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Thoughts on the Jumara.


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We know that the Jumara are enormous worms that enhabit the blight, and as well that they are about the strongest shadow spawn out there, aside from the gholam. For the most part everything, human or not flee from them, barring Fain who killed one, which is a very tough task..


My point is this ferocious creature is only in Larvae state, and it begs me to wonder what butter-fly comes from this caterpillar. Samael comments in LoC about them being full grown, though they will never transfrom. I figure the Adult state should be more dangerous than the worm. I have considered all our current shadow spawn and can only really see one of them being adult, the gholam.


The Gholam is the only shadow spawn that out classes the Jumara. Extremely dangerous, relentless, almost impossible to kill. Only 6 were made, in the AoL. Perhaps then there were very few worms for the sole purpose of creating the gholams. Samael said they were loose in the blight, implying that before they were contained, and you cant contain a pack of worms, so the only had breeding stock to make/replace gholams.


And in the generations that followed, after The Bore was sealed, the worms that would have replaced any Gholams lost in the war were somehow freed and running loose in the blight. free to breed the packs of current times. Never being able to transfrom into adult gholams without the assistance of Aginors dark magics.


No other shadow spawn we know about are dangerous or sturdy enough to possibly be the adult.


I will also admit the Gholam idea may be a stretch.


Maybe it was something we still havent witnessed from AOL. Perhaps Rand will see a worm on the way to Shayol Ghul and think, "Look at that jumara pack, imagine a full group of ________." And we will finally know.


Anyone know of any info from interviews? Any of you have amazing theorys about them?

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