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Dragon Tattoo


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i wish i could point out where, but i have seen it before (a dragon wrapping around with the head on top of the hand)


i myself think its a massive overkill, but i also don't particularly like tattoos that don't have close personal meaning. so to each their own.


on that though, i must say that i am contemplating a dragon chapter icon brand, but deciding where to put it isn't the hardest part for something like that; gotta make the iron first.


i currently have no tattoos or brands or even a cut emblem (i used to have something cut into my skin, but those are temp unless you cut them really deep, mine lasted about 5 years) but the reason i would actually think about putting something permanent on my skin for this book series is that this book series has been a part of my life for the majority of my life (i was 9 or 10 when i started reading, i'm 28 now) but i would still not have a large mark, or put it in an obvious location.


but all of this is just personal preference, good luck on the tat if you get it, and post pics in the tattoo thread here, i can assure you that we on dragon mount will love it.

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thanks guys

image worked but yeah i dont think they are real

i currently dont have any tattoos

these would be my first and last

i've always wanted a big dragon tattoo and having worked at a swimming pool throughout my years as a teen I have seen a lot of bad tattoos

I can safely say that people with loads of little tattoos all disconnected and in different styles look daft

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