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New to dragonmount.. Hello


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Hi and Welcome to DM!!


Yes, it's nice to have people that know and understand what you're talking about (WoT, WoT, WoT :)


Who is your least-favorite WoT character? Who is your favorite Forsaken?


Feel free to ask if you've got any questions!!


I hope you will like it here! :))

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Whats up to everyone! I am currently on book 7 chapter 6 I believe. So good so far. my least favorite character is prob galad. And favorite forsaken is mesaana! I am thinking about the RP stuff as well.


Yay!! Mesaana's my favorite Forsaken too :D


I definetly recommend RP for you! It's lots of fun happy.gif

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Welcome to dm!!!


Which parts and characters are your favorites so far?


Beware of spoilers!!!!


If you have any questions, just ask :)

OH man I read all the way to book seven and then didnt pick the books up for allmost 8 years! So I have forgot a lot and my fav character is deff perrin hands down.. He reminds me of me! lol but im not a blacksmith and I DONT talk to wolves lol!

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Welcome to DM! :D


When you say you like RP, does that mean you will be most active on those boards? I hope you have fun there. We have a lot of different areas to RP ad each is as good as the last.

Ill be active where ever I can. I just love the books its so cool to talk to people that love them!

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