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  1. It was sort of against the Aiel's advice. Gaul said it would be easier to take out the Trollocs while they sleep that night, but Perrin didn't want to wait.
  2. “As you say,” he said reluctantly. “We will care for what you have given into our charge until you want them again.” “Of course. The things we gave you.” She smiled at him and loosened her grip, smoothing his hair once more before folding her hands. “You will carry the . . . things . . . to safety, Jonai. Keep moving, always moving, until you find a place of safety, where no one can harm you.” This is my umpteenth time reading TSR and I JUST realized the Aes Sedai didn't care about the ter'angreal at all, only about preserving the Aiel! Sensational. Makes me wonder how many other litt
  3. Adan stepped back. “You . . . killed? Killed men? What of the Covenant? We harm no one. No one! There is no reason good enough to justify killing another human being. None!” “They took Maigran, greatfather,” Lewin said. “They took Maigran and Colline, and hurt them. They - ” “There is no reason!” Adan roared, shaking with rage. “We must accept what comes. Our sufferings are sent to test our faithfulness. We accept and endure! We do not murder! You have not strayed from the Way, you have abandoned it. You are Da’shain no longer. You are corrupt, and I will not have the Aiel corrupte
  4. Considering emotional doesn't just mean "sad," I had a very positive and awesome emotional reaction to the scene where Elayne and Egwene try to teach Rand to control Saidin in the Stone of Tear in TSR. Specifically, when Elayne and Egwene - who RJ has hammered into us for 4 books are insanely powerful - realize that Rand can control them like kittens, it's a great moment because you start to realize just how powerful Rand really is. Very cool stuff.
  5. A few people mentioned Rand trying to resurrect the girl after the battle in the stone of tear, I just read it and thought it deserved a post for people who might have forgotten how excellent that passage truly is: Rand pulled his gaze away from her, and it fell on the body of a dark-haired girl, little more than a child. She lay sprawled on her back, eyes wide and fixed on the ceiling, blood blackening the bosom of her dress. Sadly, he bent to brush strands of hair from her face. Light, she is only a child. I was too late. Why didn’t I do it sooner. A child! “I will see that someone t
  6. When the blacksmith in Tear gives Perrin the hammer, to help him toward that "one day." So moving.
  7. And on that same topic, how when Birgitte is like "How could you not have thanked him?" and then they mention a Foresaken was involved and Birgitte's like, "What!!! He didn't even tell that part" and Nyn and Elayne are just like, "God. Damn. Him."
  8. Oh yeah that guilty grin is great, it was actually Anaiya (I only know because I read it about 10 minutes ago). And great quote, Suttree, that is classic and exactly what I'm talking about. My other favorite I didn't put in my initial post is in book 7, how worked up Nyn and Elayne get to thank Mat for rescuing them from the Stone (in book 3), and then Mat's just drunkenly like, "Oh yeah totes no worries", that makes me laugh so hard.
  9. I know it might not be trendy or hip, but Mat Cauthon is far and away my favorite character. I was just wondering what moments of his made you laugh the most. I think RJ did an absolutely genius-level job inserting casual and nuanced humor into Mat's passages - such as this, the moment he jumps onto a ship leaving from Tar Valon in Book 3: "Mat waved the Amyrlin’s paper toward the bearded man - the captain, he supposed – with one hand, and fished a gold crown out of his pouch with the other, taking care even in his haste that the fellow saw there were more where that came from. Tossing
  10. I thought of another one that really got to me: when Rand takes Elder Haman (or whatever his name was) and Loial's mother to the edge of the Two Rivers, and just stares at it knowing that's as close as he'll ever get to it again.
  11. Oh for sure, I completely agree with the fact that there ARE bookisms. I just am not willing to put this magical capital letter voice down as one until I finish the next book, that's all. Additionally, Lanfear appears to Min at the end of TGH and just *poof* disappears like LTT in the prologue to EoTW; and there are others I'm sure. Either way, I intend to RaFO!
  12. Wow didn't expect all these theories, this is great, thanks everyone. I am not sold that this is an early bookism, RJ always said that he thought of the final scene very early on and this might just be a seed for something we don't necessarily see coming. I'll trust RJ until I finish MoL.
  13. I'm currently doing a read-through leading up to MoL and just got to Ingtar's last stand toward the end of Book 2, when he admits to Rand that he was a Darkfriend and Rand wishes that "The last embrace of the Mother welcome you home." Man. RJ really had a god given gift for getting to the heart of the matter. My eyes are glistening and I am so happy I am reading these through again. Just wondering which moments in the series bring tears to your eyes or make you sigh or have an emotional reaction? Another that springs to mind are some of those memories that Rand sees of his ancestors
  14. Hey doing a readthrough in preparation for MoL. At the end of EotW, Rand has just found out he can channel at Tarwin's Gap, and after he kills that Fade and Trolloc army.... The wind died. The screams died. The earth was still. Dust and smoke swirled back down the pass to surround him. "The Light blind you, Ba'alzamon! This has to end!" IT IS NOT HERE. It was not Rand's thought, making his skull vibrate. I WILL TAKE NO PART. ONLY THE CHOSEN ONE CAN DO WHAT MUST BE DONE, IF HE WILL. "Where?" He did not want to say it, but he could not stop himself. "Where?" The haze surrounding him
  15. Thank you both, hi. I'm from Chicago, Illinois, (a lot of my passwords used to include both Robert and Michael Jordans' names) but now I'm in Los Angeles, California. I am so excited to finish the series but I've been doing my latest and most likely final read through at a leisurely pace, trying to pay as much attention as I did the first time through. I imagine I'll be ready for book 12 in June.
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