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  1. 3 is not plausible. The man had multiple things demanding his attention particularly when Leanne was found... All that Demandred would sense would be goose bumps which he should have in spades from all the Sharans around him chanelling. There were female Ayyad there too, who were all looking for more channeling. They were shown to strike immediately and without mercy just before. And they found Leane too, and she was further away. This is common throughout the books. Plus, Egwene seems to believe that Rand's new memories are manifestations of madness, not really LTT. We see Cads
  2. On page 901 of the TOR version, during Perrin's wolf dream leaping, he goes from the Two Rivers to the Waste. Given that he was going back through his entire journey, I'm pretty sure they meant the Blight, referring to the end of tEotW. Plus, Perrin has never been to the Waste so... BTW, what was Luckers' non-erroneous error? Not that I was heavily invested in the details and looking for this, but nothing jumped off the page to me.
  3. I first read this as a celebratory speech after the Last Battle by Rand or whoever led the Forces of Light at the very end (Egwene, Mat, Lan, etc). However, rereading it, it sounds like Lan at Tarwin's Gap, specifically the very end: "...no space for the Shadow to squeeze through".
  4. How has no one mentioned the new Memory? I'm assuming this means that the Shadowspawn army in Caemlyn will spread over all of Andor (and, given the range to the Two Rivers, to Cairhein, Ghealdan, Murandy, maybe even as far as Tear or Illian).
  5. It's not always "world-shaking events" that make a hero. The major story of one of Birgitte's stories was simply going into the Tower of Ghenjei. Nothing earth-shattering, just impressive, like Lan at Tarwin's Gap (I assume). I would never say Lan played second fiddle. He may have been Moiraine's Warder, but there was a mutual respect of equals there and there were multiple times when he overruled her. And just because he was a teacher to Rand et al doesn't mean he was second fiddle. He has committed numerous heroic acts and is almost a stereotype of the stoic, reluctant hero with ideal values
  6. The first thing I thought was about nobles, specifically Tairen nobles, and how they place themselves so much higher than the commoners. Could this be someone talking to Algarin Emarin in an attempt to reform the divide? Maybe this is something Rand includes in the Peace: better relations between classes (if not a true democracy).
  7. Yes, he was still the Champion of Light when he did those things. He just went down the wrong path. He came close to abandoning the cause but didn't. His role as the Champion of Light is determined by one thing and one thing only: fighting the Dark One and stopping him (in one way or another). He has in every single life or else the pattern would be eradicated. As for Lan, if anyone is getting added, it's him. I doubt he's already a Hero just because we haven't seen foreshadowing of a similar Hero from the past. Plus, the Horn did not affect him at Falme, as I think RJ said it would to Her
  8. There is no lost song but there is The Song, which is representative of the lost talent. That's how the Tinkers (unknowingly) use it. The theory still holds though.
  9. ... 11moredays11moredays11moredays11moredays I don't want to be so quick to dismiss the Aiel turning (back) to the Way of the Leaf. It could be connected the second part of the Day 30, relating to the Song. What if, after Rand dies, Nyn tries to heal death. I believe there has been numerous foreshadowing of this, such as in Ch.7 of LoC: "...but Nynaeve would not be satisfied till she Healed somebody three days dead." The "three days dead" addition also lends credence to her healing Rand after his three days of death. However, this has been tried before, most notably by Rand after t
  10. His citizenship HAS changed, and you allude to the reason why in the very next line: his marriage to Tuon. He is now, like it or not, Seanchan through marriage. His nationality will always be Duopotamian, but his citizenship in Seanchan given his role as Prince of the Ravens.
  11. Luckily I'll be on break from school when it comes off. As soon as I get back, I plan on taking the 8th and 9th off from work and just immersing myself in the book. I'm coming back to my empty apartment at school, going to be completely alone for when I break down at the end, and just not do ANYTHING for two days. I'll have some munchies to snack on so I don't have to get dinner. I'm planning on starting early so I don't have to sleep. All I will be doing that day is reading the final installment of the greatest story I have ever read. I'm planning on going to one of the tour stops so I'll
  12. I mentioned this in the aMoL spoilers thread but what about Teslyn? She's straightforward and honest, the main qualities for a Truthspeaker. She knows about the sul'dam and is not afraid to talk about it. She's Aes Sedai, fitting with the "holy woman" idea. She has spent a lot of time around Tuon, enough for Fortuona to hold some measure of respect for her. I don't think Setalle or Nynaeve work very well, tbh. Everyone is throwing out Setalle "post-healing" but she expressly said she doesn't want to be healed in ToM. The Aes Sedai "holy woman" reading doesn't work if she isn't healed. Plus
  13. Could it be Teslyn? She can be rather blunt and she knows all the sul'dam secrets. She has some experience with the Seanchan, obviously. She could fulfill this.
  14. I just went back to the book for the passage. I was wrong; she said she needed to find a new Voice, not Truthspeaker. ToM Ch. 47 (pg. 703 hardcover). I stand corrected
  15. This sounds ominous. What's happened to Selucia? Is this Hasselump? Strike that. Moridin sent her to command some army for Demandred. No other guesses at the moment. Selucia became Fortuona's Voice, not her Truthspeaker (Soe'feia). Semirhage was her Truthspeaker before she was revealed and Selucia took up the role on a temporary basis until Fortuona came around, iirc.
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