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Justified Season 3


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One of the few shows I can not wait to watch these days. I hope they can top Mags Bennett as a villian.



What’s it called?

“The Gunfighter.”


Who’s responsible?

Teleplay is credited to series mastermind Graham Yost & Fred Golan (“Bulletville,” “Bloody Harlan”).


What says FX?

“The arrival of a dangerous new player in Lexington puts Raylan on a collision course with a sadistic Dixie Mafia hitman.”


Is Raylan “The Gunfighter”?

I’d wager the episode title refers to the Dixie Mafia hitman, one Fletcher “The Icepick” Nicks, a creepy minion of returning bad men Emmitt Arnett and Wynn Duffy.


How does it start?

The third season picks up minutes after the bloody showdown with the Bennetts. By the episode’s third minute, we leap three weeks into the future.


Who is the “dangerous new player”?

The big newcomer this week is “Captain America” component Neal McDonough (“Boomtown”). He plays Robert Quarles, a fixer from the Detroit mob keen to see Eastern Kentucky realize more of its organized crime potential. He’s an entertaining swine.


Is Natalie Zea still in this? Didn’t Winona and Raylan break up at the end of last season?

Natalie Zea remains a major player.


Does “Karen Sisco” star Carla Gugino play an assistant director of the U.S. Marshals Service in the season opener?

She does not.


What’s doing with the Crowders?

The “previously” package at the top of the episode reminds us that limpy Dickie Bennett put a bullet in Ava.


Is Boyd bent on vengeance?

Dickie was the last Bennett standing last season and “Lost” icon Jeremy Davies remains a regular this season.


Does Loretta McCready turn up?

Not this week.


What’s good?

First and foremost, new Big Bad Quarles, an engaging fellow who’s more Nucky Thompson or Arnold Rothstein than Tony Soprano (Quarles has a dusting of Dale Cooper in him too). The garbage bags. The saucy new secretary Arnett is boning. The grim Mr. Nicks, who’s entirely too fond of trouble. A substantial marijuana broker named Dunham, who knows his business. Duffy’s excuse for cutting short a conversation. Ava Crowder’s management acumen. “Sorry about your tablecloth.” “You let go of the rope.” “Are you gonna eat that pizza?”


What’s not so good?

No Carla Gugino as Karen.


How does it end, spoiler boy?

“What the hell’s he doing here?”

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I also think this is better than SOA.. or at least on the same level. I like both shows for different reasons. I would say the second season of Justified is some of the best TV from last year. No show on TV really compares with Breaking Bad though.

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Justified 3.6 FAQ


What’s it called?

“When The Guns Come Out.”


Who’s responsible?

Teleplay is credited to Nichelle Tramble Spellman (“Harper’s Island,” “Mercy”) & Dave Andron (“Reckoning,” “Harlan Roulette”).


What says FX?

“Boyd fights for control of the Harlan Oxy trade as Raylan works to keep the battle from becoming an all-out war.”


How does it start?

Two hot young party girls flash a trucker near the former residence of Raylan’s Aunt Helen.


What is FX not telling us?

A season-one character we’ve not seen since 2.7 returns for this week’s teaser. Tom Cruise’s cousin, “Lost” icon William Mapother, kicks butt in his “Justified” debut.


Does Wynn Duffy return this week?

He does. Duffy and Quarles arrive in the same scene this week.


What of Winona and Ava?

Ava goes undercover this week. Winona’s story frames this week’s episode.


What’s doing with Dickie and Dewey?

They do no appear this week.


What’s great?

Tim Olyphant. Neal McDonough. Mykelti Williamson. Natalie Zea and her right breast. Raylan’s dealings with the Mapother character. Limehouse and his cleaver. The casting of Gayle, who could be Zea’s sister or Zea in a wig. The trailer clinic. The empty box that ends the teaser. Boyd’s sitdown with Ellstin. Boyd’s meeting with Raylan. Duffy’s first visit with Quarles this week . “Today is opposite day.” “I didn’t bring a knife.” “I’m looking forward to it.” “More awkward than what we just talked about?” “I saw Charlie Tuesday. He seemed fine.”


What’s not so great?

That all “Justified” episodes aren’t as good as tonight’s.


How does it end, spoiler boy?

A red convertible tears off into a cloud of dust.

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So I just finished season 3 a couple weeks ago and I have to say this is a great show

I'm a little disappointed I didn't check it out earlier

Can't wait for next season


Also just wondering, who is everyone's favorite character?

I think mine is Boyd

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