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  1. Callandor will be taken from Rand, probably by Moridin, maybe Damendred.Anyway because it has no buffers it will burn out the user(think this will be M),allowing the light side to acheive victory.
  2. Even if it p***d people off royal, how many would not buy the book, really. I mean we've been through 13 books and 23 years to get here.
  3. In TGH Nyn discovered a weave that would make a'dams pop open, this weave will be taught to all AS and they will form circles to make all a'dams in the entire Seanchan army fall off at a crucial time.
  4. Is there any mention of expanding this to a novellette like New Spring?
  5. Could the delay in turning the rest of the Ashamen, aside from Taim's pets be as simple as " The Myrdhal necessary for the turning have been busy leading hordes of trollics"?
  6. Burn,Pillage,Rape; no wait it's rape first then pillage and burn.
  7. Where do you think this fleet with Red Sails is headed. Could we be looking at battle between the forces of the Return and the pretender from the Seanchan homeland. Where would such a battle take place, EbuDar? Is this the occurance that will finally tip the Return over to supporting Rand and the LightSiders.
  8. After Nyn's sisterhood test the AS running the test try to make her swear never to use balefire again she refuses. Foreshadowing?
  9. I don't think anything should be implied by Rands missing hand, we have been told previously that he has developed the habit of holding that arm behind himself since he lost the hand. No way to know if it's back, gone ,or replaced by Onyx.
  10. I've long had this question about the two crystal thrones or chairs; the "crystal throne" of seanchan and the one rand saw in rhuidean.Ideas?
  11. Hope this topic is new. Where are they, you don't really think Rand is going to leave 200k+ trained soldiers just sitting in far Madding do you? they would make quite a tidy bit of re-enforcement for Lans borderlands group at Tarwins Gap. If not back to the borderlands then where would He send them?
  12. Been reading the series since there was only one book out, one of those that waited 2 and 3 years for each new book in the series.I first picked up TEOTW because it was a big book, I was so tired of small little books that I finished in 1 day , didn't know there would be sequels until I finished the book and read the adver on the back pages.I figured ok I've read trilogies and book series before, that kinda intrigues me. Had no idea I would be waiting twenty years to finish it. I'd like to say it's been simply amazing,WOT is IMO the best fantasy story that has ever been told. Jordan has built
  13. First time poster, longtime lurker. I propose that the prophecy isn't Lanfear or Egwene but it's Tuon instead who is " Daughter of Night".Ok ya'll can rip it up now.
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