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  1. The morning had passed unpleasantly for Kitten. She spent most of her time trying to avoid Jon and he made it very difficult for her. She tried to find Sapphira to have someone to talk to but didn't see her in sight. Walking up the staircase she saw the girls shuffling into the room where they were going to be examined. Jodelle met Kitten's eyes and beckoned her to come near. "You haven't had a check up in quite a while, sister." "Please Jodelle, I won't subject myself to such embarrassment. I'm perfectly fine and do not need one." Jodelle grabbed her firmly around the arm. In do
  2. Emmeline tried very hard not to make a sound as she was cramped in the wardrobe. Her muscles were tense as she kept to the same position, not daring to move an inch. She could hear everything that was going on, or parts of it that was audible, but could not see out of the keyhole as her view was obstructed. Feeling her heartbeat was the loudest thing in the room as she waited in suspense, she pressed her ear to the smooth wood of the interior. And what she couldn't see, she could get Sapphira to tell her herself later on or maybe even get it out of the merchant. Emmeline Lunaire Belrose
  3. The rays of sunlight first hitting the room slowly began to wake her up. She went in and out of consciousness, finally opening her eyes. She focused on the things around her and was completely dumbfounded for a moment. She felt the arm around her and turned around slowly to see Jon sound asleep. Then she remembered where she was and how she had gotten here. Light! How could I have slept so much? I missed the whole party.. She moved his arm off of her carefully and slid out of the bed. When she stood, her legs gave in quickly with a soft thump on the floor. She looked towards Jon to make sure h
  4. She listened to his reasoning carefully, trying very hard to understand his point of view. When he pressed against her, she liked it. She liked the feeling of being wanted. She liked when he hugged her and she liked how close they were to each other. When he asked the question she tried to ignore the proximity of his lips and how it tickled her neck-- in a good way. She didn't want to admit whether he was right or wrong. "Sex is natural for me. It's like eating or drinking. When I'm hungry I have a meal, and when I'm hungry in another way, well I take care of that too. It's just a part of
  5. She was not pleased at all by his response and made no effort to hide it. This whole time she had assumed that he was virginal, since he refused to do anything with her. It was very upsetting to think that he would be with other women and not her. Maybe he thought she was dirty; she couldn't think of any other reason to explain his behavior. Jon went on to talk about her, her "supposed" persona...she had half a mind to rudely interrupt him and explain that he knew nothing about her. But she showed him that he wasn't the only person that could show restrain. She saw his eyes feasting on he
  6. She was burning on the inside from desire, the waves of it following the same path as Jon's hand. When he grabbed her bottom it took all she could not to pounce on him and bed him. He took hold of the back of her neck and kissed her. She opened her mouth and slipped her tongue between his lips, meeting his own. It was clear that they put every ounce of their wanting for each other into those kisses and Kitten was sad when he left her mouth but even more fervid when he moved to her neck. She let out a surprise gasp when he bit her; she liked it and she wanted more. She never had to practice
  7. It was very odd for Kitten to be lying in bed with a man that was not thrusting inside her. Or trying to at least. She looked down at the surface of tea within the cup and tried to hold it steady as she felt herself slipping. She pressed her fingertips against the bottom of the cup, the searing pain bringing her back to her senses. She set it down on the nightstand and moved in closer to Jon, closing in the tiny space between them. Kitten listened to Jon's adventure story and wanted to hear more about it when he began kissing her. It was a nice kiss but nothing spectacular since she was still
  8. She loved seeing him like this. It was almost better than watching Sapphira straddle him through the keyhole in the wardrobe. He was obviously sweating and seemed to be affected by her twin. Kitten pouted. It didn't seem fair to her that it would be her twin that would arouse him first. It was like they were playing an imaginary game and Sapphira had made the first strike. It was necessary for her to catch up. When she heard that he was not going to be at the party downstairs she was disappointed. She had to throw out all the ideas of how to make him jealous with the other men. It seems like s
  9. After waking from her nap Kitten stayed for a while in Sapphira's room. She listened to everything that happened between Jon and Sapphira, desperately trying to keep herself from breaking out in fits of laughter. When she heard Jon leave and the door close, she jumped out of the wardrobe, crawled through the window, and threw herself on the ledge so that she could get to her room as fast as she could. She heard Jon mention where he was going and she was intent on running into him; she just had to see his face. Once in, she leaped across her room to the door, took a moment to form her composure
  10. Kitten had verily calmed down by now and was feeling much better. She could think clearly and she knew answering Jon's question would betray her plans. She stood up and began to dust the thin layer of dirt covering the bottom of her gown. "Mr. Smythe, I feel that your question begets no answer. My payment is enough. However, I do appreciate you agreeing to undertake such a grand task in such a short amount of time. Please keep me updated." And having said that, she turned around and walked as quickly as she could back to the Haus. She didn't want to enter with him on her arm, having the servan
  11. Kitten was incredibly bored in her room after finishing everything that needed to be done. She thought of visiting with Sapphira for a few minutes before having to start work again. She didn't want to have to worry about running into Jon in the hallway (she had had enough of him for one day) so she would reach her twin's room from the wall outside. Kitten grabbed the bottom of her loose dress in bunches and tied it in a knot to give her legs room to move. She opened her window and slid onto the ledge that connected her room to Sapphira's. Moving along it slowly, she held the rocks above her fo
  12. Kitten sat patiently while she hung on to every word Jon said. She loved stories; they gave her a sense of peace and she was interested to hear about other places. Her world was confined to whatever house she lived in, the neighboring houses, and the forests. Kitten mentioned in passing that if it was just the two of them, she would like if he called her Emmeline. She could feel Jon's heart beat against her. She was holding one of his hands tracing the path of blood on the inside of his wrists. The beginning of his story was very pleasant. When he mentioned his encounter with the brigands, she
  13. "You told me to go, I wanted to stay." Kitten turned her face from him as to hide her confusion to his statement. "I wanted to be here with you, but you said I had to leave or my business would suffer." It was clear she had done it again, she had a history of blocking out painful memories and she didn't remember a word of what Jon was saying. She was filled with sadness again, feeling helpless in her life. She had no control over her body and mind. She racked her brain for memories of their time together but there was nothing after the murder. The murder. She winced and drew his arm tight
  14. When Sapphira walked away, Kitten grabbed Jon's hand and led him out of the Haus. She entwined her fingers with his and brushed against him as they walked. For a moment she pretended she wasn't a whore and he wasn't a murderer though it was possible the latter was false. She let herself feel that this was actual courting, because she knew in order to deceive him she had to let herself believe it. Everything had to be real. She lead him to an undergrowth behind the Haus. He sat down against the tree and instead of sitting next to him, she sat in front of him and leaned her head against his che
  15. If it weren't for Sapphira next to Kitten, she would have been a mess by now letting out a deluge of tears. But the touch of her sister and the comfort of her words helped to keep her together. She didn't know how to react when Jon came near her. When he touched her, a shiver ran through her body. For a moment if it was as if her heart stopped beating and her blood turned to ice. Slowly and surely she relaxed to his hands wrapped around her waist and was too distraught to protest. She lets him lead her to a chair and then her other half is next to her, speaking soft words to her. Kitten close
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