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WoW! Since I've never done the single dating thing, hadn't really thought about it beyond choosing a show both person's wanted to see. :unsure: I didn't know there was formal or set way of choosing a movie! LOL!


For old married couples, they are usually aware of what each other likes and have heard what the other has expressed an interest in. Now with my Bill and I, there are usually two or three movies showing at the same time and our choice depend on the mood we are in or if it is a movie we are just super excited to see. Occasionally, we do go to a show the other isn't really thrilled to see, but that hasn't turned out to be a bad date yet as we have been pleasently surprised and enjoyed the movie!


I think for married folk there really isn't a set schedule of what kind and when to watch a specific genre of movie! It is more about what you both are going to enjoy, be entertained and you can laugh about or discuss when you leave the theatre, if you want.


I'll have to think about the single list. LOL I do think a good first date would be a Romantic Comedy, but I'll have to think about the others. Check back with my post! :wink:


1. Romantic Comedy





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Well, rarely have I been on a first date to the movies... It is different here than in US I suppose...


Anyways, when i do go to the movies with a boy, I mostly try to turn things my way, and see the movies I like(I am that selfish, but I have GREAT taste!). Mostly the type is irrelevant, because I like all kinds of movies, but a Romantic Comedy or a good Thriller is my choice!


BUT, if it were a first, or .... any number form 1-10 date, when i still don't know the person well, i suppose I would have to make sure that he wants to see the movie, so i would let him chose, and object only if I can't stand the tought of seeing the suggested movie. But, BEVARE!!! Romatic Comedies often have a pathetic ending, with the happily ever after, and you don't want your date to eb scared. especially not mine, because I mostly have a funny expresion on my face after seeing a movie with a happy ending...


A face saying ohthatwassoniceIwantitandIwantitnowmarrymetonighandgivemethathappyending...


Which goes away quite soon, but he might see it and freak out laugh.gif


So, if you want to play it safe, watch a regular Comedy, or a Thriller, SF or an Animated movie...

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