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Google Frogs


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*Is flattered by the extra stabs and thought of someone associating her with music*


It's like my life has completely changed and will never be the same again because everyone who used Google yesterday saw me. It's just epic. They even put other frogs in the picture so it would look like I have friends :D


For those of you who missed it it was this


I couldn't find an image code :/


I also saw that Google had two pictures yesterday and one was severely lacking in frog :(

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And yes, but they did have a dragon. So it could be taken as supporting interests... or the fact that it was representative of Wales, and there are many frogs in Wales (...not quite as many as sheep, but still a significant amount). Therefore it could be an indirect reference.


And on the topic of the Welsh:

Welsh Frog


Hm... now just let's make sure all this fame doesn't go to your head, or we may have to do something about it... *stabs a few random frogs in warning*

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