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Hi i am The_warder, doesn't really work here but i made the account long ago and now im back.


I am seeking someone willing to do a 3d model sheet(front,side,etc) for Rand,Mat, and Perrin. maybe others..would like a female character

I love these characters and have about 5 years experience in 3d modeling. but my drawing skills are horrific and drawing has never

been interesting to me.


I would like to create a still scene but hopefully these would go into an animation project i have in line for tribute to WOT

I need someone to do the sketches cause there really isn't any that meet the requirements online. the credit goes to the artist and RJ for the characters of course. I just want to bring them to 3d. always wanted to


so if you want to help drop me a line. thanks for reading

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Right now im finishing book 12 on my android (kindle app is amazing)


my favorite character is Perrin and my least favorite is probably faile but i cant really say i

dislike any characters in the series. the bad ones play their roles the way they should.


I love the series but i find myself starting to hate rand. this have to be hard crap irritates me but it has truth to it.


I started the series in 7th grade and im 21 now. associates degree in welding, but i have though about starting a degree in history always been my favorite series.


im a 3d artist as a hobby using blender3d for about 5 years now.

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Well I sent a commission to the lady mentioned above. she is a little booked atm but hopefully something will get rolling. I have a friend that offered to do some sketches, but I would rather have a WOT fan do them honestly.


Might do some messing around with props for edmonds field. at least get some other things out of the way till I have some concepts


lots of buildings, trees, animals, all kinds of things to do as well as the major terrain.


Does anyone know what kind of horse Bella is?

I believe in the eye of the world's beginning its fall in the two rivers correct?

Have to get some housing reference and one for the INN


Also I forgot to mention IF anyone wants to see my previous art I used to have a project replicating Tar valon ..done by myself and the help of a friend when he could. http://s7.photobucket.com/profile/sealsareus/index

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