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Intro: Red Ajah Autumn Fair

Moon Sedai

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Welcome to the Autumn Fair where we celebrate Autumn with fun events. Here is a list of the events in this years Autumn Fair!


Autumn Holidays and Traditions: Discuss your holiday/traditions!


Autumn Sports- Time: Complete a crossword puzzle about Autumn Sports! Discuss Autumn Sports as well!


Siggy Contest: Create an Autumn themed signature for the Autumn Fair's signature contest! Winner gets a signature!


Snugglebite booth: Complete a task or do some pampering to get a snugglebite from the Reds! Also Reds involved in this even will assign tasks and/or certain types of pampering required for them to give the participant a snugglebite!



Autumn memories: Discuss Autumn memories and other Autumn related topics!


Autumn Fashion: Post your favorite Autumn Fashions. Our favorite Autumn Fashion gets a signature! Kari and i will be judging.


Poetry Competition: Write an Autumn themed poem. The poems will be judged and the winner will win a signature!


Prettying Salon: Warders! Algai! This is your Chance to Pretty the Reds!


Red-Napping - Cuen'd'eren Warders - This event will close our Autumn Fair

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