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[Full Spoilers] Re-Making the Prison


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I have posted a few times on here, but have been reading through threads for years. To be honest I haven't seen anyone mention this possibility, but I would gladly read any thread that anyone points me to if this has already been covered somewhere.


In the series there are hints that, ultimately, the Dark One's prison doesn't merely need to be resealed, but that it must be rebuilt. In ToM Rand realizes that "the rubble must be cleared away" before the prison can be made whole again. Whether R.J. said that this age has nothing unique about it or not does not dismiss the fact that there are at least hints that in this age our heroes might actually succeed in permanently locking away the Dark One.


Also, we have seen Nynaeve's perspective when she delves Rand's mind - he has dark thorns all in it, but shielding him from all the dark thorns are sheathes of light.


Also, we know that in the previous Last Battle, all of the forsaken were locked away with the Dark One. Part of this means their bodies went into stasis mode, but another part of it means that their souls were sealed inside the Dark One's prison. As the prison weakened, their souls and bodies were able to escape.


I have not heard much theory on what exactly it means for a forsaken to be "caught in the seals of the Dark One's prison".


My idea is... what happens if a good guy gets caught in the prison? What exactly does anyone think that would do the good guy, or to the prison?


As in, what if instead of the Forsaken getting sealed away with the Dark One this turning, what if Rand seals himself in with the Dark One. What if by sealing himself he becomes the prison, similar to a sheathe of light - that is holding the darkness at bay. His soul = sheathe of light, dark thorn = Dark One. Dragon soul = impenetrable prison. It would require great sacrifice because it would mean giving up his priveleges to being reborn into each age.


I know, I know, it is all speculation, and nothing in any of the books point to this specific way of dealing with the Dark One - but the thought just crossed my mind that if the forsaken get sealed away with the Dark One again, then it will be the same forsaken who face a new Dragon in the next age, which seems rather repetitive, and from that thought sprung the wonderment as to what would happen if a good guy got sealed away in the prison, and the positive impact that might have on it.


Okay, okay, start laughing now :)

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