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Back and I has plans to start again:

Nyanna al'Meara

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Heyho! I'm back, and can promise I'll be here for a month to get myself rolling in RP again, maybe even two.


So the first thing (mentioned it somewhere before) about the White Ajah head NSW - can I choose another? The few times I've actually RP's with Thanelle Kelgwar I've found her too lacking in bio info/character to be able to have fun RPing her. Maybe I'm being too knit-picky but I want to motivate myself to this with enjoyment :P


I'm thinking one of these three:

Umeka Marhadi

Carelia Noradien

Lillith Izmorova


Also, I need to read through Poet's planning for that grand RP idea, totally lost track of it. With new DM glitches I'm stuck on mobile version on the laptop, and having trouble navigating PMs so that could take a few days until it hopefully gets fixed soon again :)

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What rps did you do with the current Head? I don't want to just keep switching heads and making it unrealistically fast between them IC, but if it will help rps happen it could be negotiable to have them just switch and pretend that other one never happened, depending in the nature of the rps you did do with her.


Also the heads don't need to be overly played. You should have a pc in that ajah to play for most rps. The head could be reserved for official rps. Though if you think up rps for heads but find that character too hard to pull them off with it might worth looking into a switch.



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