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Approved BT Bio for Roland Khein- CCed by WT

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DM Handle: Mushroom Troll

Name: Roland Khein

Nationality: Saldean

Age: 23

Physical Characteristic: Light brown eyes, Dark hair, above average height, thin build.



Physical Description: Roland being slightly taller than most of his countrymen is really his only distinguishing feature. He possesses the usual prominent nose and tilted dark eyes of the Saldeans but prefers to remain clean shaven rather than sport the long moustaches favoured by the men of Saldea. He has a scar the length of his hand up the left side of his neck ending just below his ear which he gained from being robbed on his way to Tear.



Personal History: As the son of a not so successful fur trader Roland and his two younger brothers had spent the majority of their youth helping with the family business. Even as the eldest and expected to continue with his fathers trade, Roland has always been one to daydream glory and battles, hoping to get away from the life of a trader which had been pushed upon him from a young age.

Making up his mind around his 20th birthday Roland departs from his hometown in search of adventure. He sets of towards Ghealdan with the vague idea of becoming a hunter for the horn. His journey was a disaster resulting in him being attacked and robbed by bandits at around the halfway mark losing all of his possessions and gaining a hand long scar across up the side of his neck. After barely escaping with his life he is taken in by a group of travellers who nurse him back to health and give him a ride the rest of the way. On arriving in Ghealdan with no money or supplies he set to finding some form of employment. During this time he takes a few jobs working in inns and hears constant rumours of The Dragon and his recruitment of an army in Tear. After working odd jobs over the next few years he finally saves enough coin for a sword and gains employment with a group of mercenaries guarding a caravan of merchants to Tear.

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White Tower approval given :)


I would just remind Mushroom Troll (love the handle!) to stick to past tense - he tends to randomly swap between that and present tense.

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