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Perrin's Ta'veren effect on the town of So Harbor?

The Fisher King

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I don't think that events in So Harbor and Hinderstrap were drawn to the ta'veren (though from Verin's inability to move for weeks before Mat's arrival shows ta'veren don't have to be there for them to affect an are or person.)


I actually think its the other way round that the pattern draws ta'veren to these places. My reasoning being is these are places where the pattern is unravelling, so in order to try and repair itself the pattern brings a ta'veren to the area to try and draw the pattern back together. As already mentioned in the topic, with so Harbor Perrin's poor state of mind drove him away before any real help could be done. With Hinderstrap I feel that Mat going back the following day may have given them hope and may allow the cycle to be broken.


Other examples we see of this are Mat being drawn to Camelyn (when we know the royal palace is falling apart), however the biggest example we see of this is the fact for thousands of years Rand has been drawn by the pattern to the inevitable fate of meeting the Dark One at Shayol Ghul (the place where the pattern was thinnest). We see multiple times that before the main disintegration of the pattern in other places that Shayol Ghul is flexible e.g. the moveable ceiling.


This coupled with some foreshadowing from Moiraine about the importance of how strongly Rand is Ta'veren

 TFoH Ch6: Being ta'veren, and so strongly so, may be your margin of victory, even in the Last Battle.


Then there are the times Moiraine points to the fact three ta'veren came out of one village all born within days of each other. I think the pattern is able to use Ta'veren effects to draw the threads of the pattern back together and help win TG.




Then to go for the really wild part of the theory (which may well be complete and utter nonsense). If the swirling of the pattern that the three tavern can help remake the pattern where its damaged then could this effect remove the 'thinness' of the pattern at SG effectively re-sealing the bore? Rather than put any man made seals over the bore instead encourage the pattern to naturally re-weave itself over the bore? Thus meaning that the Dark One's prison is properly remade.


If this is the case, then I've a feeling that the real issue with using balefire is that it is destroying the pattern is really drilling through the pattern towards the Dark one's prison, we don't know how Mierin actually drilled the bore, what if Balefire was used as the drill to the Dark One's prision. If that's the case I've a feeling that when the AoL comes again a place that used to be called Natrin's Barrow will become the new site for the bore.

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