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[Light VS Shadow] Spam War, Round 2

John Snow

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Well, needless to say I think we were all suprised at the speed at which that last round went, so now, with the Lady Dragon's permission, we have another round of this Epic Spam War!

Will the light redeem theirselves after their crushing defeat?

Or will the Shadow again show the True Power of the Great Lord of the Dark's Spam?

We shall see and wait with baited breath...for this war will be much, much longer.


1) The score will start at 1000. Every Light post will add 1 to the score, every Shadow remove 1.

2) Light's goal is to get the score to 2000, Shadow to get it to 0.

3) No double posting. You have to wait for someone else to post before you can post again. So it can be three Shadow posts in a row, but not from the same Shadow. Mod posts do not count as an in between post.

4) Civies/Non-BTers: You can join, put what faction you are supporting in your posts. (Also, join the BT :tongue: Not required, but why wouldn't you want to?) People in factions, you support your own faction.

5) In your first post, please put what faction you are in.

6) The top post on a page is worth 5 points if and only if you note that it is the first post of the page. So you have to figure out when your post will be the top one, and pray you don't get ninja'd

7) No editing, please. You have to note that your post is at the top before it is added, if you get what I mean.

8) If you put that your post is at the top of the page, and it turns out it is not, your post will be worth 0 points. :ohmy:

9) I will update the score with mod posts, so you don't have to update them with each post. I should give a mod posts fairly often.

10) I may make math errors. If so, feel free to let me know.

11) Again, have anything you want in your spam. Just make sure to include your faction in your first post. This is the BT, keep it interesting. I'll be giving 5 of my personal points to my favorite piece of spam. :wink:

12) In case it wasn't clear: feel free to join in at any time, and you do not need to be constantly 'active' as you would for most games. Spam when you want.

13) Most importantly, have fun!


Again, Please Note: Posts are worth 1 this round, top worth 5.

Also, please post your faction in your first post. Thanks :biggrin:


Light Faction:




Matrim Hat-rim


Shadow Faction:




Arez Al'Locke




Turin Turambar

Basel Gill

Nyanna al'Meara



Current Score: 677

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