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Perrin the Pedophile

Bromo Sapien

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Just a thought, Randland is a middle ages pre-industrial-revolution society. Until the late 19th-early 20th century, some 300 years later on our timeline, concepts like gender equality didn't exist anywhere.

Raising the AoC is an even later concept than trhat of universal suffrage.

RJ built a world which has many elements that we (meaning 21st century readers) may find repugnant. Torture, physical punishment, monstrous penal sentences, slavery, serfdom, hereditary nobles, etc., are all over the place and seen as "normal" by WoTlanders.

His characters are"good"/ "bad" in that civilisational context.

Nobody except Zarine's mother thinks she's too young to get married and that seems driven by the Bashere family's vibes rather than any legal thing.

You'd just have to accept people getting married very young as part of the in-world flavour like you accept Seanchan slavery, or Aiel turning thieves out stark naked into the Waste.

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