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  1. Aside from what Barid said I'd also contest the idea that having a set purpose or pull in the pattern denies free will. In TGS Tam explained it very clearly on one level "You may have to fight, but you get to decide WHY you fight." It's a topic covered in a lot of places. Sword of Truth (I know, I know, blasphemy) made a big point that prophecy needed free will to function, being a yin and yang type of conflict/driving force. The Recluce Saga makes a VERY strong arguement towards free will despite inevitable ends. The stance is basically "Yes, everything will fail in the end, every e
  2. I don't really feel like RJ left no notes. Just think maybe no notes on her ultimate fate. He could very easily have left notes showing that Cadsuane will become Amyrlin after TG. He could also have detailed in vague terms Egwene's battle against the Sharans and Taim. So it could have been the notes left BS and Harriet with a choice of have Egwene live but either be burned out or disappear. Or have her die.
  3. The Hurin thing is also a bit sketchy. I know he's said it was Hurin that he decided a death for. But then in a later panel he was very specific in saying that if RJ didn't specify live or die on a character then they lived with two specific exceptions, one Harriet chose (Siuan) and one he chose. He then specified that he wasn't revealing his at this time. So he may just have forgotten he already divulged it (Hurin) Or he might be responsible for another death. As Suttree said, a lot of this points at Egwene. (For what its worth I have no problem with Egwene death, RJ's decision o
  4. He didn't decide to kill Siuan if that's what you mean. Harriet made that call. There is one character BS was responsible for killing but he hasn't said who yet.
  5. So you sided with Jasmine then? Don't mean that as any sort of flippant answer, just asking. We may just be on the opposite sides of the fence regarding the importance of our choice vs overall goodness. You may even have a point re: those in the non-free will world won't know what they're missing. But the issue isn't what they know, it's what I know on this side of the divide. I'm not willing to give up mine or other's choices and world.
  6. I believe the original story about Brandon finding out that someone dies as mentioned in the first post is Bela. Which is a sepate point from his statement about his having characters live or die based on RJ's notes and that if no notes were left they lived with the exception of two characters, on he killed and one Harriet killed. That was Siuan. I have to imagine No one really thought about Bela one way or another until she was placed in the situation she was.
  7. That's a whole new philosophical arguement, Mr. Ares. Once I don't really know that I want to delve into at the moment. Have you seen season four of angel? :)
  8. Just like yours is from not having experienced their suffering? You're making an assumption that the post has not experience such suffering. Not saying they have or have not, but assuming everyone in favor of free will lead a sheltered and happy life is a bit off.
  9. Ah, thank you, had forgotten about that quote. Hmm, wonder if Fain is kind of the Wheel's Agent Smith. The unintended glitch in the matrix that if left alone will destablize everything.
  10. @thethreadnecromancer. I'm afraid I'm not sure what you mean. How did Fain "sidestep" the pattern? To me (and again, I know this is theory, not confirmed) he was set up as a filler in case he was needed, then he wasn't needed so his thread was cut by Mat. Much like you might have a spare tire on your vehicle and through good maintenance and care never actually use said tire until it dry rots and needs to be disposed of.
  11. As a fun aside to this topic. Has anyone in this discussion watched Angel? And if so what was your thoughts on the Ending/Climax of the Season four arc? It's the same question, it's a question that comes up a LOT. Where do we draw the line between free-will vs goodness?
  12. As others have said, I really feel Fain has a purpose. It's just a purpose that was made moot when Rand chose the right path of not killing the DO. The Pattern always balances itself, Evil is needed for proper balance. Rand kills DO, Fain replaces, or at least serves the same purpose. I know this isn't confirmed anywhere but it was the theory I was looking at pretty much from Crown of Swords.
  13. Personally, I think it actually was Egwene. I think the noted specified Cadsuane becoming Amyrlin but maybe nothing as to why the seat was vacant. I can see why he wouldn't bring that up for a while, it's such a hot button issue. On top of that, from how he spoke on the topic of who wrote what it becomse very clear that he REALLY doesn't care to get into it. He even suggested that he doesn't even really remember anymore. (He remembers if something was explicitly Jordan and already written, but he said he now has trouble remembering if something he came up with was purely him or somethi
  14. Yep, picked it up at PCC as well. And had the same experience with him. I think he's just used to WoT fans grilling him every chance he gets. So those of us just going "Thanks for finishing it, pleasure to meet you." threw him for a loop. :)
  15. Actually, Brandon talked about that a bit in a panel at PCC this last weekend. The Shara scene and world building was almost entirely Brandon's. He pushed heavily for it but Team Jordan made the call that it would be too distractive showing up where it does. We're ramping up to the end and then suddenly jump ship to another corner of the world to lay out an entirely new culture and people. Brandon was against it being cut but in the end agreed with Team Jordan that it was a bit displaced. Then when the Unfettered project came out he got Harriet's permission to put the chapter there
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