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  1. You can make it so it doesn't change. When they congratulate you for finding a cow, click the "Expert" button and the cursor won't change when you find the next cow.
  2. Find the invisible cow The closer you get, the louder he yells.
  3. Yay!!! Responses!! Thank you, guys!!
  4. I found one!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zUnINuvcRI
  5. You do seem vaguely familiar..... Please to remind me,... what are you called here? Or I might just stick with Kronos, it's all over your siggys... :P And other than the one for the Sword Captain, I can't think of any other questions at the moment.
  6. Actually, Sword Captain, I have a question for you in particular... Why are you called Snarly? ...... or was it Snarky?
  7. I made a couple of posts in Kronos' Challenge thread, but decided that wasn't enough of a greeting. So here I am to make it more (a little more) formal. I'm Misty of the Wolfkin, and now and Aspie of the Tower. I've been at DM for almost two years, and am only just starting to branch out from my original home. My husband and I have been married for three years and right after the Stateside release of AMol, we celebrated the birth of our first born. We also have two big dogs and a much smaller cat. At the moment, between reading and watching my son grow up, I am watching my vast movie collection and attempting to weed out the ones I really don't want him to watch... (they don't fit in the PG-13 category) I also have several crafty projects that need finishing I have been reading The WoT series for most of the last ten years. I'm on my third reread at the moment (just started Crossroads of Twilight) and have not read AMoL yet. My will power isn't the greatest... but I haven't actually seen it on any shelf, so that makes it a little easier, however I am determined to wait till it comes out in paperback, to match the rest of my collection And seeing as how this is the Warders Guild, I have a Warder-ly question for y'all: who in the series is your favorite Gaidin? Mine is Jaem. We didn't really see much of him, but as Vandene's warder he went through a lot even before... uh... this might be a spoiler for some people... so... Knife of Dreams. Having lost a close family member myself, my dad 6 years ago, it would have been nice to have someone as close to me as he was to Vandene when it happened. I met my husband a few months after Dad passed and he has been a rock for me whenever I needed him. That's kind of a downer way to end the post... ... so ... here is a pot of chili (the wolves loves it a lots)
  8. For the first one I'm a Humpback Whale. In the second one I'm a Duckling :)
  9. Yuppers. I pokeded my head in yesterday. :D
  10. Iffen's you are still in need of someone for the talk-it-out group, Misty's here for you too *huggle*
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