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Finally Craving a Community of WoTters (Possibly Not a Real Term)


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I posted once on here, a few months ago, when I heard about AMOL's publication date, but after getting something like 500 views and no replies I was a little chagrined and felt as though maybe I didn't know how to post correctly. I mean, I love the internet and I love Wheel of Time, but I've never been a "Forum Person" (I love capitalizing things). Anyhow, by way of introduction:


In 7th grade, I didn't have many friends. One of the few I had recommended "The Eye of the World," and by 8th grade, my best friends were Rand, Perrin, and Mat. A lot of people enjoy epic fantasy for the escape of it, and God, was I one of those. I spent almost every night curled up with one of the Wheel of Time tomes, I read while I ate, I read during family car trips, I even read during class (that last habit led to a very awkward parent teacher conference, which I'll always remember because the teaching assistant, who had been quiet for the first 20 minutes of the conference, piped in at the end with, "In all fairness, they are spectacular books.")


These books gave me an escape I no longer need or crave. But they were there when I needed them and for that I'll be forever grateful to Robert Jordan. I recently embarked upon my last readthrough of the series in anticipation of Memory of Light, and I must say, the nostalgia and emotion involved in the prospect of finally finishing a journey I started so many years ago are palpable.


I wish I knew more people like myself who found a part of themselves in these pages; that's why I come before you today, hoping to meet some like-minded folk who cannot believe they are about to conclude this incredible journey.


Looking forward to interacting with you all,



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Josh-- Hello and welcome!


I couldn't have said it better; these books mean so much to so many people. You've definitely picked the right forum; I've been a member here for 11 years and you won't find a better community of folks anywhere. There's a ton to do here, from book discussion boards to social organizations and Roleplay groups. Hopefully something will strike your fancy!



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You've most definitely come to the right place, Josh :) I'm coming up on my 6th Anniversary here on DM, and can't imagine my life without it.


As Ducks said, there's something for everyone on here so have a looksee and give us a holler if you have questions.


Oh and I'm from Cape Town in South Africa *waves*

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Thank you both, hi. I'm from Chicago, Illinois, (a lot of my passwords used to include both Robert and Michael Jordans' names) but now I'm in Los Angeles, California.


I am so excited to finish the series but I've been doing my latest and most likely final read through at a leisurely pace, trying to pay as much attention as I did the first time through. I imagine I'll be ready for book 12 in June.

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Lol ... I'm going at about your pace, Josh. I'm on the final pages of the first book and should start book 2 tonight (I basically only get about an hour's reading time every night before bed). I'll stick to that pace until it's closer to the time and speed up if need be then. Of course, I won't be able to read the last book in January, but Feb should do.

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