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  1. I was in a rush to see the end, most of the events didn't affect me much...a few struck me and Im sure I'll have more emotions after my reread, but the part when Demmy and Lan were dualing and Lan said "I didn't come here to win, I came here to kill you" struck me as very sad...he had no hope of living through the ordeal, he just knew what needed done to save the world...choked me up a bit...
  2. I have seen some debate on various threads on whether or not Mats medallion protects against Saidin. The general consensus seems to be it is unconfirmed. On my reread of LoC I found a passage in chapter The Color of Trust, Mat is in Salidar dancing with Halima in celebration of the new Amyrlin. Matt had just stopped dancing with Halima, because she made him uncomfortable, when the medallion went cold. Looking around him he sees Halima staring at him and becomes convinced she channeled at him. As she is actually Arangar/Balthamel, she is using Saidin. Anyone agree/disagree this is confirmation that the medallion wards off Saidin as well as Saidar?
  3. Bwahaha great post atlas! Thanks man! Lol.
  4. In a battle Rand would win hands down...Example, if Rand strikes first and discovers the weave disrupter he may be stunned for a moment as Cads throws her weave at him. With LTT's knowledge now, I think, we would be safe in assuming he can easily cut a womans weave...as he is cutting weave after weave he is carefully making his way towards Cads keeping her too occupied to really notice how close he is...then he smashes her nose with his nub and drives Justice through her black AS heart...I win again Cadsuane...HAHAHA, I actually genuinely enjoy both characters, I was just having some fun!
  5. I thought Avi's rings vision felt very RJ...I havent read them in some time but that is the memory I am left with...Sorry, I have nothing to contribute to the actual topic...
  6. Hi, same here! I didn't care for DMW or SoL either...CM was really a breath of fresh air, I loved VK's interpretation of Scull...thats pretty much how I envisioned him...or maybe the film influenced my vision and memory...Bashere I did really dig in the first few books we saw him in, the oak tree story still makes me chuckle when I think about it. Your right though, after being reminded Bashere does come across like that in the first bit we see him...I need to reread CM!
  7. Yeah, could be DO as a lad was "hugged" one too many times by creepy Uncle Larry...
  8. #1 Worst-Pans out on Elayne's taking a bath while drinking goats milk and the midwife tasting her pee... #2 Worst-"I have won again Lews Therin", well wait that could be pretty bad ass...
  9. I can see similarities, Inish is one of my favorite characters from McMurtry. I think that Inish has a bit more character and is much more eccentric than Bashere though, although Capt. Scull does get much more on screen time than Bashere so I feel like I know more of Scull...Bashere is pretty cool and I can see some resemblances but I think Capt. Scull is more likable!
  10. I would suspect it was in order to cause Rand pain. It would seem that through the majority of the books it has been the objective of the shadow to inflict as much pain to Rand as possible in order to create Darth Rand. I dont think anyone on the dark side has anymore clairvoyance on the future than the lightsiders, at least not enough to know exactly what Nyv and Eggy were going to accomplish that early in the story...JMO
  11. @Jake Barnes: Atlas74 said: "Taken in the context of the conversation...there is nothing South of Illian other than the Isle of Madmen correct? So other than there being something that we don't know about I would think we need to take the comment meaning South from where Sammael was standing at that moment, which should be Arad Doman correct?" Thank you for clarifying, as anyone can see from my original post I was clearly confused on where the conversation took place...
  12. Taken in the context of the conversation...there is nothing South of Illian other than the Isle of Madmen correct? So other than there being something that we don't know about I would think we need to take the comment meaning South from where Sammael was standing at that moment, which should be Arad Doman correct? The Seanchan fit(which has always been my interpretation) and so does Masema and the Dragonsworn. I dont think that the Whitecloaks have enough of a presence to be anything but a minor annoyance to Sammael at the time. We know Demandred was in league with Mesaana and Graendal at the time, was there any mention of Semirhage? I cant remember if she was part of it or not, as crafty as Dem is supposed to be I would think he would have approached her too with or without the others knowing. If Sammael knew she was in Seanchan he could have been referring to her as Dems proxy or if not just referring to the Seanchan themselves. Either way, that would fit into the statement of directing Rands attention for a diversion...I think the Seanchan are a big enough issue to take up a major amount of the Dragons time and resources if Sammael could press them to go to war. The Dragonsworn never impressed me too much, I mean they were raiding and pillaging and what not but why would Sammael think of that being much of a distraction for Rand? He could have sent 100k Legion of the Dragon to crack some skulls and it would have been over in a matter of a month or so...I expect Sammael to have had a much more clever mind than that...I may be way off here but I think the Seanchan are the only threat that fits into Sammaels conversation without knowing more of the behind the scenes acts going on...
  13. I recommend reading them in the order they were published. NS gives a lot of back story, you may not understand if you dont read through the first several books. Welcome to the forum and to WOT.
  14. Even with Fain's super creepy powers to create zombie trolloc armies and induce black plague like death in minutes I believe if you tossed him in a cage match with the DO, he would be pwnd with a quickness...we're talking about the DO, he is a deity after all...
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