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    Books, harp, anything ancient (rocks, archaeological stuff etc), random craft things, writing, composing, general randomness and nerdy-ness!

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  1. When you misread this post to say 'Moiraine' and think, 'Light! There's actually a place called Moiraine?'... then you realise your mistake, and just have to run a search in Google Maps to see if there actually is a place called Moiraine...
  2. Welcome to Shayol Ghul!

  3. 198 - When it starts snowing, you pull your scarf up across your face to keep your nose warm, and then giggle because you can pretend to be Aiel. 199 - You then walk past a bunch of LARPers and start thinking 'trollocs!', really wishing you had your spear handy!
  4. Thanks! And don't worry, I'm definitely moving with caution!
  5. Hello all! I'm new here (obviously!), currently reading the Shadow Rising at the moment (so still a fair way to go!). I only started reading the series about four weeks ago, but I've already got Robert Berry's 'Soundtrack for the Wheel of Time' and the Blind Guardian inspired songs on loop on my mp3, as well as spending far too much time running around demo levels of the '99 game playing cat and mouse with the Whitecloaks! Can't wait to read the rest of the series and talk to people who actually understand the references I've suddenly started spouting! ;)
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