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Dragon Reborn Question


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Just doing a re-listen to the books and I'm upto the Dragon reborn.


I'm just up to the bit where the 3 super girls were captured and about to be given over the the Fade.


Nyn balefires the crap outta them after they kill the Aiel, I thought they would come back, seeing as Matt and co. did so after Rand Balefires the forsaken and he comes back to life...


Maybe I'm missing something but I cant see it...






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It depends on the strength of the Balefire. Differing levels of power delete them different amounts of time into the past. She may have removed then for the last ten seconds where Rand is removing them from the last half hour or some such.

Men are also more powerful in certain areas so that might contribute, and Nynaeve might of been a bit more cautious in the usage of it.

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Considering her strength in the power it is certainly a valid question. But considering RJ's attention to these kinds of details I would assume that she simply didn't use that much much of it rather than RJ slipping up.


Yep she spontaneously discovered it. And just hours before Egwene asked the Aiel about balefire (she didn't know it nor what it was either but she had heard it mentioned in the ter'angreal during her Accepted test. Also, during the same time Moiraine learns it (but we're never told how). So many discoveries/revelations about balefire in such a short time period is certainly interesting but I haven't been able to come up with a theory for why.



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