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Welcome! Nice to see someone else that considers themselves a Wolf person. I'm the Mistress of Pups down at the Wolfkin Social Groups, so I hope to see your post down there soon!


There is lots to see and do around here, but I would recommend you avoid the Discussion forums until you are all caught up so you can avoid any spoilers. Most of the Social Groups should be spoiler free, but there may be a few little slips here and there.

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Thanks Christine! How do I join social groups...or is it just a a forum that you post in and follow.


For others who may take a look as well - a little about me.


A friend introduced me to Wheel of Time while playing a pen and paper RPG (obviously I like those too :) I'm also into video games and music. I make my living teaching music and am enjoying it very much. Ever since my introduction, I've found myself getting immersed in the WoT universe as I often do with things I get really interested in. My favorite character is Perrin Aybara. As wolves are my favorite animals, I really like the wolf people very interesting.

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Excellent! You would fit right in with the Wolfkin!



Do you see the "Social Community" Down below? There is a bunch of different forums? The Wolfkin are down at the very bottom of that list. You just click on us and read the How to Join thread, or New Pups post here. All of the groups have a Sticky for new members to easily access and join. Then, just follow the instructions.

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