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Long time lurker


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just wanted to say hi



I have been a long time fan of the books. each one I add my name to the libary list to read the hardback and when the paperback is releashed I run out to buy it.


each new book - I reread all the previous books while waiting for the hardcover to be avaible at the libary. each book takes me about a week to read.


My only disappointment so far was that their was some talk about a movie but i have not heard any thing about that in a long time.



i will be buying my this last and final book as a hardcover book - i cant wait.

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Who is your least favorite character?


Rand, because I think he will have to Sleath the Sword to win.



Or favorite Forsaken?


Favorite to hate- hum -- Story wise the spider -- but I think in the end all the Forsaken will be striped of their uniquiness being converted into auto bots but I am not 100% sure.

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