to take a random example or that she is being skinned alive? In short are there any limits? Also can the sul'dam give positive feelings as well, like the f
  16. The problem with this is that I do not think one group of people can sit and decide this is the rights of all human beings past, future and present and then judge let us say ancient Romans on principles they where never a part of forming. Now I agree with the human rights, I think they are a good concept and that every nation in the world should adhere to them, but at the same time I do not think they are a universal concept that apply to all places and times including fictional universes where they have never been formulated or agreed to.
  17. I did not say their feelings where appropriate, I said their feelings where real. I mean there is allot of feelings that are not appropriate, that do not make them less really felt. I think that if a person is completely willing to be a slave then that is not demeaning no, and perhaps there is like you say some damane who start of as willing, being afraid of what they are and they might have happy lives in the a'dam and good for them, but for most they do not start out willing. I mean even one of the sul'dam in the books comment how it is more difficult to train mainland damane yes, b
  18. You do not need to view an animal as equal to you to love them. I mean I do not see my cat Maude as a human being, and in most ways I do not see her as equal to me. Being Pagan I do think that all life is equal in the eyes of the Goddess and God but that is something a bit different. Maude is a cat, an animal and I do own her, but I still care very much about her happiness and well being. I have also grown up in a place where many live on farms and have hunting and other working dogs, they seldom see the dogs as their babies and seldom see them as equal, hell I would go so far as to say it is
  19. Yay I get my sexy Myrddraal hunk to hide under my bed, there are shadows there after all. Now I would prefer a Lasombra vampire from Vampire the Masquerade if we are talking about creatures that would rather use shadows than a taxi to get around, but since we are talking Wheel of Time here, a fade will do nicely, they are adorable. :)
  20. I see what you are saying, but I still hold to my opinion that an emotion is an emotion no matter what others might think about the morality of it and whatever that emotion is based on a true assumption or not. Emotion is something a given person feel, and when they feel it that emotion it is true for them, even if the reason for the feeling is false, that is not semantics, it is straight up do person A really feel this? Then the feelings are felt, the morality of it is secondary, it do not figure into the consideration on whatever person A truly feel something or not. The genuine or not in th
  21. I think the Whitecloaks was intended to be villains and dangers for the main characters early on and was used well for that, but that as the main characters become more powerful they quickly outgrow the Whitecloaks, in many ways the WCs are like the slime in most JRPG games, a threat in the beginning, but then they are just not able to be a threat to the characters anymore as the main characters have become just to powerful for them.
  22. Most do want to channel all the time, and really only the fear of burning themselves out and the fact that channeling is tiering so there is a limit to how long a person can channel at the time keep most from doing that, well that and training to resist the temptation to. I imagine so yes, but if it was dangerous to do so people might learn some control, especially if loosing control meant a good chance you could never drink it again. Most channelers do channel allot. The White Tower spend allot of time actually teaching their students control, but most use it rather often th
  23. How are the feelings not true? Feelings have nothing to do with morality, or whatever or not they are based on something that is right or wrong or whatever or not they are for good or ill, they just are. The sul'dam's feelings are true, even if those feelings are based on their own assumptions which might be false. It is like this, if I think that bigfoot is waiting in the other room to eat me my fear of being eaten by an oversize, half human, snow ape is real and true even if the assumption of said creature being in the house turns out to be false. All human emotion is based on perception and
  24. Yes I do, I want a fade lover waiting in the shadows so to speak. And think about it they are the perfect little thing on the side are they not, as when your husband come home expectantly you can just push them into a dark corner and they are gone. :P
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