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  1. *cocks head at Luc* *looks at---* What do we call you?? thehumantrashcan? Oscar? The Grouch? I don't remember *howls*
  2. So, I'm going through boxes and organizing things in Preston's baby box. I labeled it with duck tape but just his name isn't enough so I add his DoB. Then I want to add his birth weight, length, and time. Naturally, my brain fails me so I look through his album on Facebook. Info not there. So I think, "The Meadow"!!! And here I am! Oh, my wolfies!!!!! How I've missed you all!!!!!!!!!!
  3. We're only going to get about 80% in my part of Florida. I'm not even sure I'll go outside. Depends on the boys. Based On that map, it looks like it won't even start until the evening...
  4. *runs after Time to help with the chili cannon*
  5. creamslush from Sonic. I wants one
  6. *catches Lily's chili balloon and smashes it on Time's head*
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