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I was born today


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Good afternoon everyone (at leats in Portugal is afternoon) I'm currently between readings and regarding WoT i'm in within CoS, but i do think i'll star it all over again to remember things.

I do thank the people o remembered creating this comunity and hope i can be active and have a lot of fun with you all.



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Character...loads of characters LOL

Well i do love fantasy novels especially big ones like this one, and magic or Power or true source or whatever you wanna call it is allways an apealing thing for me. I definitely wann restart reading Rand al Thor journey missing it a lot!

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Ty ty. I reckon i wont have much time as i used to read it probably only ate going and coming to work but i'll make sure i'll do it with more care and contempt 'cause i do want to absorve every single word. It was enough to read some characters name to feel somthing like "welcome back, you missed you" lol what a strange feeling and what a strange fantasy world that is

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