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Learning Ajah Secrets (Air, Water, Fire, Earth) - Atten: Leala


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Kathleen rose from bed long before the sun began to think of rising. Outfitting herself quite practically, just short of rushing, she hurried through the halls of the tower to the kitchens where she made herself a quick breakfast. There weren't many up, but she did take note of those she saw in the halls at such an odd hour.

She was out in the stables having two horses prepared to ride when the Initiate joined her. "So good of you to join me. I do apologize for the hour, but one never knows when the attack will come, after all, so one must be ready to rise in a blink." Still, it was probably a little rude to have only left a note telling the woman to attend her in the stables directly, as she knocked on Ay'Lira's door walking by it on her way out of the halls.

Kathleen had a reputation for being nice, and though she was, she had a lot riding on training this Initiate, and she would see the girl trained well if it killed her. Why they had the newest Green train the next was beyond her. She had learned so greatly at the hands of the Sitters during her unconventional training. However, this was the custom, and she had already proven that she had learned the Battle Weaves. They were tried and tested on the journey that did not happen. Forever burned in her memory, never to be spoken of. She had learned the weaves and she would see that the Initiate learned them as well.

As the two rode out of Tar Valon Kathleen spoke, "Today we begin your Battle Training. I have seen you reading up, and I would expect you to have taken courses in your Accepted days that may begin to you show you tactics or tricks for battle. Such knowledge would help any Aes Sedai with the mild trouble others get into. It will serve to protect them as they distance themselves from the fight and run to safety. We are not the other Aes Sedai, and the last thing you will ever do is run for safety when attacked. Of course, we must be prepared with more than a sword and shield if we hope to ride back out of the battles we run into.

Today I will show you things that are held only in the minds of Greens. These weaves are dangerous and some could argue they challenge the Oaths. Of course, that is hooey," Kathleen let herself laugh as she eased her posture in the saddle. They were out of view of others and if she didn't have to sit like she had a rod up her backside she would do so.

"You will not be able to do these weaves unless your life, or the life of another is clearly in danger. But they are very good weaves to know for when that unfortunate situation presents itself. As a Green that is not a question of if it will happen, it is merely a question of when. Every Green learns these tactics, and I'm sure they have been the cause of many a victory for the light in an otherwise overbearing attack. We do not show these skills to just anyone, only those who come before us to wear our shawl and take up our cause ever see them. These are not Accepted's games, though, I'm sure you're aware of that and wouldn't abuse the knowledge about to be given you." Kathleen shot the girl a warning nod and then flashed her a smile. Light, but I'm not doing much to create a report with this girl!

The sun was long up when Kathleen stopped her horse in clearing near a town. They were far enough from the town to draw attention, but she wouldn't ride long if she could help it, she did have other things to deal with back at the tower, and this lesson needn't take the whole of the girl's day.

The space was quite like a meadow, with a rim of trees at the edge and a few stumps littered around the otherwise cleared grassland. "This will do nicely!" She said with a boost of excitement filling her voice as she dismounted. She offered the Initiate a hand to help her off her mount, unsure of how familiar with the animal she was.

When they were both on the ground and the horses tied off to a tree, Kathleen pulled some bread and cheese from her saddle and handed it to Ay'Lira."I'm sorry if I did not give you time to eat. Our next lesson will come with more notice and more daylight. Eat," in an attempt to make it clear she didn't mean it as the order it may have come across as, Kathleen quickly added,"if it pleases you."

While the Initiate waited with the food, Kathleen retrieved a recently hunted grouse from a bag on her saddle and set it on a near by stump.

"We start with the ones easiest to most, those based in Air. There will be weaves from each element, but today you shall be shown only Air.

Let us start with the Air Razor. The name gives its use away quite clearly, but it is quite effective, and relatively simple to achieve."

Kathleen made sure the girl was watching as she raised her right hand, pulling threads of Air together to knot them into a loose weave. She made her movements with the threads slow, wide and deliberate to be sure the girl was able to follow the way they were to come together.

"As a razor is used for cutting, this weave is used for the same. It can cut through bindings, ropes and even some forms of metal bands. How strong the weave needs to be is dictated by the material you are using it against, and your own natural strength with Air, of course. Of course, most of the weaves I will show will have a mild use, as the example of freeing yourself from bindings is, but they will have other, more damaging, properties to them. It is because of these damage causing aspects that we keep them known only to those who wish to be Greens."

Kathleen turned her attention to the grouse on the stump, "When you are free from your bindings, and find your enemy relentlessness and still in your way, you will find this Air Razor cuts through flesh just as easily as bindings." Kathleen laid the weave over the dead bird and let it the Air Razor sink into the flesh, stopping just short of the bone. "I stopped before the bone, but I assure you, if I had pressed on, it would have cut through just as easily. This is a small bird, but with enough strength behind it, and well aimed attacks, you could remove limbs from a Trolloc."

Kathleen let the weave go and stepped away from the grouse. "You may try it when you are ready, Ay'Lira." Kathleen stayed attentive as the Initiate attempted the weave and took aim at the grouse.


You can reply to this and have Kathleen give as much or as little help as you want. I'll let you reply to this then we can back and forth for the other two air ones. This post is a lot of writing lol. We don't have to travel for the other lessons, I just had the mood strike to ride out.

1. Air Razor (Air 2, Skill 7) – razor of Air to cut through flesh, Higher strength in Air means blade is harder; higher skill, edge is sharper.

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Ay'Lira jolted awake when she heard someone knock on her door. The sun wasn't even up. What under the Light? She wove a sphere of light, letting Saidar wake her up. She sent the sphere to her ceiling and got out of bed, going to her door as she wrapped her robe around herself. There was a note on the ground, but when she opened the door, no one was there. She opened the piece of paper and saw that Kathleen was expecting her in the stables as soon as possible. Wonderful. She hurriedly dressed, choosing a dark green riding dress provided for her. It was a bit tight in the shoulders, but nothing she couldn't overcome. She slipped on some slippers, and ran a comb through her hair. She assumed they'd be riding, so she slipped on some gloves and boots. She took her cloak, let her weave dissipate, and left for the stables, leaving the note on her bed. The climb down the stairs seemed to take forever, knowing that someone was expecting her. When she met up with Kathleen, though, she did not reprimand her, but let it be known that she should have been there sooner. She did not let the tone affect her. She was expecting as much, really.


"Today we begin your Battle Training. I have seen you reading up, and I would expect you to have taken courses in your Accepted days that may begin to you show you tactics or tricks for battle. Such knowledge would help any Aes Sedai with the mild trouble others get into. It will serve to protect them as they distance themselves from the fight and run to safety. We are not the other Aes Sedai, and the last thing you will ever do is run for safety when attacked. Of course, we must be prepared with more than a sword and shield if we hope to ride back out of the battles we run into."


Ay'Lira nodded along as she listened, adding "Yes, Aes Sedai," in the right places.


"Today I will show you things that are held only in the minds of Greens. These weaves are dangerous and some could argue they challenge the Oaths. Of course, that is hooey,"


Of course an actual weave couldn't challenge the Three Oaths. Not by itself. One had to want to use it to hurt another being for the Oath to take effect...at least, that was what she had heard. And that seemed to play itself well into Kathleen's words. The pair had ridden out of Tar Valon. Where was Kathleen headed? She noticed that Kathleen's posture relaxed when they seemed to be out of the view of others. Ay'Lira didn't relax, though. This whole process...she would do it the absolute best she could, no matter who was or wasn't watching.


"You will not be able to do these weaves unless your life, or the life of another is clearly in danger. But they are very good weaves to know for when that unfortunate situation presents itself. As a Green that is not a question of if it will happen, it is merely a question of when. Every Green learns these tactics, and I'm sure they have been the cause of many a victory for the light in an otherwise overbearing attack. We do not show these skills to just anyone, only those who come before us to wear our shawl and take up our cause ever see them. These are not Accepted's games, though, I'm sure you're aware of that and wouldn't abuse the knowledge about to be given you."


Ay'Lira nodded in acquiescence. She wasn't sure exactly what to say to that. Of course she wouldn't abuse these teachings. Even though she was not wearing the Green shawl, Ajah secrets were to remain within the Ajah. They rode on in silence. Finally, Kathleen seemed to spot where they would practice, a meadow close to a town next to Tar Valon. No one could see them here. Hearing, she wasn't so sure, though. Kathleen excitedly dismounted. Ay'Lira wasn't sure what mood to go with. Kahtleen seemed to flit from happy to strict authority figure. But she was sure she was the newest Green before Ay'Lira had joined, so she let it slide. Not that she had much of a choice. Her mentor offered her a hand which Ay'Lira gladly accepted. She was no fool on a horse, but it had been years. Kathleen surprised her again by offering bread and cheese, apologizing if she hadn't let her eat. Honestly, she hadn't noticed the hunger, but she did once the food was in her mouth.


She watched as Kathleen took a dead grouse and planted it on a stump nearby.


"We start with the ones easiest to most, those based in Air. There will be weaves from each element, but today you shall be shown only Air.


Let us start with the Air Razor. The name gives its use away quite clearly, but it is quite effective, and relatively simple to achieve."


Seemed useful enough. And as she watched her mentor make the weave, she figured it would be easy enough as well. The weave let loose, and the already dead bird suffered a large cut. Kathleen went on about its various uses and why it was a secret of the Greens. It all made enough sense. Then Kathleen offered to let her try. Ay'Lira nodded and embraced the Source. A weave like this needed to be perfect. She didn't want to hurt herself or her mentor...or someone else. So, she took the appropriate threads and slowly brought them together until they looked exactly like she had been shown. It took her a while, but she knew it was right. She aimed the weave over the grouse and let it settle over the bird. It left a large gash as Kathleen's had done, but it wasn't as deep.

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Kathleen watched as the Initiate carefully wove the threads together and ran the Air Razor into the flesh of bird. "Simple enough, but quite effective. Simple is often best, as you won't always have time to think about things when you need them." Kathleen thought back to her hundred weaves test and how she had thought of it as overkill. When, under the Light would she ever be in any of those situations? Of course, that was done before she had truly given herself to the Greens, and since then she'd realized that as one, she'd be faced with those stresses and physical demands regularly.



"Practice that when you find time, work on aim and cutting through different materials to know what it takes. On to the next one. Air Club." Kathleen smiled, "Just as it sounds," she explained as she began to weave the simple form before Ay'Lira.


"Depending on how strong you are and how much you put into the weave, you can break glass, hammer a nail, and even bend metal with it. And again, simple is often effective. A knock over the head can make all the difference or buy you precious seconds, even if you don't manage too much damage."


She let the weave go and explained that Ay'Lira could shape the weave to look how ever came easiest to her, it needn't take on the same form hers had. "I do wish I had brought more targets, and when we're back at the Tower feel free to use the ones there to practice this if you wish. Play with shape, and once again, aim for best results. Until then, that poor grouse will have to suffice. When you're ready."


She stepped back once again to let the Initiate have clear range at the target, but stayed close enough to help should the woman ask. When Ay'Lira had a club formed Kathleen let her try it out a few times, and when she seemed to have the swing of it she moved on.


"Very good, the targets back home will be a better gauge of aim I'm sure, but you've got the idea down. Let us try one more today, the last of the Battle Air Weavers, and then we ride back the Tower before we draw attention here and before the sun gets too low."


"Your tactics will have taught you that when you ride to battle you bring both offence and defense yes?" She didn't wait for answer before continuing, "A warder brings his sword and shield, and we do to. I've shown you our swords, now it is time to learn Air Shield. This one is largely defensive, though anything you can do with a real shield, you can do with this one. I've heard tell of some Aes Sedai sharpening the edges by combining it with the Air Razor weave and decapitating a trolloc with it in one swipe. The biggest lesson there is that anything can be a weapon if you use it the right way, so be prepared to get creative with these, once you get the basics."


Kathleen let her the smile fade from her face, " I know it isn't often in the Tower training that you were told to experiment with weaves or be creative with them, but you are no longer a child needing close handling. Innovation on the battle field, changing strategy and being able to think on your feet is often the only way to survive and if your choices are die at the hands of the enemy because you didn't try or die at your own hands fumbling up an a defense, wouldn't you rather go out fighting than not even trying? I know I would and I know I'm not the first to think that way."


She paused and let her face relax as she caught the eye of the Initiate, "I apologize for the side note, and for what is mostly likely thought of of as strange behavior today, but it is rare that Aes Sedai speak openly with each other. I make a point to let down my guard around the other Greens, if only slightly with smiles and laughter and sometimes tears. We are in this together, and if we ever forget that, it will be the end of us. So much in the White Tower is kept under lock and key and hidden behind the stone faces. With my Greens sisters is the only place I let that go, even somewhat, and I take advantage of every chance at that I can find.


"So then," She turned her attention back to the lesson, "Air Sheild." She opened herself to the source and began, slowly and deliberately twisting the more elaborate weave of Air together until it formed a great disk in front her, large enough to cover most of her body.


"Go ahead, try to breach this. Throw anything here at it, and truly try to have it hit me. Don't worry, the shield works well." Kathleen waited for the Initiate to find something to throw and braced the shield of saidar for the impact. Unscathed in the end, Kathleen let the weave dissipate.


"My turn," she smiled, "get your shield ready" she quipped as she reached down to pick up what had been thrown at her. She watched as Ay'Lira tried to recall the elaborate pattern as she made her own Air Shield, stopping her only to point out the odd weak spot or misstep. Soon she had a solid shield before her and Kathleen took her turn to test it.


"If you would like to practice any of those again before we go, or if you have questions, be sure to take the time for them." Kathleen waited and when they were both prepared to head back she tossed the carved and tenderized grouse into the edge of the woods. She offered Ay'Lira a boost up onto her horse before mounting her own and leading the ride back toward the White Tower.


~ Kathleen Vandiar

Not the Newest Greenie Anymore




And the details of the Weaves again. Have Kathleen do as much or as little as you'd like her to in assisting your Aes Sedai.



2. Air Club (Air 1, Skill 4) – good for knocking an opponent out; not too spectacular and doesn’t take much skill/strength in Air.


3. Air Shield (Air 4, Skill 4) – a shield of solid Air (obviously good to avoid blades, enemy arrows, enemy weaves during battle). Used to protect yourself and your comrades.

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Ay'Lira watched as her instructor formed another weave of Air, this time it was called the Air Club. She was sure to mention that the shape didn't matter, but Ay'Lira wasn't sure what else to make it look like besides a club. As she formed her own Air Club, she wondered if this poor grouse would be edible by the time they finished with it. She still remembered going hunting all those years ago before coming to the Tower for her training. She still remembered the look of fear in the animals' eyes when they knew that the end was near. It felt strange to hurt this animal who had been hunted for food. She hoped someone would get some use out of it so it wouldn't have died in vain, so to speak. She shook the thought out of her head and readied a weave similar to Kathleen's. It looked nearly identical to the Green's. She knew what a club looked like, after all.


She let the club swing down on the grouse. That felt good. But she needed to play with the shape, just to get the feel of it. She made it look like a boat paddle next, then a plank of wood. Then she made it look like something that you could pummel with, no specific shape. That last one really was quicker. Part of the bird now looked ground up. No one would be eating it. But it did serve a purpose, she decided. It was helping her in her training to become accepted into the Greens. She thanked it and let her weaves dissipate, letting Kathleen know that she was ready to move on.


The next lesson was how an Aes Sedai could protect herself if the Warder was otherwise occupied. Kathleen showed her an intricate weave of Air shaped like a shield. She'd definitely need to practice this one a lot. There was a lot of room for errors that could cost her her life. And she would need to be able to toss it up in the heat of battle in an instant. She tried a good approximation of it at first. Kathleen pointed out the weak spots, and Ay'Lira tried to fix them. She let the weave dissipate, but tried again. This time, she had fixed the previous weak spots, but seemed to create new ones. She tried again and again until she had the weave right the first time.


With that one down, she decided to try the others as Kathleen suggested. She reformed the Air Razor until the formation became easier to her. The grouse was ground up ribbons by the time she was done with it. She was hitting mostly the stump when she tried out the club again, and the shield formed the way it was supposed to after the third try this time. When she was finished, she helped Kathleen put things away and took her offered hand again to mount the horse. "Thank you, Aes Sedai," she said, trying not to breathe too hard. "That was very insightful and helpful."

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It was just over a week later that Kathleen found she had time again to take the Intiate out. She was timid about drawing notice to the time that went by, feeling guilty knowing she had learned the weaves much closer. My training was different, she reinforced in her mind as she made her way through the green halls to the Initates room. My training was rushed due to unusual circumstances A week is not normally long to wait. She wasn't completely sure if that was true though, but none of her Sisters had rushed her along to the Initiate's door. It is what it is, now. No use fretting over it, its not as though her complaining about it will make time run backwards.


She stood ready in a dress with divided skirt for riding, and knocked on the Initate's door. She wasn't sure if the girl was even there until she heard movement on the other side. When the door was answered, Kathleen asked the new Aes Sedai if she were free for a lesson.


"I will be riding out in one hour. If you find your self free, join me in the stables. If you cannot free yourself of you prior duties, please send word and I will ride without you." She left the woman to ready herself and hoped the hour spared would be sufficient to show she didn't mean to rush the girl.


She had promised more notice after their last lesson and she meant to keep her word. She would have liked to plan for a meeting ahead of time, but she had been too caught up in another project to know when she would be free. This would have to do for now, or not, she thought, as she made her way to the library. An hour would surely be enough time to find what she was looking for before she headed out. There was lingering puzzle in her mind and if she knew she had the book with the answer she could let her thoughts finally slip from it while she trained the Initiate.


Just under the hour mark Kathleen left the great library, empty handed and disgruntled at that fact. She made her way through the streams of Novices and Acceptededs on their way to classes to the stables where she found Ay'Lira waiting. Kathleen had known she wouldn't be rejected if she were heard, she believed no Initiate would ever tell a Green she were too busy for the Battle Weaves lessons, even if there were a Trolloc standing before them.


She hoped the girl wasn't too upset about Kathleen's later arrival. She had just barely made the hour mark, and she hoped the poor girl didn't think she truly had ridden off without her.


"I hope I didn't keep you waiting long, Ay'Lira. I had a few lose ends to tie up myself." She hid the frustration of not having tied them up well enough behind the practiced Aes Sedai mask as she readied her horse and mounted it.


They rode out toward the clearing she had taught the Air weaves in, but turned off just shy of reaching it. She came to small river bed and climbed down off her horse. She offered her sister a hand down again, she could tell the girl was still not used to riding. She didn't blame her, it had been a long time since the girl was free to go some where a horse could take her.


Looking out into the river as is flowed slowly by her feet Kathleen smiled, "The prefect setting to play with water, don't you think?"


She reached into her saddle bag and retrieved the tightly wrapped chuck of meat she had taken from the Tower kitchen.


"The first weave I will be showing your today is called Boil and I’m sure you can imagine what it does. I learned how to do this weave with a large piece of meat and I find that it is accurate way to work with it.” She set the slab on a plate from a second bag on the horse, and laid it on the ground before her, then let herself fill with Saidar.


"Now watch closely," She said as she wove water into the meat until it flowed freely through the veins and arteries inside. With that she began to feed fire into the weave and increase the amount until she could actually see it cooking as well as smell it.


"If ever you find yourself in a position where a fire won't do, but you find you need a fully cooked meal, this will not draw attention with light. And you can just imagine the suffering a Trolloc would feel if you didn't wait until it's meat was was off the bone." Kathleen shivered at the thought of being boiled alive but pushed it out of her mind as she let her hold on saidar go and let the Initiate have her try at it.


She pulled out a second steak and set it on clean plate before the girl. "Lunch is served," she said as she stepped away from it, "Cook it to your desired taste."


Kathleen Vandiar

Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah


Ooc- Boil: Fire 2, Water 2, Skill 27.


Again, feel free to interact/use Kathleen however you want to help your character learn the weave.

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OOC: This might be a little short. I'm kinda in a hurry. >.>


IC: After a week of reading up on world histories and cultures as well as practicing the Air weaves she had learned, Ay'Lira was feeling more confident. She had learned something no one outside the Green Ajah knew. And after so much practice, she felt she could whip out those weaves in a second if she needed to. Well, if the Oaths allowed her to. When she heard the knock this time, she was ready, and Kathleen was there to tell her that she would be leaving in an hour. An hour left her good time to return some books to the library and change into a riding dress. She had surprisingly little to do at the moment. And her new confidence made her chipper.


She told Kathleen she would be ready went to the library, returning the book on Malkier's history. She knew a lot of it by heart, and really, she just read the book to remind her of where she came from, but it wouldn't be very useful right now. Instead, she borrowed a book on famous generals and took it to her room. She changed into a gray riding dress with green trim and took her gloves and boots.


Ay'Lira waited in the stables, acquainting herself with the horse she would be borrowing. With the help of the stablehand, she fed it and brushed it. The boy seemed confounded that an Aes Sedai would tend to her own horse, but she needed to have something to do while she waited. After perhaps ten minutes, Kathleen joined her and apologized if she had waited very long. "Not long at all, Kathleen Sedai," she said after making sure the stablehand was out of earshot.


It was a little easier to mount the horse this time. Especially after she had worked to get to know it. The ride out to the clearing was a bit more familiar now, but they stopped instead by a creek. Kathleen mentioned that they would be working with Water for this trip. Ay'Lira brightened up at that prospect. Besides Spirit, Water was her strongest talent.


She listened to Kathleen as she explained the uses of the weave and watched as she demonstrated. Boil seemed to be a very intricate weave. And it didn't involve just Water. When it came her turn to try the weave, she stepped up to the slab of meat and embraced Saidar. She took small weave of water and tried to make them go through the meat as Kathleen did. It didn't quite work. "Try going through the vessels and the viens, not the muscle," her teacher instructed. Ay'Lira nodded and concentrated. It wasn't something she was incapable of doing. She just needed practice. She drew the Water out of the muscles in the meat and found the vessels with her weaves. They went through much easier that time.


As the Water worked its way through, adding Fire was much easier since the Water had found its way already. The meat shriveled and turned a strange color. Over boiled meat always smelled strange. Stepping back, she waved the stench from her nose. She had done it, but she felt like it had taken far too long to understand it. Well, she could always request un-cooked meat from the kitchens. Servants and cooks were good at not asking questions of strange Aes Sedai ways.

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"You'll have time to practice that one, and I'm sure the cooks won't mind one less serving on their stoves," she laughed. I believe you've got the technique understood now and that's the important thing. You know where to find me later if you need a refresher.


Now we will try another one. Now I know I've said that these all mundane uses as well, but I'm hard pressed to find one for this. Perhaps, if you have a live fish out of water and wish to keep it alive a little longer? Of course, it could snuff the air out of it just the same. Perhaps adding some air.." She realized her thoughts were rambling away from the point and she quickly reigned them back in.


"Right, we aren't here to argue over the uses, we are hear to learn how to do the thing. Drowning is a terrible way to die. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, but if came to him or I, I would use it."


Kathleen fished a rouge stick out of the river as it floated by them. She forced it firmly into the ground so it stuck up six inches but stayed put when she let it go. She drew out threads of water and began weaving them around the stick.


"Now this only works if your target stays still long enough, so if you're being charged this would not be the wisest to go to. Watch carefully, it is actually quiet simple, but it looks more complicated than it is. The weave circled around the the stick, like a ball of water merging around the branch. When she was done she released the weave and nodded to Ay'lira.


“It might look difficult but the water weave does a lot of the filling in of holes itself, I’m sure you can handle this weave. Give it a try," she urged.


Kathleen Vandiar

Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah


OOC: Drown, External (Water 3, Skill 13).

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Ay'Lira watched carefully as Kathleen took a stick and held it with Air. The weave really was quite simple. It was much easier than the last one. Maybe with her skill with Water, she would be able to do this one when her enemy was standing still for just a moment. But she'd need more practice first. Embracing Saidar again, Ay'Lira wove threads of Water around the stick and watched as the water accumulated to completely saturate it. Being trapped in something like that for a living creature must be horrifying. But it seemed an effective way to end a battle and protect yourself.


Dropping the weave after she was sure she had it the first time, Ay'Lira formed the weave a second time, trying for speed. It seemed to work a little faster. But she knew she could do better if she applied herself a little more. She tried the weave a few more times to make sure she had the feel of it as well as the speed of the weave where she wanted it. "You're right, that is simple," she remarked. Maybe she could eventually find a way to apply it to a moving target one day. But they had to move on. "I am ready for the next one, Kathleen Sedai," she said with a smile.

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Kathleen watched patiently as the Initiate reworked the thread a few times. Each time it seemed to come easier to her and Kathleen was pleased, sure the other woman was too. 


Just before Kathleen stepped in Ay'Lira announced she was ready to continue. "Very well," the Green responded, "our last one today will be Freeze. Good for keeping meat as you travel, and if your opponent is frozen solid it will be much more difficult for them to bring harm to you."


Kathleen retrieved some of the meat that she had saved from her earlier meal, cutting even further to let Ay'Lira have her own to work on. Then she turned the Initate's attention to it as she let herself open to saidar.


"This weave is done using equal parts Air, Water, and Spirit." She explained, reaching for each in turn, as she forced them into the meat. "Water to attract the water in the bloodstream, and supplement it; Air to make it colder, until it freezes; and Spirit to bind the weave together and lend it extra strength.”


As she spoke and demonstrated the meat on the plate began to freeze from the middle and work its way through to the outer edges. When it was done she motioned for Ay'Lira to try it and she stood watching, ready to help should she be asked.


~ Kathleen Vandiar

Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah


OOC: Freeze (Air 2, Spirit 2, Water 2, Skill 6)


Also, so sorry for the delay! I'm back full strength now and we'll kick these out!

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This next weave would be Freeze, then.  Rather appropriate, considering where she was from.  And the weave seemed simple enough, too.  Kathleen moved back after the demonstration and allowed Ay'Lira to give it a try.  Ay'Lira embraced Saidar and readied the weave of Water, Air, and Spirit in equal parts.  She applied the weave to the meat and could feel the power moving through the flesh until it was hard as a rock.  This would be good for bludgeoning, too, in case freezing the enemy directly didn't give them pause long enough for her to escape or cause further damage.


Unlike the other weaves, though, this one seemed to come together easily without her having to try too hard.  Perhaps she was getting used to the harder weaves, so this one just seemed simpler.  Or maybe all the practice was paying off.  "I think I have this one.  I'll keep it in practice, though.  Should we move one before it gets dark?" she asked.  She didn't want to take the authority her mentor had and outirhgt say she was ready to go.

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The initiate took to this weave with more ease it seemed than some of the others. Some always came easier than others, but Kathleen still gave the girl an acknowledging nod when she looked up and spoke, "I think I have this one.  I'll keep it in practice, though." The Initiate's assurance earned her another approving nod from the Green. That seemed to be enough to wrap the lesson up as Ay'Lira asked about heading back just afterward.


"That was the last of the Water weaves and we're coming to the last of the good riding sun. Good eyes. Knowing how much day light you need to get to your destination, and knowing how much you have left to work with will come in handy in your future. Not all off the skills we must learn to rely on come from these weaves, and timing is quite high on the survival skills list." as she spoke she packed away all signs of having been there and readied her horse to ride.


After offering a hand up to her charge a thought crossed Kathleen's mind, "How are you with fire, Ay'Lira? Please do not take offence to my asking, I'm just thinking to our next lesson and an honest judgement would help in knowing where to start with it." 


~ Kathleen Vandiar

Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah


OOC: sorry for the delay and cheat post. Just getting back in the swing from the holidays.

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Ay'Lira nodded when Kathleen Sedai asked her how good she was at Fire.  That must mean that Fire was the next of the Five Powers they would be working with.  She was very good at Water, and not as good, but still good at Air.  But, Fire and Earth were not her strong suits.  She wasn't ashamed, of course.  Women were usually better at Air and Water than they were at Fire and Earth.  But still.  If she was going to be proving herself to this Ajah, making sure that she knew she was making the right choice, and letting them know that they would make the right choice to let her in, it was a little nerve-wracking.  At the same time, she had to keep her confidence about her.  Whether or not she wore a shawl, she had passed the test of the ring ter'angreal, and had sworn her Oaths.  


I will pass this test, too, she thought to herself, and she felt calmer.


"Fire and Earth are my weakest points," she admitted.  "But I'm not terrible at wielding them, either.  The weaves for them may take more practice, but I will have them down eventually."



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Kathleen made her way to the store room in the White Tower and chose two angreal. She didn't truly need one, but it may make the Ay'Lira more comfortable to use her's if Kathleen had one too. She remembered her own time as intiate and while there are truths you can't ignore, such as the need for angreal to be able to achieve the goal, there was always that fear that somehow she wouldn't be good enough to be concidered their equal and she would be turned away well and truly. If Kathleen could lessen that fear in any small way she would try. Besides, fire could be more dangerous than the others, and the girl would need to focus on the weaves, not on the feelings of inadequacy. And there was no denying the Green's own small amount of greed to be able to draw on more of the one power. She just had to convince herself she was doing it more for the initiate, and less for herself. It wasn't a hard convincing and it wasn't long before she had chosen the two and carried them back to the Green halls.


She knocked on the Initates door and waited for the reply. They had set up the time earlier so Kathleen was not surprised to see that Ay'Lira was in. The two made their way through the halls of the Tower, past the floods of girls in banded and plain white dresses parting before them and dropping into curtsies all around. As they arrived to the private training area Kathleen sealed it off to be sure no one would walk in part way through. These were secret weaves after all and she didn't know what she would do if after centuries of successfully keeping them secret she ended up being the one that let them slip into the wrong hands. She didn't know  what she would do, and she didn't know her Green sisters would have done to her. 


When she was well and sure that they would stay private she reached into the belt pouch and retrieved the angreals she brought."You may not need this, but it will help to save your energy if our lesson goes long. Which would you prefer?" she asked as she held them both out on her palm. When Ay'Lira had taken her preferred gem the lesson began.


"Alright, let's start with the most obvious one. Big balls of fire that you can hurl at an enemy. I'm sure you've learned something similar to this weave in basic and advanced weaves. We've just made it a little..hotter?" She smiled and twisted the Fireball weave together, carefully layering Air and Fire together until she had a rather sizable ball of flame dancing over her palm. "The size of the ball is mostly determined by your strength in Fire, so naturally it can be enhanced with an angreal. Whenever you're ready, go on and give it a shot."

She smiled encouragingly, helping when Ay'Lira needed it and backing off and letting her play with the weave when she didn't. When she was comfortable that Ay'Lira got it, she moved on.

"The next weave is a little more difficult. This one is called Combust and it pretty much does exactly what its name implies. You can cause just about anything flammable to ignite on its own." She pointed to a small target a few feet away and then twisted threads of Fire and Spirit together, gently laying them over the target. Soon a fire enveloped the bush, turning it to ashes in a matter of minutes. She took a deep breath. "The usefulness of this one is pretty simple, I think. You can cause the clothes on your enemy to erupt into flame in the middle of a battle, taking out not only the person who bore the brunt of your weave, but also anyone standing nearby. It's also pretty hard to concentrate on the enemy on the other side of a battle field when you're trying to put out the fire on the guy in front of you. Makes them easier targets that way, too. Pick something that is not me and try it!" She winked at Ay'Lira and lifted her hand to the surrounding area.

Again, Kathleen assisted when needed and stayed out of Ay'Lira's concentration when she wasn't. When she was confident that the initiate had the weave down, she moved on to the last one.

"The last weave we're going to work on today will look more like a parlor trick than a deadly weave. Just don't underestimate it." She paused and twisted the relatively difficult weave together, smiling as small flames ignited and danced across the ground to their left. It looked like a small army of torches were bobbing along to the cadence of a moving army, if that army was about three feet high. Whatever the flames touched erupted in fire. "This one is pretty hard to do, so try starting with one little flame and then adding more as you feel more comfortable. While it may look pretty simple, keeping that many flames dancing is really pretty hard to do. Besides camouflaging how many people are in your army, you can also use it to set small fires just about anywhere you can reach among your enemy lines. It's called Phantom Fire for a reason." She paused and smiled, letting the weave die and using a sharp weave of Air to blow out the flames she'd started. "Go on, give it a try."

She settled down to watch Ay'Lira play with that one, giving pointers and praise as the tiny lights began dancing in front of them. 

"Very good," she smiled up at Ay'Lira. "Feel free to book this space and practice if you'd like. I can come with you any time, if you give notice, and most times I'm sure if you don't give notice," she said with wink. "These can be quiet dangerous, so if you do come to practice it may be wise to have someone with you until you're completely sure of them."

~Kathleen Vandiar

Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah



OOC: Firstly, I totally plagiarized Lor's post from when she taught Kat..I have company coming over and I was just at the start of showing the weaves when they said they'd be here in 5. So yeah, totally cut and pasted Lor's training and just swapped your name...sorry! But there you go! 

As always, feel free to throw Kat in helping or keeping silent as much or as little as you want. The breakdown for the weaves are:

Fireball (Air 2, Fire 4, Skill 13) 
Combust (Fire 4, Spirit 4, Skill 16)
Phantom Fire (Air 2, Fire 2, Skill 16) 

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Sometimes, during this test, these days of initiation, Ay'Lira's only reminders that she was no longer Accepted were the scurrying novices and Accepted, and the tightness she still felt on her skin from the Three Oaths.  It had lessened, but she still felt it.  And some days, like today, she looked at new sisters in their red, yellow, any other colored shawl with envy and frustration.  No.  You are no longer a child.  You have a mission, and you will complete it with a wise head and a light heart.


Ay'Lira followed her mentor to their designated spot.  She did feel a rush of relief when Kathleen offered her an angreal. Truth be told, this one of the Five Powers was likely the reason for her anxiety and frustration today.  She graciously accepted one of the angreal and watched the demonstration of the first weave: the Fireball.


She embraced Saidar, first without the use of the angreal, and began forming the first one.  She tried for a small one first.  The layers of Air and Fire were even enough.  She dropped the weave, and tried a bigger one.  The layers of Fire were harder to weave, but she thought that with practice, she'd be able to form it quickly.  A few more tries at that size, and she felt a little more comfortable.  She knew she'd have to use the angreal for the next size up.  She worked like this, using more power from the angreal to form bigger layers of Fire, and with some advice and suggestions from Kathleen, she was forming Fireballs quicker than she had at first.


When she said she was ready for the next, Kathleen introduced her to Combust.  She was relieved to see that the weave involved Spirit.  Spirit came almost as easily to her as Water did.  However, seeing how complex the weave was, and that the layer of Fire was just as complicated as Spirit, she knew she'd likely need to use the angreal.  Turning, she found a bush a little closer to the pair and drew power from the angreal again.  She slowly wove the layers of Fire and Spirit together and after a few minutes, the bush was lit ablaze.  She sighed.  She turned and found another bush, and tried again, and again, and again.  Kathleen suggested she try a smaller target.  Looking around, Ay'Lira found a rather large leaf hanging low from a branch.  She plucked it and set it on a patch of dirt in the grass.  This weave only took perhaps half a minute.  She plucked a few more to practice until she had it down.  Then, she tried it again on another bush, and finally was able to combust it in under a minute.  She looked around at the scenery.  The space was certainly lacking in bushes now...  But, she was ready.


Ay'Lira watched as a tiny parade of flames began to bob up and down in front of her.  The way Kathleen explained it, it certainly sounded useful.  But, with as much practice as she had had with Fire that day, and with the angreal, she knew she could do it.  So, she got to work.  Using the small angreal again, the weave for one flame came to life.  It bobbed up and down, marching front of them.  She added another and had it march with its brother.  Another, and another were added.  Having four flames march was very complicated, but Kathleen gave her praise, and she knew she was doing well.  Keeping with the rhythm, like her mentor suggested, she added a few more, and soon there were eight.  Again, it was something she'd have to work at, but eight seemed like a goodly number.


Letting the weaves unravel, she nodded as Kathleen explained she'd be available for help.  "Thank you for your instruction.  I think I might need some supervision soon.  If these are the dangerous ones, I'd like to be able to do them safely and quickly."

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Kathleen recalled Ay'lira saying that fire and earth were her weakest points, and that was natural enough. She retained the angreal from their last lesson and went to the training grounds to meet with the newest addition to the Green ajah. Earth was one of her weakest points too, but she had found these particular weaves to be the most fun, though she knew she probably shouldn't introduce the dangerous secret moves as 'fun'. These were war weaves, designed to be used in battle, and that should not be taught as fun. 


She arrived to the training room and found Ay'lira already there.  "Good afternoon, Ay'lira. I trust you are well today. We haven't warn you out too thoroughly yet since you moved to our halls?" As she spoke she tried to bridge the gap of keeping it personal and genuinely interested in the conversation, but also scattering around setting the room up for their lesson.


They were there for a purpose, not just pleasantries, not that she minded the conversation. Kathleen could surely do with more friends, but this was not what they were there for, and she recalled her own days and how distracted from pleasantries she always was in the face of new knowledge. Besides, Ay'lira could very well have other places to be after this lesson, and though she was a new Aes Sedai, Kathleen was not inn the habit of keeping Aes Sedai past the time she had managed to arrange with them. It was a hang over from her decades of novice and accepted days, but she felt it was a courtesy due and it was one she justified by taking on herself. 


When the room was ready she handed the angreal over to the Initiate. "Today we work with Earth. My only warning for these weaves is that can make things quite messy." And that is most of the fun in them, she added to herself.


"I believe you are ready to do a little more than watch and repeat. To day I will show you the weave, and then I would like to hear from you how they can be useful to the sisters of the Green ajah, and why it is best we keep them to ourselves."


The Green let the sweet flow of Sadair take her and drew in Earth and Fire, and wove them together intricately to form Riven Earth. "This is my personal favourite of the Earth weaves, Riven Earth. You way wish to have a shield ready, in case of spray back." As she spoke she formed the long cord of weave and directed it as far to the other side of the training grounds as would still allow the girl to see what was happening with the weave. As it reached the other side the threads of Earth and Fire drilled down into the dirt and a violent spurt of dirt came rumbling out of the ground around the entry point and was thrown up into the air in all directions. 


She let Ay'Lira try it until she was comfortable, and when they were done discussing the possible uses and repercussions of using this tactic she moved on with the next weave.


"Now, we have Grenade, our more dangerous and slightly less impressive version of the Illumiators' works." she joked. "It an be useful, but it can backfire easily, and it is easier to notice ahead of time than Riven Earth, if only sightly." She embraced the source again and twisted threads of Earth and Fire into a rock she held in her hand. The weave was forced into the stone and then she sealed it off and hurled the rock through the air.


"Shields up" she said as she pulled a shield of air in front of her. The rock soared to the other side as it came out of its arc it exploded in a four foot range of bursting fire and blacken rock. Little bushes near by caught aflame again and Kathleen set to work putting them out with weaves just as quickly as they came.


"The shield this time was not so much to protect yourself from the backlash, as it was to get you in habit of putting one up when you throw it, in the chance that your opponent sees it coming and finds a way to send it back at you. Though, I suppose you should have told me of that."


Kathleen then gave the Iniate the chance to try the second weave out as she had the first.


~ Katheen Vandiar

Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah


Riven Earth (Earth 2, Fire 2, Skill 7) – direct a weave at a spot in the ground and it erupts in a shower of rock, dirt and fire. This would be used to unbalance/topple groups of people.

Grenade (Earth 2, Fire 2, Skill 8) – invest a stone with explosive property before hurling it.

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Ay'Lira perked up a bit when Kathleen said she'd like to hear back from her on what these weaves would be used for.  Now was a good chance to use all that research she had done on battles and strategies used to win them.  She watched as her mentor formed the weaves she was teaching.  As soon as she mentioned a shield of Air, she had one ready.  Messy or harmful, Ay'Lira didn't want any backlash from the weave.  Using Earth and Fire, Kathleen sent the weaves into the ground and she watched as earth, rocks, and fire threw themselves around in all directions.


"It seems to me," Ay'Lira said as the weave died down, "that you could use Riven Earth to throw a large number of enemies off balance, make them fall, inflict a small amount of damage, or catch them off guard.  If they're off-guard or fallen over, you can attack with something more substantial."


She and Kathleen discussed the weave a bit further before she let Ay'Lira try it.  Now, with a little more control over Fire after her last lesson, Ay'Lira had a better idea of what to do with Earth.  She formed the weave, but before she laid it in the ground, she inspected it, making sure she hadn't messed it up.  When she and Kathleen were satisfied, she laid it in the ground.  Because of her shield, none of it got on her.  She tried it a couple more times in a couple more places to make sure she understood it, and they moved on.


Kathleen demonstrated a weave called Grenade to her.  With a stone in her hand, she infused a twist of Earth and Fire to it, before hurling it away.  With shields in place, they watched as it exploded and caught the surrounding ground and plants on fire.  Kathleen put out the fires and returned to Ay'Lira.  She explained that one should always use a shield with this one, which made a lot of sense.  That one had a much more powerful punch than the other.


Ay'Lira chose a rock and constructed the weave over it.  She let the weave settle, and erected her shield of Air.  She made sure Kathleen had her shield up as well before letting it fly over the shield.  Just like Kathleen's, it exploded when it landed, spraying rock, earth, and ashes of plants that it caught everywhere.  When the debris cleared, Ay'Lira put out the fires that it had started before returning to her mentor for the last lesson.

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"Very good job, Ay'Lira. With both the weaves and the reasoning behind the uses for them. I'm sure you'll find more uses in actual practice, but having the ability to think about new ways in the spur of a moment often means the difference between success and failure in our line of work. Never stop thinking about what is that is happening and how that can be manipulated. The light knows you've gotten enough of that idea beaten into you over the years on your way to the shawl, now is the time to expand its uses in your life. 


This next one is last of our Earth weaves, and possibly the most destructive of all. Though it is not always used for destructive reasons. I'll let you think on that and explain it when you've seen it."


Kathleen wove earth around itself forming the attack. "You needn't worry too much on following the formation of this weave precisely as I do it here, as the amount of space you leave between the threads will impact on the amount of mess you make with it. Though, it is easier to direct when its tightly woven. This weave is essentially the opposite of the first one I showed you today. Be careful though when you do it that you send it far enough away from us."


Kathleen sent her weave across the field and drove it under the earth. At first it didn't seem to do anything, but not long after it reached under the surface a light rumble was felt and the ground collapsed from around the area the weave had been placed.


"Pitfall, it is called, for obvious reasons" she explained. "Now the size of it does depend on your strength, so keep that in mind; but the angreal and multiple uses around the area needed can be a way around any issues you may have in that department. Go ahead and give it a try, and then we will discuss your thoughts on this one."



Green Sister


Pitfall (Earth 3, Skill 5) – hole in the ground. Size of hole depends on your strength. Even a small hole can confound an opponent pressing too close; ideally you’d swallow a bunch of enemies at once, or at least make them fall over. 

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Ay'Lira remembered taking a small class with another Green before this.  There was a similar weave to this, too.  It wasn't nearly as destructive or dramatic.  It was mostly just for tripping pursuing enemies.  This had more potential to it, and could do more harm to enemies before it was even fully unleashed.  Having dealt with Earth earlier, this weave came a little easier to her.  She sent it out over the field, just like Kathleen had.  She took a moment to ponder how far she had gotten to this point as well.  She had gone from making a rose bloom as a novice to making the earth quake and break.


It was humbling.


Taking the weave, she sent it under the ground.  After a moment, the earth moved and groaned.  She could feel the vibrations from where she stood.  She had from Kathleen's weave as well, but she had made this one happen, so it was different to her.  She watched as the earth fell away.  It was a good sized hole, but not a gaping maw.  She felt satisfied with it, but she tried another one in another place.  This one was bigger than the one she had made before, and it happened more naturally, too.  


Taking the angreal, she wanted to see how big a Pitfall she could make.  She reached for the Source through the angreal and felt the One Power rush through her.  Thick cords of Earth came to her now.  She worked to make them smaller, but bigger than what she could do on her own.  She found a fresh spot in the field and executed the weave again.  She had to find her footing to keep from stumbling from the rumbling this one created.  The hole that Kathleen had made was perhaps half the size of the hole she had made with the angreal.


"Perhaps I should have made that one farther off."  She glanced at the horses.  They were rather well-trained.  They only snorted and stamped their feet a few times.  "Have you ever seen this one in action during a battle?  It seems rather effective."

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Kathleen watched with amusement as the Initiate went to town dropping the ground around them. As soon as the earth dropped, hardly before it settled into the hole, the girl was making another -- bigger-- weave to go at it again. The field was being destroyed in sections, but that is what they were there for, and it was easy to let yourself get carried away the power and sense of grandiose that came with learning this weave. Many a Green had been known to have a preference for this weave when they needed to blow off steam or remind themselves of why it was they thought they were more worthy to be feared than trollocs. Though it was often difficult to find a proper place to through a hissy fit of this magnitude and not leave a bad impression on the world. 


The ground shook and Kathleen had to take a step to steady herself as Ay'Lira's last blast fell. Kathleen starved off a glare. If this had been a novice or accepted she would have let the look burn, but she was with an Aes Sedai and as close to a True Sister as she be without being one. Besides, Ay'lira's words proved she knew the mistake she made, and Kathleen would rather the girl learn the danger of misjudging her range here in safety than out in a battle situation. The woman still had much to learn; this was precisely the reason the Greens had the Initiate stage. A shawl did not give you knowledge or experience; Tower training may make you ready to talk to people of power in the world, but talking won't keep you safe when you are doing the duty of a Green. This was the time for the young Sisters to learn of danger. 


"I have seen this one used far too often," Kathleen said in reply to her new sister's question. "Though we do try to be more subtle with our attacks, and often we take into mind that people must still live on the lands after we move on, so we try to take care not to cause too much damage to what must be left behind. This weave is often used when we are terribly out numbered or overwhelmed with battle. It is often used as a last resort, a final effort when fatigue is setting in. The trouble is that what falls in the pit can sometimes still scurry back out. Yes you'll gain ground, and you could fill the pit in -- burying the enemy alive -- though the bigger the hole, the more time and effort it takes to fill. Sadly, I've most commonly seen this weave used to bury the bodies after the battle has ended." 


Kathleen hated leaving that though hanging in the air. Kathleen always hated to think of the ones who didn't make it through a battle. It always seemed like a loss of the greater fight. She knew there would always be casualties in a battle, and she knew that dying on the path being forged for the greater fight was a noble death and ultimately a win for the Light. Each life lost in the gaining of ground in the greater war was a sacrifice for success, yet it was still a life lost and that still tugged at Kathleen's soft heart.


"Now this last weave is my personal favorite. It's not as showy as some of the others, but all the pain, suffering, loss, and death we experience this weave is my favorite because it reminds me always of why we do what we do. The Yellows may pride themselves on their Healing, but they cannot heal death. We, however, can." 


She let the words hang in air for a moment and then she explained, "What draws us all together in the Green Ajah is the threat of the Dark One, and what is the Dark One's greatest weapon? Trollocs? Fades? The Forsaken? None of the above. The Dark One's greatest weapon is the Taint. Trollocs die, fades and forsaken can be killed as well, but the Taint took half the power of the White Tower and it continues to destroy lives of men for generations without end. The Dark One's taint need only touch a good person and that person will be destroyed in minutes. That is, unless there is a Green nearby.  With this final weave we have the power to remove the taint and heal that which means death to anyone other than a Green." 


I can’t show you this weave properly, at least not until someone nearby has been cut with a blade that’s tainted, but I can show you the weave and help you practice it. This weave is extremely demanding and so also very draining. We’ll practice it today really small, but I hope you’ll practice it more afterwards so it becomes easier and easier to do.”

She started weaving, pointing out strands of elements and talking through the weave she was creating so that Kathleen would understand the order and placement of each thread. “First, you need large amounts of Water, Air and Spirit. They need to be layered like this.” She layered the three elements, leaving gaping holes where Earth and Fire would fill in without actually adding them. “These big open spaces will be filled with Earth and Fire, but I want you to see this part of the weave first. The placement of the Fire is probably the most crucial part, since any slip will cause more harm than good. It’s a delicate balance, but you’ll see that you don’t need as much Fire and Earth as the other elements.” She didn’t draw nearly as much of those two elements as she did the others and started weaving the Earth threads into the original knot of elements. “Earth is slightly concentrated in the center, which will be the focal point for the wound. The Fire activates the weave, which is probably why it’s so volatile.” She delicately threaded the Fire threads into the weave, biting her lip to keep the Fire from slipping or mixing with any of the other elements. The final thread of Fire went through the center and the whole weave seemed to melt together. The weave glowed brightly and hissed a little before it disappeared. 


“If we’d had a subject to work on, something for the weave to do, it would’ve lasted longer. It seeks out the taint and destroys it, bit by bit. The more taint, the more you have to work to hold the weave together. Just in case creating the weave wasn’t tricky enough, imagine holding the weave together while it’s working. You can’t see the threads, so you have to totally go on the feel of the thing. So, when you practice this one, I would recommend that you do it where you can’t see it once you’ve mastered creating it. The better you get at that, the more likely you are to be successful in what you’re trying to do.”

 Kathleen caught Ay'lira's eye as she spoke, “Now, if you are ready, you may try it. Go slowly, and keep it small -- it will take a lot out of you and it will be as trying the later of the 100 weaves," she laughed. "If you need help at any point I will happily break it down for you and go through it with you."


~ Kathleen Vandiar

Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah


Remove Taint (Air 6, Earth 3, Fire 3, Spirit 6, Water 5, Skill 28) – used to heal wounds from a Myrdraal’s weapon or other tainted items.


PS -- I totally stole the IC dialog and explanation of how to do the weave from Rashi's post where she showed Kat. 

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After watching the weave closely and thinking about the implications and exactly what it meant, Ay'Lira decided she would practice this one likely the most.  Not only was it an extremely complex weave, but it was also incredibly important.  She would treat this one with reverence.  After all this practice with Powers that she wasn't very strong with, and seeing the scope of this one, she knew she would need the angreal, just to get the small one right.  


Taking a deep breath, she reached for the One Power through the angreal and felt One Power rush into her.  She was just a little fatigued before she started using it, so it was likely she'd be ready for a long break after this weave.  She didn't pull on the One Power too much.  As she layered the first three of the Five Powers for this one, she checked with Kathleen, glancing at her for approval, and sometimes asking for advice on how to make the weave more effective or ordered.  Once she was satisfied, she added the knots of Earth to the other three, this time drawing a little more of the One Power, to make sure her use of Earth was enough.  She took the threads of Fire and gingerly inserted them into the middle of the weave.  The weave disappeared and shimmered like Kathleen's had done.


As she had done with the other weaves, she redid this one a few times, and then a few times more, until she could do it more quickly than she had the first time.  She knew these weaves were secret, that only the Green Ajah knew them.  Why was this one in particular not shared among the other Ajahs?  It seemed almost world changing.  She didn't ask aloud, though.  There was likely a reason she would learn later, after her initiation was finished.

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The Tower was silent and Kathleen wasn't sure if it was closer to being called night than morning or the other way when she found herself outside the Initiate's door. The boom of the contact of fist on wood echoed through the hall, and surely woke the woman inside. The green waited with patience for the sounds of rousing to make their way through the room to her. She did not react to the state of the woman standing before her when the door eventually opened, she just sent the girl a warm smile as a gesture to help ease any unpleasantness. "Stay awake. Join me in the training chamber after night falls," she spoke with authority which rivaled her smile, and turned away from the woman before she could respond. 


Kathleen spent the rest of the day gathering meat, pillows, wood, weapons and anything else she could get her hands on, bringing them through the tower to the training grounds and then preparing the grounds as many different battle grounds. Their would be puppets to move and structures to hide enemies. It was a grand work to set up and she was rather proud of herself for making such a successful showing. It was going to be a shame to watch it all go down before her eyes. 


It took her right to the time that Ay'Lira showed up to finish setting the last of it, and she looked just as weary as the other woman.


"Good evening, Ay'Lira. I trust you took my advice of this morning. Please hand over anything you may have which will help you draw on more of the Power than you naturally can." The Green waited with her hand outstretched to receive anything the girl would part with. "I hope you have been practicing my Ajah's weaves, as were taught. Tonight we will see if you are ready." She kept her tone blunt and as serious as the Mistress of Novices on calling a girl for the 100 weaves, as this really was rather meant to reflect that on the next level. She hoped Ay'Lira felt it too. 


"This field is a battle -- or a number of them, if you wish to think it so. Your objective is to gain ground to safety on the other side. You must go through the heart of the battle. Enemies will be attacking, civilians will be running for shelter. You will be alone. You must use at least one of the Green Ajah's secret weaves in each of the five elements along your way. You can use them in any order, any amount of times, and you may use any other weaves or tactics you know to bring yourself to the other side of the field. Do not fail at your mission, for I do not expect to set this course up again. Do you understand your mission Ay'Lira Sedai?"


When the woman was sure of her objectives Kathleen stepped behind her, reached for the One Power and let the magic of the battle begin.


~ Kathleen Vandiar

Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah


OOC: This is your final test! You have to use one Air Secret Weave, one Water Secret Weave, one Earth Secret Weave, one Fire Secret Weave, and the Spirit Secret Weave as you go. You can make up your own scenerios for what the 'battle' looks like as you make your way across and what situations you encounter where you'd use each weave. You can use any other weaves you want to help. Feel free to try to save civilians or not as you please, and to try to stop the enemies from gaining ground or not. Its up to you! So long as you show Ay'Lira doing the secret weaves under the pressure. Enjoy!! And it was sooo great to get to do this with you! Next step is your Second Petition! (should Lor approve this thread of course).

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