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The Three Become One


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Ok, so there's always a lot of speculation about the "three become one" prophecy. Does it refer to Rand, Moridin, and Lews Therin? Rand and the two women he'll wield Callandor with? What about Min's viewing of Rand and another man merging together. Rand and Lews Therin? Rand and Moridin? Well, I submit to you, humble audience, an alternative theory:


During the Last Battle, Rand and the forces of the Light are staging an assault on Shayol Ghul. While the fighting is going on, suddenly, Rand's body begins to glow a brilliant blue and white. There's a flash, and when it's over, what was once Rand al'Thor is now another man. He looks around, surprised at his surroundings.


A brilliant white portal opens up next to him. A man wearing a tacky suit steps out. In one hand he holds a small, rectangular object covered with blinking lights. Rand--or the man that was Rand--looks to the man. "Al, what am I doing here?!" he exclaims.


The man in the suit puffs on his cigar, then taps a few buttons on the blinking object in his hands. "You're not gonna like this, Sam. Ziggy says there's a 97% chance that you're here to defeat the Dark One."


The man who replaced Rand looks ashen faced and gulps audibly. "...Oh boy."


Executive Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

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