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Hello and welcome,


I'm new here too. But I've been reading these books since 1990 and everytime I re-read them I find something that I missed before. I'm sure you will too. There's just too many charecters in this story to keep up with, with just one reading. There's a couple of books that you may not know about. One is a prequel to the Eye of the World called New Spring, but I wouldn't read it until after the first 5 or 6 books(it might spoil some stuff for you)and the other is The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time. This book gives you a history of The World of Time series and tells how the Dark One was released into the world, and my favorite part is that it tells you who all the Forsaken were before they turned to the Dark One and why they did it. But again I wouldn,t read it until after the 7th book because of spoilers too. This is the best story I've ever read and will re-read all the books again before the last one comes out. Like I said earlier I find out somthing new out everytime I read them. After all these years of reading them I just now have figured out who killed....... Whoops can't tell you that now, you haven't got there yet.

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well if you dont fear spoilers or confusion and want some more too read, may i sugest checking out the rp boards, its how i got draged into DM, i was trying too find when the next book was out, found the forums...all new wot stories and i was basically sold


but the rp only follows the books losely so you unless you set yourself into the plotline there its not good too know what reflects the books till you read them and what does not

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