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hello :)

morning mist

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I am fairly new to the site, but have been reading the series for most of the last ten years when a friend loaned me EotW. Perrin :perrin: and Egwene :egwene: are my favorite characters, Perrin :perrin: for the wolves :hopper: , and Egwene :egwene: for the growth she has shown while remaining true to the girl she was before leaving Emond's Field. Asmodean is my favorite of the Forsaken because of his help to Rand :rand: in learning to channel. The Whitecloaks :whitecloak: and Seanchan :seanchan: just irritate me.

Well, I don't really know what else to add so I will wait for questions from everyone else. :biggrin: (I really like the emoticons too :biggrin: )

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Ledinna, my favorite nation is Seanchan :seanchan: because of the stability they bring to the main continent. They are also my least favorite for their use of slavery and inability to even consider change (with the exception of Tuon). And Mist is fine for a nickname, that is actually what I anticipated when I picked the name. Do you know which wolf it refers to?

Heart, some of my favorite parts are when the main characters accept what the Wheel is weaving for them, when the boys reunite in LoC and ToM, the last part of Thom :thom: and Mat's :mat: journey with Noal.

How do I join a chat group (like the White Tower or something for Wolfbrothers)?

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Each of the groups has a different sign up thread. Each of the social groups has a different personality and different focuses.


Since you asked about the White Tower and the Wolfkin though:


The White Tower Welcome Thread


The Wolfkin Welcome Thread--Make sure you also send a message to Christine!!!

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*is eager to see you in a social group or two* :D

And I forgot to say this earlier but... Welcome to Egwene fan club biggrin.gif



It's an interesting thing with the Seanchan. Nice that you brought the both sides up. I've got to admit too, that there is something about their culture that I like. But yeah, they are pretty stuck with their damanes.


As to your name - I haven't read all the books in English so I'm not sure, but I think I have seen a name like that... A she-wolf, isn't it?

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hmmmm I'm not really sure. If there was a girl in the books who could communicate with wolves, I would definitely choose her. But, as there isn't one, I think I would pick Morning Mist. :hopper: She is the she-wolf who (in TDR) survived killing the last fade from the attack at the beginning of the book. (I think she was the pack leader, not that that has any bearing on my choice. :cool: )

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