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Hi Alex!! Still welcome (though you have been here a while already :)


Who is your least-favourite character? Or favourite Forsaken?


Feel free to ask if you've still got any questions!


I hope you will like it here!!

My least favorite character, hmmm it might just be and not to hop on the whole bandwagon thing but egwene (i'm like 90% positive i spelled that wrong) but if not her then moggy cause i just hate her especially while she is captive in salidar. She just bugs.

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Welcome to dm!!!


Which parts and characters are your favorites?


If you have any questions just ask :)

That is a loaded question my friend. But one scene i particularly enjoy is when perrin forges his new hammer. Its wonderfully written probably my favorite bs non battle scene. hmm i wonder if maybe that was already prewritten haha either way. Just the sense you get of him slowly and FINALLY accepting his ability to lead and that people are looking to him is just fantastic. Not to mention i have always wanted to make a forge. (neighbors always called the cops whenever we tried -_-)

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And hey i do have a question for any one to help me with. How do i change my name, i don't want to actually be myself thats no fun haha.



7. Name changes. Members who wish to have their display names changed should PM the Admins with the request and an explanation of why they want their name changed. Members who do not abuse the process by seeking to repeatedly change their display name will typically be given permission to change their display name, so long as they either use "Formerly [Prior Name]" as their personal text or include it prominently in their signature for a 90 day period following the change.

I don't have a better answer :P I hope this helps you :)

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