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  1. Oh, if you meant just that one night, then I agree. Sorry, to me it sounded like you were suggesting they take a week's honeymoon on the scenic beaches of Tear.
  2. It may not matter what she's "entitled" too. Most of the characters are probably "entitled" to a decade or so of vacation. It won't be very romantic if the world crumbles to dust while she and Thom get reacquainted with one another. Time appears to be of the essence. Egwene does the female version of the Traveling weave for the first time in LoC ch 37. So you are correct - Moiraine would not have known it when she sent into Sindhol.
  3. I don't think he would willingly take control of the armies, but he does now want Galgan dead. Although theoretically speaking you are quite possibly correct in him not needing to kill Galgan. I also do not think that Mat is Prince of the Ravens anymore, I believe that was the title granted to the husband of the Daughter of the Nine Moons, and as Tuon is now Empress, I believe that Mat has a new title. She still thinks of him as her Prince of the Ravens, even after she becomes Empress (in ToM ch 47). It would seem that for the moment, his title is unchanged. And, assuming (because of the publicly known nature of the assassination "attempts") that Fortuona is aware of Galgan's game (whatever it is) and has not chosen to act, I doubt she'll be happy if Mat comes storming in an skewers him.
  4. I'm not sure Mat would have to kill Galgan in order to take control of the Seanchan armies. It is at least plausible that the Prince of the Ravens already outranks a Captain-General.
  5. [This post voluntarily removed by the poster] It was not my intent to call any person on this forum "stupid."
  6. The fact that Seanchan shed old names makes me nervous. Granted Aiel are not Seanchan, but considering the wheel's self-correcting mechanism, I'm not so hopeful the solution is that simple. Yes, the possibility of one of her children changing his/her name is the biggest and most obvious hole in Bair's idea. But then, I doubt that Bair thought that simply changing a name could forcibly alter the Aiel's course in a purely deterministic universe. It struck me as more of a token of encouragement to fend off Aviendha's despair.
  7. I'm not sure she understands just how late in the game it is. There don't seem to be any of the indications of the Dark One's touch immediately apparent in the vicinity of the Tower of Ghenjei, and neither Mat nor Thom gave her any information on just how bad things are out there. All the news she got for them was pretty good. Rand cleansed the taint. Rand has everyone pointed at the Last Battle. They didn't convey any kind of urgency. I'm sure she's physically and psychologically exhausted, so she didn't probe as far as she might have otherwise. The trees around the Tower of Ghenjei may have made the state of the sky less obvious. And to be fair, we got a total of what, ten minutes outside of the Tower of Ghenjei? A half hour at the most? It wouldn't surprise me if the next time we see her, she asks a few more pointed questions, realizes how close things actually are, and does say "We need to go now!" Edit to add: I don't think she'll just intuit how to do Traveling though.
  8. [This post voluntarily removed by the poster] It was not my intent to call any person on this forum "stupid."
  9. During that 50-100 years the Dark One was in more direct contact with the world than It is now. We need to consider how/if the present situation is different to what it was then. Is the Bore bigger? Is there something else helping the DO to reach out? Anything else that might affect the situation? Regarding Moiraine: Since we have been leading up to that from as far back as Mat's encounter with the Aelfinn in Tear: that would be some rabbit.. But that's no guarantee of speed either. I'm guessing that the remaking will involve shaping the Pattern somehow, no doubt with the assistance of all three ta'veren, but I don't see it snapping into place in an eyeblink. You say that "During that 50-100 years the Dark One was in more direct contact with the world than It is now." That's simply not the case. The Dark One was not in as much contact with the world for the entire 100+ years of the Collapse following the creation of the Bore. The sky was not completely covered in clouds for a full century. Food was not spoiling within days for an entire century or no humans would have been left alive at the end of it. The evidence is that the Dark One's touch is extremely close to tearing reality apart, right now. When the Bore was first created, it was tiny (in metaphorical terms of the Dark One's ability to reach through - the Bore has no physical "size" of course). It grew, very, very slowly at first, and then seems to have accelerated near the end of the War of the Shadow, coming very close to a "critical mass." When the seals were placed in it, they arrested its growth, but they didn't shrink it either. When it is opened now, the Bore will already be at the same "size," near that critical mass. The destruction will not be instantaneous, but it won't take months either. Whatever they have to do, they need to do it quickly. And you've misunderstood what I meant by "direct confrontation." I mean Rand standing in Shayol Ghul, directly confronting the Dark One. That is not what was happening for the 100+ years of the Collapse and the War of the Shadow. The only "direct confrontation" that Lews Therin had with the Dark One was the actual Strike on Shayol Ghul, which took only a single day in its execution. The ultimate solution may not "snap into place in an eyeblink," but as you point out, we're at the end of a long process already. Events now are the climax of things that have been building for the entire series - and they need to go ahead and happen pretty quickly, or the world is going to be done for.
  10. That is speculative. The rest of the paragraph would tend to imply the DO, to me. It's pretty reasonable speculation. Ishamael has faced Rand before and shed his blood. And RJ apparently did confirm that those two souls square off again and again as the Wheel turns. The symmetry is hard to overlook.
  11. In Birgitte's case, it pretty much has to. To quote Winter's Heart chapter 12: When Min knows what a vision means, she knows, and in this case, she knows that it is more than one lifetime. Also, the "ugly man" [Gaidal] can't be both older and younger than Birgitte in the same lifetime.
  12. There won't be any "new seals made." The prison has to be remade in it's original form, not re-sealed. Whatever it is (and there are plenty of theories out there) he doesn't have months, and he certainly doesn't have years, so whether it is weeks or merely days is kind of moot for this particular question. Whatever he has to actually do shouldn't take long at all - I don't imagine that either the world or the Dragon could withstand a lengthy direct confrontation with the Dark One. (Much like the Cleansing - once he started a few hours and it was done. He wouldn't have lasted if it took much longer.) The question is how long it takes to figure it out, and I imagine that some vital intelligence in that direction just emerged from Sindhol with Moiraine. Would you consider that "a quick-fix rabbit suddenly emerg[ing] from a hat"? I would be surprised if the confrontation with the Dark One was not finished within a week of the meeting at the Field of Merrilor. Much longer than that and it is unlikely that there will be a world left to put those signs up in. As Moridin said, one way or another, "This is the end."
  13. The early Suroth PoV's make it pretty clear that, in her mind, it is basically unthinkable for someone outside the Imperial Family to even consider going against someone in the Imperial Family. Members of the Blood plotting against one another is fine (or at least, common) but she holds the Imperial Family in genuine awe. It's not because of the Crystal Throne, because she thinks the same way about Tuon, who has never sat in the Throne, as far as we know. What we don't know is if the degree of Suroth's awe is a personal idiosyncrasy, due to her rather weak character, or if it is a genuinely Seanchan trait. There are, to my mind, some indications both ways. The problem is that we don't get Fortuona's thoughts, which make Suroth look like the exception, until after the change in authors. Even that last passage, where Suroth thinks that Galgan wants to become Emperor, is not definitively indicative, since at that moment, she thought the entire Imperial Family was dead. If we can trust Sanderson, then Suroth's honest, internal awe says more about her than it does about the Seanchan generally. The question is, can we trust Sanderson?
  14. Let me first say that I agree that we don't know enough details to be sure here. That said, regarding this: The period of the Trolloc Wars were the first time, after the Breaking, that a strongly free Ishamael would have encountered any of the new warrior Aiel. Assuming his is the mind behind the Samma N'Sei, it's reasonable that that was his earliest opportunity to set up the system for corrupting the Aiel. So, there is an alternate possibility for the timing.
  15. Keeping the real plan from the other Forsaken is entirely plausible. Moridin doesn't make a big deal of Cyndane's punishment to the others. When Demandred asks after her, Moridin replies simply "She is not your concern." Saying that she'd being punished ensures that none of the others go looking for her or get too curious about what she's up to, and so don't stick their noses into the trap. Edit to add: Also, regarding the idea that Rand would "assume that she deserves whatever happening to her," that's clearly not how he reacted. The last time he was confronted by her, he couldn't bring himself to act against her, even though she would have totally deserved it. And when he sees her being dragged away at the end of the dream sequence, he "jumped forward, reaching for her, but he was too late." His first instinct is to save her. So, if it is a trap, there is some evidence that Rand/Lews Therin, given the opportunity, would try to save a genuinely distressed Mierin Eronaile.
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