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  1. 1. tFOH - definite favorite 2. tSR - definite #2 3. LOC - close with TDR 4. TDR - see above 5. tEOtW - the first 6 are the top 6 6. TGH - see above 7. aMOL - may drop after things settle and I re-read the whole thing 8. TGS - see above 9. TOM - see above 10. KOD - seems to get back on pace 11. tPOD 12. COS - probably not this bad, but a let down after LOC 13. WH - poor quality audiobook made the second time worse 14. COT
  2. Or, she was BA and could only break her oath in the hour of her death. That is speculation that Verin's letter gave her that advice.
  3. I thought that the body swap was done in the pit. When Rand came out carrying Moridin, it was Rand's soul in Moridin's body carrying out Rand's body (with Moridin's soul). That was what Min figured out - many questions with a single solution. The flaw to Callendor, how to do the body swap, how to have Alivia help him die, how he could die so that he could live. That was my initial understanding anyway. I will have to read it again. I took a break for a week after the initial read.
  4. I thought Tuon would have to channel to save Mat - wrong I thought Perrin would have to choose between saving Faile and the world - right I thought Nyneave would have to heal Rand or someone from the dead - wrong (Talmanes doesn't count) I thought Rand would die early in the book and then come back (Nyneave or TAR) - wrong I thought blowing the horn and Hawkwing's return would convince the Seanchan to join alliance - wrong Oh, well :)
  5. So I guess the Shaido have the waste all to themselves and Galina is still enjoying life with Therava?
  6. I think someone in Team Jordan had a bet. "I bet I can make them argue about fruit." "No way!"
  7. Poor Mat is going to get sexually assaulted again Maybe even in the same room.
  8. It's not Egwene- she doesn't need the Creator's help for anything. Someone on another site mentioned that it could be Leilwin or another Seanchan referring to his missing eye. He would be sick of the attention there (the scowl). It could be what Tuon siad when they first meet again. The significance might be the 'one-eyed raven prince' being a key omen or something.
  9. Here is a good thread that got me interested in them. http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/64294-wot-audio-series/page__hl__audiobooks
  10. I have tried many fantasy series lately, but I don't think any will compare to WOT. GRRM is awesome, but it is a different type of story and waiting for 2-3 more books over ten years or so. I tried the Malazan series, the Drizzt series, Landover, Thomas Covanent, Her Majesty's Dragon, and many others. I like Robin Hobb (Farseer and Liveship), and the new Rothfuss is pretty good. Waiting for the second one to come to paperback. I will probably try the new Sanderson one, although Mistborn was only OK.
  11. There is a good artist who has drawn all the characters. They are being published as playing cards for now. Her name is Ariel, I believe. She has a facebook page called In memory of Robert Jordan.
  12. Well, I recommend to listen to one of the other WOT books. That way you can get used to the 2 narrators and their voices and pronunciations. I think you will enjoy AMOL better if the storytelling is familiar. Once you get used to them you can tell which character they are from just a few words.
  13. The chapter 2 release was obviously a marketing move to promote the audiobooks. Someone like Audible probably compensated them for this move. Transcribing would violate the intent of the release. I believe previous transcriptions have been from readings at events, not from copyrighted audiobooks. I am not a lawyer or an expert - just offering a guess as to why it is like this.
  14. There's also Else Grinwell (sp?) and the apple dude.
  15. Yes there are many threads on this. I find it hard to believe that Faile would be a part of dark prophesy. Also the death of Perrin would not have the devastating effect on mankind that the prophesy claims of the Broken Wolf. Who the Broken Wolf is is probably the most debated topic from ToM.
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