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Greatest WoT Plot Threads That Will Never Happen


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This thread is really to address what plot thread that you were really looking forward to and honestly believed would have eventually made it into the series if Robert Jordan had never taken ill and died.


This hypothetical really implies that Robert Jordan never has a reason to question his mortality and lives to the ripe old age of 100 without ever going senile. I make this stipulation, because I don't believe that Robert Jordan's obsession with ending the series as quickly as possible, with only one book if need be, really started until he was faced with his own mortality and the idea of his magnum opus being forever incomplete. Feel free to make fun of absurd plot lines that Robert Jordan's inability to put the pen down may have eventually led him down as well, if you so desire. (Because I know that you will. :)


For me, I think that the Mat and Tuon Seanchan plot would have been much more extensive. I believe that Mat would have had to pick up his mantle of "Prince of Ravens" while wielding the "Band of the Red Hand" to destroy Tuon's siblings in the civil war that never truly was and should have been. And yes, I do believe that they would have had to go to Seandar to do this. Further and even more epically, I think that Mat may have had to struggle with Tuon in a shadow war for power in the Seanchan capital. Oh, what could have been.


P.S. I'll forever miss the series that Robert Jordan planned to write after WoT about a man shipwrecked in a Japan/Seanchan-type place with no idea where he is. (And I may be remembering the snippet I heard about it incorrectly, but no idea of where he had been. Amnesia baby!)

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There are a few major plot lines that we'll probably not see in the last book:

- Unification of male Ashaman and female Aes Sedai under one institution

- Resolution of the Seanchan hegemony in Randland

- Future of the Aiel Waste and building Rhuidean

- Shara, Isle of Madmen, and Sea Folk Isles

- Rebuilding Malkier

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