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  1. Someone is alwasy lurking, my friend
  2. Yes and no. Wait a minute.... Shouldn't the person leading this be... normal...
  3. I'm most definately an addict. Welcome to DM
  4. Yes. i figured since that was the first question but i ma just assume too much
  5. Well they are women man. We all know women are stubborn. Later on you will see, my friend. BTW welcome to DM. Who is your favorite then?
  6. rykin


    Welcome to DM, Minkat. Good to have you here. Like AH there said, any questions let us know.
  7. hello,Kate.**hugs**

    How are you?

  8. What's going on Jay? Welcome to DM. We have many different groups that have a lot of different discussions all the time. If you need help, let me know. PM me or you can find me in the social communities.
  9. Welcome aboard, Stitch. If you have any questions, just ask away.
  10. Welcome, lonely darkhound. If you have any questions about the different social groups and boards just ask us all here and will will help in everyway possible.
  11. Hey Dragonmount I'm new here on Dragonmount but not to WoT. Been reading the series since 2000, over and over again. Here mainly for the social groups and RPing. Was on Silklantern before they closed, if anyone remembers them.
  12. rykin


    You know I might be able to help with the t-shirt idea. Where I work, we have a stencil machine(cut out the picture or phrase you want). Then i can put it on a t-shirt and then spray paint or anyother way you wanna try. Hit me back cause it sounds like an idea to me.
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