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New Darkfriends


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So, all the darkfriends we've seen in the series have been darkfriends for years, which it occurs to me is kind of strange given that now TG is in sight, so too are the greatest of the potential benefits of being a darkfriend--immortality. Where are the Demandred's and Be'lal's of Tarmon Gai'don?


One possibility is Bashere, with Min's viewing about it being bad if Bashere turns on Rand, or died--I've always thought he would die, as that would need to happen anyway given Min's viewing of the Broken Crown around Perrin, but him turning would invalidate him just as thoroughly.


My other thought was maybe Zaida--it would fit with Sea Folk greed--sort of a 'the Coramoor's deal wasn't good enough for her, so she's looking for a better bargain with the Dark One', and Harine stopping her would be a good way for her to become Mistress of Ships.


What do you guys think? Any potential Darkfriends in the current crop?

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As always, a good post.


Hmmmm, I think there are alot of potential turnings, I think we may see some of this, even if it is not with characters we know, but just see people turning.


A reason why we haven't seen the "new" Darkfriends could be that the DO, until now, hasn't really been a threat for 3000 years. So only the ones that obviously want to grab some power or are caught in an awkward situation like Verin would have become Darkfriends at a young age, since they would already be this way inclined from the start. Also, only the Aes Sedai really knew anything about the DO, the commonfolk wouldn't really know much about it, thus, unless in the above categories, would again not try and turn Darkfriend.


So, in saying that, we should now see some new DF's, because TG is around the corner and the DO's power is made clear, I'd say there would be a last minute rush to get on the "winning side".


Some characters that we know of that may turn:


I am thinking Aiel characters, Wise Ones, Clan Chiefs etc... We know they are an honourable and loyal lot, but from what we have seen, they have gotten the worst of it, and look to take more harm. With Rand basically saying their whole life has been a lie, and the distinct possibility that the Aiel will suffer the most casualties at TG to my mind and the whole only a remnant will survive thing, one or another may try to save the Aiel by dealing with the DO.


Bashere is a good one, although I personally think that the vision mentioned means he will be in danger in the thick of the fight, but I wouldn't be suprised if he turned, it certainly has evidence to support it.


Some Whitecloaks possibly, the ones with Galad, much the same as the Aiel, their whole system with hating Aes Sedai and channelers is turned on its head. Some might think fighting for the DO is better than fighting with AS and the DR. I mean, you gotta admit, it is perfect Whitecloak logic.


Seanchan: With a possible alliance with the White Tower, or at least a temporary truce coming up, along with the posibility of the sul'dam secret revealed, like the whitecloaks, I could see some rejecting this and instead fighting for the Shadow.

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