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Chapter 2: Plot Specific

Barid Bel Medar

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I destroy. Always I destroy! Light, will it ever end?

Hmm, why would that be LTT? He did destroy an awful lot by the end, but he hardly has "always".

LTT had the same "bubbling up" from Rand that Rand had from LTT. Considering that he, and "his pride" led to the Breaking of the World, I can imagine why a madman might conflate "everything, literally, the face of the planet" with "always". From the march to SG, until 3000+ years later, everything LTT touched went to hell. And he KNEW it, with seepage from Rand.


BUT... I actually think the most damning evidence that this IS LTT isn't the "always" part. It's the last part wanting it to end. It wasn't until Rand went to DM in VoG that he want it to end, but LTT called for it many times after this moment.

We tread upon two different realms here. The first, is the assertion that LTT is a real entity in Rand's head which has its own experiences, one of which hearing Rand's thoughts in his mind. To which I would say, I don't care to rehash the argument, but by no means is that theory canon. Even so, LTT would've had but a sliver of his existence from the march to SG to Rand's escapade in Rhuidean; he was aware in TAR in between, but I can't imagine he was insane there, and regardless he did absolutely nothing then. While he was active, nothing he did but his kinslaying fits the picture you're painting.


As for the second part, I don't agree that "will the destruction ever end" is the same sentiment as LTT's rants about wanting life to end. Not at all. On the other hand, it certainly does fit Rand's state of mind, as exemplified by his defensive reaction to Moirain's making the same point.

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Could the delay in turning the rest of the Ashamen, aside from Taim's pets be as simple as " The Myrdhal necessary for the turning have been busy leading hordes of trollics"?

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