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Character Alignment ala D&D

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I have been thinking for a while now about how the WOT characters fit into the character alignments from D&D. If you are not familiar, here's a link.



I started thinking about this in terms of Galad being Lawful Good, which is interesting because I would label most Whitecloaks as Lawful Evil.


Most seem to land in Neutral Good.


Any thoughts on this?

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I'm not really a fan of putting these over-simplified D&D descriptors to characters in a story because well written characters shouldn't fit very neatly into a two-dimensional description. That being said, I'd categorize then in the following way:


Egwene, Galad, Bryne, Borderland Rulers, many Aes Sedai: Lawful Good


Perrin, Rand, Elayne, Gawyn, Morainne, Suian, Thom, Lan: Neutral Good


Mat, Nynaeve, Cadsuane: Chaotic Good


Mesaana, Ishamael, Whitecloaks, Black Ajah, Shaido Aiel, Seanchan society: Lawful Evil


Bel'al, Lanfear, Asmodean, Moghedian, Sammael, Demandred, Grey Men, Lurks: Neutral Evil


Semirhage, Aginor, Belthamel, Graendal, Rhavin, Slayer, Fain, other Shadowspawn: Chaotic Evil


As stated, I don't think any of the characters really fit neatly into these categories, for which I am glad, but if I had to choose a way for these people, I guess I'd go this way.

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