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It is time for the EMPYS again! Come nominate!


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This message is sponsored by... no one, since everyone is broke nowadays.


It it time for the EMPYS! (actually, a bit past time >.>).



We'd like to invite you to participate in this yearly site wide event and tell us who you think is the BEST in the year of 2011. As in every year, there are various categories that you can nominate for. Please help us give back to the site and honor it and its members.


The Empys Board is now open. It is a child board under the General Discussion board. You can find the link here. The two stickied threads contain all the information you need to nominate (and more! since Tyn and I like to babble).


If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts and so on about this event, feel free to contact Tynaal or myself via PM.



The Deadline for nomination is the 20th of March (with a possibility of an extension)



Let the games begin :biggrin:

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