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Approved Freelander Bio (Alinya Telin) - CC'ed by the WT


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Character Info


Full name: Alinya Telin

Age: 28

Role: Assassin

Weapon Score : 5 (max for new non-Aiel character)


Height: 5’2


Weight: 129


Place of birth: Altara, Ebou Dar, The Rahad


Physical appearance: She has dark skin, brown oval-shaped eyes and short curly black hair.

Slender but fit body with a raven tattoo on her right arm. Her face is almond-shaped; she’s a

beauty to behold.


Physical weakness: Caused by her small figure, she’s not a very strong woman.

Physical strength: She’s very agile and quick on her feet.


Personality: She’s a very devious woman, who would use her beauty to her advantage. Play

tricks and use whatever method, to accomplish her goals. She has a very cold heart and is

aloof. Men adore her, while she inwardly loathes them.


Personality weakness: Because she’s filled of rage and hatred, she sometimes loses control

and goes berserk.


Personality strength: Her strength lies within her quick-thinking


Special: She can handle twin daggers with deadly accuracy, and can make poison. She’s

pretty good at hand to hand combat.


History: She was born to low-life parents, who worked in the Rahad part of Ebou Dar. Her

father was a pick-pocket and her mother a prostitute. Alinya learned a few tricks from her

father, like how to move silently and pickpocket someone, and climb walls when in need of

an escape route. Her mother was barely home and didn’t show much interest in her daughter.


When Alinya was only six years old her mother was murdered outside the bordello where she

worked. She was stabbed several times and robbed by low-life thieves. They got away with

her mother’s jewelry and all her money. Her father didn’t care and kept drinking and steal

from people who were misfortune to travel to the Rahad.


Her father died by his own foolishness, when he tried to pickpocket a thief who had

company. He was brutally beaten and dragged away to be thrown into the sea, to never be

seen again. She was only ten years old when her uncle took her in and raised her by himself.


The thing she learned from him was that women were worth nothing at all. And was to be

used and then thrown away as junk. He abused her each day, even raped her a couple of

times. She was beaten with a whip if she tried to escape, and slapped if she talked back. When

Alinya turned eighteen she decided she couldn’t take it anymore. When he got home after

drinking all night, she was waiting for him and was able to stab him in the stomach with his

own knife. After he fell to the floor she quickly as possible ran far away from the area.


She lived on the street looking for food to survive just another night, and slept on benches that


she could find. Alinya became pretty good at pickpocketing and stealing food, and search for

secret places where she could hide away at. One day when she was out looking for something

to eat, she witnessed a cloaked figure doing something. She walked closer to where the figure

was, and when she noticed he got paid by another shadowy figure, she got curious.


A woman clad in only black eyed her and as she took the money, she walked over to Alinya

and clapped her on the shoulder and smiled. Just that smile on the woman’s face was all

Alinya needed to follow the woman to a large house outside the city. The woman who was

known as Arina was a famous assassin, who did all kinds of jobs. Whoever hired her did not

matter as long as the payment was paid.


Alinya was a broken soul that could barely speak without stumble on the words. So, Arina

had to help her strengthen her mind and body. After two years of hard work at the farm with

different lessons to strengthen her mind, Alinya was finally ready to start training her body

as well. She was now twenty years old and her mind was finally fixed, but her hatred toward

men was still there, etched deep within her as a wound that would never heal.


Arina trained her hard and long, by having her lift bucket of water from bucket to bucket,

to strengthen her arms. She taught Alinya how to fight with daggers, hand to hand combat.

Alinya learned rather quickly under tutelage from Arina. Three years later, Alinya got her

first job as an assassin. Her job was to assassinate a lord in Ebou Dar, and making it look like

a duel gone wrong. The lord had hired several guards to follow him in the lower places in

Ebou Dar, which made it harder for Alinya to go about her job. But thanks to her training with

Arina, she was ready. Alinya had brought two twin daggers; she had bought with money she

had taken from her dead uncle. They were heron marked, which didn’t make a lot of sense

because of their cost.


She was able to use the shadows to sneak up on her prey, without them noticing her ‘cause of

her black clothes. While she distracted the guards Arina could kill the lord, and she made it

look like they dueled.


Alinya turned twenty eight when her teacher had taught her all that Arina knew what it took

to be an assassin. How to make poison, fight with daggers, hand to hand combat, and to hide

in the shadows. One important thing that she learned was to bring down her breathing to an

almost halt, so she could fake her own death. If she ever would need to do that, to get rid of

any suspicions.

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