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Freebooter Bio - CC'ed by the Red-Handed Ones


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Handle: Faun


Character name: Emmeline “Kitten” Belrose



Age: 17

Place of Origin: Andor

Hair color: Naturally blonde

Eye color: Blue

Height: Average


Weapon Score: 1


Weight: Something you’d expect of a woman. She wishes her bosom were bigger, she wishes her waist were smaller, but all in all she is confident with her body shape.


Continued Description: Translucent skin, stained, thick brown hair, and red lips, she makes the most of her looks in order to bring in more revenue. She has bushy eyebrows, a small mouth, and a chest she pushes up so much you can see her every breath. Her big eyelashes rim her frosty eyes and she keeps her nails long and clean. She is more concerned with how she looks than anything else in her life (besides her sisters). She hates her ears though. They’re too big, they stick out and she’s missing part of one.



Personality Traits: Playful, Dreamer, Wild, Curious


Unfortunate Personality traits: Mischievous, Aloof, High Maintenance, Unintelligent, and Superficial


Role: Kitten works with her two sisters to run the tavern, Haus of Three



Character History: Kitten. She thought to herself how she absolutely hated when people called her Emmeline, unless, of course, they were special to her. She preferred Kitten and especially the allure it gave to her complicated and yet simple, sneaky self. She sat before her mirror and stared at the moonstone necklace wrapped around her throat and thought about the past, something she did not often do. She was born of a Tarabonian servant woman her father had taken as a mistress when he was bored of his wife. The servant woman had given him not one illegitimate child, but two: two daughters of the same life, identical in childhood. Her father and his mistress had died when she was quite young, from some fervor in bed or the sort. Their father’s wife took up her and Sapphira. They were lucky that she claimed them as their own, for who knows what sort of pauper life they would have lived without her. She called Kitten and her sister, children of the moon, born at the beginning of its cycle with skin so light only the Moon could have gifted them. Kitten didn’t believe any of that but she certainly liked the sound of it. She could see the two sides of the moon, like a coin, enjoined with her other half, tied by some mysterious bond. She knew she was the darker side of the moon. Children and adults were always frightened by the icy blue of her eyes. So she tried to smile often in an effort to bring warmth to her cold face, and to hide whatever mischievous plans she was up to. And if she were the moon, then she knew that Jodelle was the sun. She was her much older, half sister: so far and distant, venturing close sparingly, but having the power to light up her life. It was because of her that she worked now, at their tavern in the Haus of Three. Her job was simple and enjoyable. Kitten ran the downstairs and more permissible part. She was the hostess to a group full of bawdy men, coming to the tavern for entertainment. She made sure all the men were satisfied with their drinks and she monitored the gambling games (though every now and then the tavern broke out into a fight, sometimes by her own instrument). Now and then she suppressed the longing inside of her, a longing for Light knows. She looked in the mirror again studying her face and was comforted. She knew her beauty, a fatale woman. She spent hours dying her yellow hair to a dark golden brown from a concoction a local woman had shown her with plants. Every night, she wove her hair into many braids so that by the morning it would be wavy and lustrous. She spent every coin she made on fine clothes and special oils for the body. Jodelle had scolded her time and time again for not being more frugal but it didn’t matter. She was frivolous and proud of it. She was also domineering and stuck in some fantastical world that Jodelle or Sapphira could not drag her out of. But she was good at her job, even if it did not take much. Off of Caemlyn Road in the Westlands, she diligently ran the Haus of Three for any passer-bys and regulars. She loved her tavern more than she loved the man who gave her her womanhood (mainly because she could not remember him or any of the others). So Kitten awaited in her place of livelihood for the next party, the next guest, and the next adventure.

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