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  1. morning mist

    The Meadow

    *cocks head at Luc* *looks at---* What do we call you?? thehumantrashcan? Oscar? The Grouch? I don't remember *howls*
  2. morning mist

    The Meadow

    So, I'm going through boxes and organizing things in Preston's baby box. I labeled it with duck tape but just his name isn't enough so I add his DoB. Then I want to add his birth weight, length, and time. Naturally, my brain fails me so I look through his album on Facebook. Info not there. So I think, "The Meadow"!!! And here I am! Oh, my wolfies!!!!! How I've missed you all!!!!!!!!!!
  3. We're only going to get about 80% in my part of Florida. I'm not even sure I'll go outside. Depends on the boys. Based On that map, it looks like it won't even start until the evening...
  4. morning mist

    Trots in

    *runs after Time to help with the chili cannon*
  5. morning mist

    Word Association

    creamslush from Sonic. I wants one
  6. morning mist

    Word Association

  7. morning mist

    Trots in

    *catches Lily's chili balloon and smashes it on Time's head*