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Wilderness Survial


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Jasen tightened the straps on his saddle bags as he waited in the stables for the trainees to arrive. They bulged more than usual, full of extra supplies and items to be used to teach these young people the art of surviving in the wild. Food, rope, extra weapons and wet stones, bow strings, hooks and line, plus some tools specifically for training purposes. His regular weapons sat propped up in a corner, along with a bow and quiver, but his armor and bright red cloak lay back in the barracks. A plain green woolen cloak hung on his shoulders, much more suitable for staying out in the woods. With the bags tight, Jasen went over to a stool and sat down, stretching out his legs and getting himself ready for the adventure ahead. Growing up in a small town in Andor, he had played in the woods as a child, but had never really learned much in the way of woodcraft until he had become older and arrived at the Tower. He had been terrible at first, thinking that being in an army would mean he would have everything taken care of at all times. He had been wrong. His old mentor had beaten the knowledge into his head, teaching him everything she knew of the woods and how to survive. She was all smiles and kindness when you did things right, but at the slightest mistake you paid for it.


He was busy reminiscing when the first trainee arrived. Grumbling, Jasen got to his feet. Like Jasen himself, they had bulging saddlebags full of items they hoped would be necessarily for the training. Jasen had told them to gather whatever supplies they thought should have and to report to the stables early in the morning. Most likely they were full of things they didn't need, but that was part of the training. It was amazing how few things it actually took to survive in the wild. As more trainees arrived, Jasen could tell which ones had grown up in cities, towns and in villages just by looking at their packs.Those city dwellers, I'm sure they would bring a bed with them if they could fit it on the back of a horse. They will like the next few days least of all.. When they had all arrived, Jasen told them to mount up and head out.


The group rode in silence across the bridges and out of Tar Valon. That wasn't to say it was silent, for their was a whole chorus of sounds if you paid attention. Birds chirped overhead, the horses snorted and clomped across the ground, leather and metal jangled on the saddles. It was better than any singer, in Jasen's opinion. The group rode far the first day, eating lunch in their saddles in an attempt to get to the forest. The area around Tar Valon was a giant plain, but soon turned into a vast wild wilderness. The sun was getting ready to make its evening retreat when the group came to a small clearing in the middle of the woods. Jasen motioned for the group to dismount. "All right, as you can see we are in the wilderness, which is really the only place you can have wilderness survival classes. I told you all to pack your bags with things you think you will need to survive out here, and I'm going to ask you to take out your saddlebags and show me what you brought. Be quick, the sun is setting soon and it will soon be dark." The trainees complied and soon Jasen was looking through stuffed bags, grimacing at what he saw.


ooc. First post should be the morning, packing all your items, and making it out to the woods. Good luck!

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To say that he was excited was a bit of an understatement. Wilderness Survival. It was morning, and they were heading out for some special training. Though he may not know how to wield a sword very well, his first match with Visar was proof of that, he did know how to hunt, and how to survive on little. In the city you could eat rats in a pinch, but in the forest, there was all kinds of game. Thinking hard, he was wandering around the practice yard, thinking of what he would need to pack. He had a cloak, newly issued, and of good fabric, so no blanket was needed. He saw one of the other trainee's trying to pack a whole bed roll, and scoffed. Luxuries like that were not something you could afford to drag with you on such a trip. He still slept on the floor, and ignored the blankets and other stuff on the bed. He didn't know what you needed them for in the first place.


As he thought, he went to the supply area, and borrowed some rope - it would come in handy if they were needing to build a shelter, a litter, or for traps. He also borrowed a simple bow, as he had none. He was sufficient enough to hit most of what he aimed at, but no master at it. Returning to his room, he packed the strings, rope, a whetstone, and a couple of well made knives, all standard issue. He bag was light, so he went to the mess hall, and got some rations to fill it, partially for the trip there, and cheese was a wonderful addition to any meat. What ever he caught out there, he was going to enjoy it! As an after thought, he added a hatchet for wood, and a small shovel attached to the outside of his pack.


He was ready. he made his way slowly, mulling over the activities of the past few days. He loved being here, and loved having a purpose other than worrying about where, or when the next meal would happen, and felt, almost happy. Oh, it was hard, and he didn't fit in, but when had he ever?


Once he got there, he was not so easy. He had not thought about having to ride a horse... He was comfortable enough with them, leading them, and caring for them, but he was bloody uncomfortable having to ride them. Living with a merchant gave him plenty of opportunity for the care of items for travel, but everyone had walked. However, at the order, he mounted with some delay, causing a few of the other trainees to laugh. He tried to mask his anger by keeping a straight face, but the flush of red that spread across his cheeks and neck. Once on his horse he ignored them, but he saw one of them, Torvus. He had met him before, and didn't care much for him. He couldn't understand why Torvus was so.... cold... towards him, but sa they exited the Tower grounds, he shoved that thought to the back of his mind, and thought of the day ahead.


They ate on the way, and Rekinu was grateful for the salted meat, cheese and bread that he had packed, muching away happily on the slightly hard bread. It was delishious, and he relished in the feel of the food, richer than his usual staple, and watched the others eat. One had even brought utinsils and attempted to eat something out of a bowl. Rekinu was unfamiliar with what the man was eating, but he chuckled to himself as they spilled more than they ate with the rise and fall of the horse. Himself, Rekinu knew that bread would fall, but bread always fell, and he cupped the bread in his had to not loose a morsel. He was a master at salvaging food for maximizing every bit of it.


When they got to a clearing, Rekinu heard the leader, Jasen, say to everyone "All right, as you can see we are in the wilderness, which is really the only place you can have wilderness survival classes. I told you all to pack your bags with things you think you will need to survive out here, and I'm going to ask you to take out your saddlebags and show me what you brought. Be quick, the sun is setting soon and it will soon be dark."


Rekinu complied, wincing with his sore bottom, but relieved to be out of the saddle. He took the saddle, and his bag off his horse, and tied it to a larger tree, near where it could freely eat from the grass at its base.


He set the saddle leaning against the same tree, and picked up his bag, moving to where the others were already assembling their packs. He set his stuff out, careful to place his food on the pack to keep it clean, and felt ashamed. Most of the other trainees had brought lots of stuff, but he did not. He started scrambling in his mind, trying to think of what he had forgotten.



In front of him he had bread, cheese, and a little salted meat(left over from lunch) on his bag, three standard issue knives, several coils of rope, his cloak, a bow, which he re-strung, extra bow strings, rope, a whetstone, a small ax, and a small shovel, and his brace of swords.


(ooc... Rekinu has never fished, hence he didn't pack for it)

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It was a little over a month since Daniel had arrived at the white tower for his warder training. He had only been here for a week before he got into trouble for fighting with other recruits. Visar Gaiden had punished him by not letting him train with the sword for an entire week and he had to do extra chores. Nothing but chores the first week and the same chores and training for the following weeks.


Finally he was finished his punishment and was told he it was time for wilderness training. Daniel was relieved to get away from the yard for a bit. And his father had given him some basic training along with his riding and fighting lessons. He was told to bring everything he thought he would need and be ready to ride out the following morning.

Daniel went about gathering the things he could on his own. He packed 2 thick cloaks, his sharpening stone, a flint and tender, his sewing kit, a bundle of rope, some fishing twine, hooks, a sharp knife, his swords, his bow and a few spare strings. He rolled everything up neatly in a cured piece of leather that was about three paces by three paces. He tied the bundle with some leather cord and then some rope to make a sling for it. He strapped on his swords and slung the bundle over his back. He looked over encumbered but everything was pretty light and the cured leather would make a nice tent if the weather got poor.


He then went to the mess and got enough rations of dried meats cheese and breads to last him about a week. He grabbed a small cauldron and a spoon and he also made sure to take some spices and especially a big bag of salt. He placed it all in his saddle bags. After he left the mess he went by the armory and grabbed a wood axe.


He went over everything that he had gathered and thought he covered pretty much everything he needed so he went to the stables. He wasn’t early but nor was he late. He saddled his horse and tied the leather bundle behind his saddle. He went over everything again and noticed a few laughs and looks from others that had packed a lot less. His father had always told him “Son it’s better to be over prepared then underprepared.” He just shrugged his shoulders and mounted up and waited for the order to leave.


Daniel was very comfortable in a saddle. He was from Saldaea after all. He noticed other recruits who he could tell obviously wished they were walking or in a wagon.


After all the recruits gathered Jasen ordered the recruits to move out and Daniel heeled his horse forward. After they finally got away from the city and the villages Daniel took a deep breath. Ah the smell of the countryside and the fresh air. There was nothing like it. They rode in mostly silence for most of the day eating in the saddle.


It was early evening when they came to a clearing and Jasen said "All right, as you can see we are in the wilderness, which is really the only place you can have wilderness survival classes. I told you all to pack your bags with things you think you will need to survive out here, and I'm going to ask you to take out your saddlebags and show me what you brought. Be quick, the sun is setting soon and it will soon be dark."

Daniel complied and took everything out and laid it on the piece of leather. He then went about securing Dovienya. And then he came back to stand in front of his things until Jasen came by and inspected his things.

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Torvus frantically rushed to prepare for the wilderness survival course. He was nervous about it. He had always ridden in the open country of Saldaea, but he had always had friends or family members with him. He hadn't ever really tried to survive on his own.


Well, how hard could it be? Besides, he was clever enough to come up with the things he needed. It was just deciding what he could take with him that was the problem. And so he debated for a while before finally making his decisions.


Coming up with food suitable for a journey, water, and plenty of alcohol for. . .medicinal purposes not to mention his sanity, Torvus had the basics covered, though his saddlebags were already half full. Then he needed bandages and herbs and salves and things like that in case he was ever injured. Quickly, he buried through his small mountain of gadgets he kept crammed in his room. A small water distillery would be necessary for ensuring that he did not get diseases from dirty water.


Of course, he would need some form of shelter, like a compact tent that he could assemble easily enough. And a padded blanket which would get the worst of the rocky or rooted ground from digging into his back. He would need a knife or two, a small saw for wood (he did not like axes very much, and thought they took up too much room) , fishing line and hooks, a warm cloak that could keep the worst of the rain off while he rode, and most importantly, a bundle of notes regarding what plants were safe to eat and not, and designs for making simple snares and traps for rabbits and squirrels and the like. He made sure these last were secured into an oiled bag so they would not get wet.


Torvus wondered for a moment about taking his sword and buckler, but then decided against it. He was learning to survive, not fight. He didn't need those weapons. Rather, he chose his most basic crossbow. While he was tempted to bring the repeater designs he had been testing, or the powerful arbalest which could punch through armor like butter, these designs were bulky, were a pain to reload, and some of the mechanisms were hard to replace. So he chose a simple crossbow for hunting, and brought extra parts in case it broke and he had to fashion a new one. A horse bow would be useful, but with his handicap he could not aim very well, and his bow arm would tire quickly. A crossbow may not have the range or power or speed of reloading that a bow did, but you could be ready to shoot at a moment's notice and did not have to strain in the draw. A simple aim and fire would make all the difference in catching game.


And although this was about survival, Torvus felt that he had been away from the wilderness for some time. So he brought a trusty copy of the Taddles of Jain Farstretcher, a parody of the more famous version that always made him laugh. And he also brought small jars and cages for finding strange specimens of plants or animals for further study back at the Tower.


Riding out, Torvus noticed that new recruit riding with them and sneered. The Arafellin had strange habits, and Torvus and he were certainly not friends. They did not need to speak to each other for the time being, and so they rode in silence. Yet the other trainee, a man named Daniel, intrigued Torvus a little because he was also from Saldaea, and yet seemed completely different from him. Perhaps they could find some common ground as fellow countrymen, at least on this journey. And they were certainly the better riders of the trainee group, a fact that Torvus observed with pride of his heritage.


He rode easily out of the city and into the countryside, though his faithful Bastion was rather uncomfortable with the complicated bunch of stuff on his back.


"Hush, my friend," Torvus whispered to him. "I'm going to need all of this, and I did bring extra oats for you. No yucky wild grass for you." At the rate he spoiled his horse, Torvus wondered when Bastion would grow fat and lazy. Perhaps his stallion had not been pushed in a while. He would have to change that.


Once they were a ways away, Jasen, the Tower Guardsman who led their group, stopped them and asked to see what was in their packs. Feeling a bit bemused, but felt prepared to explain everything--except the alcohol--to the Guardsman that he had chosen.


His things made a slightly awkward pile on the ground, the cages, jars, crossbow and bolts, food, water, (the alcohol was cleverly concealed in his thick blanket roll and tent, making them appear slightly bigger) notes, and all the other various things he brought.



Is he gonna get caught? :P

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Tris had just finished his bout of punishment that was assigned to him by Visar Gaiden. He was fevorant about catching back up with his training. As he saw his friend Torvus packing his bags Tris began to pack as well.


He decided on a his normal scheme of short sword at the right hip and long sword over the left shoulder.


Never know what trouble we might get into Tris thought.


He grimaced inwardly as he saw Torvus pack some alchol into a blanket, Torvus your going to get both of us in trouble again he chukled out loud and Torvus looked at him questionaly.


Tris then set to packing his saddle bags. What to bring he thought. He put a good stout knife in his bags, 60 feet of rope, two candles, a flint and steel, whetstone, and enought food for three days. He also packed a small length of metal wire he thought to use as a snare if need be. He saddled his horse a white quarter horse he named mandarb mahdi or blade seeker, seeker of the blade... the old tonuge never translates well. He placed a planket and his green/brown cloak he got from his aunt. As he followed Torvus out of the city he awaited what was to come of his first survial training.



Ready for what is to come

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Jasen walked around the trainees, peering into the packs they held out for him. Each and every pack was so full they seemed about to burst, and he smiled at the various items contained within. In all the packs combined, there must have been enough food to feed an entire squad for several days. He saw knives, candles, fishing line, hooks, flints, bow strings, several different bows, rope, an assortment of tools. All of it unnecessary to survive. what the trainees did not understand was that it was simple to survive out in the wilderness with a tent and food and all the tools you could lay your hands on. But when things became truly desperate, when you became separated from your friends left alone out in the wilds, chances are you would have none of this at your side.


Walking back out in front of them, Jasen addressed the trainees. "You have all done a good job collecting items for yourself. Everything I have seen in your packs would definitely be useful out here away from civilization. However, none of these things are needed to help you survive. All you truly need are your wits and a good knife, and even the blade is a luxury. That is why I will need you all to replace your packs on your horses and empty out your pockets. I am leaving you out in the woods and will be taking everything besides the cloaks on your backs and the knives on your belts. You will be forced to find some way to survive, as I will be back in two days time. You should be in no real danger, although those clouds overhead look like they might break out into rain, so I would suggest seeing to some shelter. When I return I will begin teaching those remaining." The trainees looked like they had been punched in their gut, their mouths hung so low. But a barked command to move sent them running to obey, and before long Jasen was leading the train of horses away from the clearing and into another part of the forest.


Later that night, Jasen was curled up in his cloak besides a roaring fire, listening to the rain sprinkle down on top of his thick wooden shelter. He had the remnants of a feast laid out in front him, taken from the trainees own bags, and his pipe clenched in his teeth. In his hand he had a jar of some cheap liquor he had found in one of the trainees things, something that would have to be dealt with later, but all in all it was quite a wonderful way to spend a night. He knew the trainees would probably be a lot less comfortable, cold and wet and hungry, but there was a small creek nearby so misery should be their only real enemy. It was important to learn that you could survive with nothing before you began to learn how to survive with aids. It was a tough lesson, but one that everyone had to learn.


ooc. All right, so go through the two days, ending with when Jasen comes back on the evening of the second. Have fun!

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OOC: guess I'll go again, I was waiting for someone else, i dont wanna steal all the thunder guys....


Rekinu looked on, dumbfounded, as Jasen took off with all of their supplies. He had looked forward to this day since they found out about it. It was going to be his best supplied situation of all of his excursions he had ever been on.


After a moment, realizing that he mouth was hanging open, he composed himself. He needed to be able to get a game plan, as Jasen was right. It looked like rain.


The others turned to look to shelter, and it appeared that they were all going to get separate locations. Rekinu went into action, heading out of the clearing to circle it. He had noticed a fallen tree off to the right that looked like it might be old. As he went, he kept his eye out, and found a low hanging branch. Stopping long enough, he cut it off, and as he walked slowly on, sharpened the end of it, knowing that a spear could be as handy for defense as for hunting. Locating the fallen tree, it was not old enough to provide shelter, but it did have a couple more branches for spears, and its bark would light easily.


Collecting them, he returned to the clearing to see a few of the other trainees trying to assemble some logs together, leaning against a tree. he turned, and created a small fire pit on the downwind side of the clearing, and using some rocks, hit them together for about 15 minutes before they caught on the bark that he brought. Taking a moment to heat the tips of the 'spears', he knew that the fire might not last long, but with the hardened tips, they would not bend or break as easily. heading out again, he returned to the old tree, and cut off some moss that was growing on one side. Again, returning to the clearing, the lean-to was created, using a cloak to hold the top together, and to the tree. 'I didn't think they would be able to do it, though I wouldn't give up my cloak' he thought with a tad of admiration.


He hesitated, wondering if he should join them, as he did have plenty of bedding... :biggrin:



Rekinu, Slightly hesitant

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As Daniel watched Jasen ride out with all of the stuff that he had told him to bring in the first place he was a little annoyed. Daniel just shrugged and strolled off a little ways into the woods. He found some long thin vines that he could use to make a few snares. He found a couple of saplings that he kicked and broke off nearly four feet long. He sharpened them into points and made the ends slightly barbed. After he had made three he looked around tell he found some fresh rabbit holes and set a couple snares. He used some of the bread that he had left over from lunch that day he stuck in his pocket. Then he strolled the little ways to the river.


As he approached the river he slowly crept to the bank and looked for fish. He walked up and down the bank using his new made spears to catch himself six decent sized fish. He looked at the sky and realized he had been fishing for nearly two hours and it was getting pretty late. It wasn’t safe to be out wandering in the dark. On his way back to the clearing he picked up some dead and dried tree limbs he could use to for a fire and hoped one of the others had managed to get one started. On the way back he checked his snares and managed to catch a rather rabbit. Unfortunately his other snare looks as though he had caught something but another animal had grabbed the rabbit off.


As he walked back into the clearing he saw that most of the others were off building a hovel together and only a couple of them he knew. Tris, Rekinu, and Torvrous. He waved to the others and laid the armful of sticks he had gathered down next to Rekinu’s little fire. He took a couple of sticks from nearby and spitted the fish and cleaned and spitted the rabbit.


“Well I managed to get a little food for us but to be honest im not the best cook. Do any of you know how to cook?” he motioned the others to come and enjoy his little feast and wondered what the night would have in store for them.


He was still a little sore over Jasen taking all his belongings. And he was working out in his head a way to get a little payback.

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Torvus glared at Jasen as he took off with all of their supplies. The nerve of the man, asking them to bring together supplies, and instead of instructing them to their use, he took them all away and told them to fend for themselves! Meanwhile, Torvus just knew that Jasen had found his hidden stash, and was most likely enjoying it. The whole thing was unfair and enfuriated him.


But since he did not have his crossbow to put a bolt into Jasen's back like he might normally do during such a time, Torvus had to do something to survive in the meantime. He had a simple knife and not much else but his wits, but he hoped that would be enough. Torvus glanced at the sky, remembering Jasen's warning that rain might be eminent.


Food and water could wait, Torvus decided. He went and helped the others to try to erect some sort of shelter. He and a couple other trainees fumbled with some logs and long branches to try to erect a lean-to against a tree. They struggled for some time, but finally managed to get a frame up. But what would cover it? Muttering to each other, they finally decided to take off their cloaks and tie them with stripes of leather cut from their belts or boots. There, they had a tent, though likely it would not fit all of them at once.

Torvus reluctantly gave up his cloak, knowing that keeping warm would be difficult tonight, but having something to keep dry was more important, he reasoned.


A few others went off on their own, but Torvus, for all of his book smarts, did not think he would be incredibly effective hunting alone, especially not with dark approaching. He might just as easily get lost and not find his way back to camp. So he waited with the main group as they continued to improve on the shelter, and tried to get a fire started. Why would they try to start a fire just before rain? Torvus didn't know, but if they managed to keep it going it would make things easier. As long as they had coals hot enough to start another fire, that would be good.


But how could they start a fire without a flint and steel? None of the trainees had been smart enough to hide one from Jasen's evil acquisition, and Torvus didn't think he had even brought one with him. He remembered something in a book, and decided it was worth a shot. Rubbing two sticks together, Torvus tried to set some leaves alight, but found he couldn't even make it go fast enough to smoke. Clearly this was much harder than it looked.


A trainee, the newcomer Rekinu, came up with a bundle of moss, several improvised spears, and a couple of rocks. What did he intend to do with all that? Torvus wondered. The spears, well, it couldn't hurt for hunting, Torvus supposed, but why make a spear when you could make a much more sophisticated weapon? All it took was time and the right pieces of wood, and some animal sinew. He hoped they had some of that or could acquire some.


The newcomer went over to where he had been struggling to make a fire, and banged his rocks together. Torvus smirked, thinking he'd have just a hard time starting it. But sparks flew, and to his surprise a small fire started going! His eyes glowed with envy at the upstart's talent. Beginner's luck!


Another trainee came back with an even more impressive haul, a snared rabbit and six fish! How had he managed to catch six fish in the time it took for them to get the basic camp up?! Well, he could be envious of this one too, but Torvus wanted some of that fish, and had an idea with the rabbit, as well.


"I can cook alright." Torvus volunteered. He had at least practiced skill at that. You couldn't rely on a woman to make a good meal for you all the time, and so Torvus had learned something of it himself. He could at least make the fish not so raw it was unhealthy, and not so well cooked it was burned.


They quickly made small wooden skewers with their knives, and Torvus crafted a rough wooden platform that was made of fresh, sapling wood which wouldn't burn quickly. Placing the fish on the skewers, Torvus started roasting them in the fire, making sure to turn them at intervals so they'd cook evenly.


The rabbit was skinned, but before that was turned into a roast, Torvus stopped the one who had caught it.


"Daniel, let me see that. We can use parts of it. The back, especially. The sinews are invaluable for making thread."

Which in turn could be used to tie various useful things that they would need, and it would stretch better than the leather strips they had cut from their belts.


Torvus carefully took the sinews on the back of the rabbit and a couple of other locations off, and set them aside to be twisted into a line of thread. then he cut the rabbit up into pieces, and put them on the skewers once the fish were done. Each man got a piece of the rabbit, fairly evenly, and also had fish.


"Thank you," Torvus and everyone else said to Daniel for getting them food. Sitting by the fire as night rolled in, Torvus felt relaxed. He was not quite full, but he knew he wouldn't starve. Further trips to the creek gave them fresh water, though they didn't have a perfect way of storing it, as it leaked out of most of their clothes. An improvised cloak was the best they had, but half the water was gone by the time someone came back. They'd have to work on that. Torvus listened to everyone with their survival suggestions, some of which were useful, others not so much. He chimed in with his idea.


"Tomorrow, we should have one person keep watch on the camp, and then everyone else should split into pairs to look around for edible plants, set snares for other animals, as well as try to come up with a bucket or other sort of vessel to hold water. If we get more rabbits like this one, or other animals, we could sew their skins together with sinew and use that to carry water." So far so good. Torvus added, "We'll prove to Jasen that we can survive just fine," he said proudly. "And we'll get him back for stealing all of our stuff!" That met with louder approval. Everyone was angry about the guardsmen for pulling that trick. They would have to find a way to get back at him; show him what it meant to survive with practically nothing!


"Great, so we'll start first thing tomorrow. The shelter should fit all but one of us, so one will stay on watch and we'll go in shifts? I'll serve first watch," began Torvus, since he didn't mind staying up a little into the night. That agreed, everyone turned in for the night and Torvus began his watch as the fire slowly died down.


"Perfect. First day of survival, a success!" said Torvus to himself. Then the rain came down in a torrent.


"Oh blood and bloody wet ashes! I know I spoke too soon. . ." muttered Torvus. Without his cloak, he was soon soaked, and there wasn't room for him in the shelter. There was nothing to do but to huddle miserably by the dead fire and hope the rain wouldn't last too long. Shivering, Torvus focused on being angry to stay sane. He would get Jasen back, the bloody bastard! He would get him back!


It was a very long shift for Torvus.


-Torvus Arathel,

shivering and soaking wet.

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As Torvus cooked, Rekinu watched with interest. He had cooked before, but Tourvus seemed to cook with a finesse, turning the food over long before it was burned, and it was very well done, not burned, not overly raw. Hmm... I might have to ask for some pointers later... if he wasn't so angry all the time.


There were some great points made during the meeting, and Torvus even offered to take the first watch, surprising more than a few of them. None-the-less, it was done, and they all went to sleep quickly, minds on what they would do the next day.


Slightly before the second watch was to start, Torvous came and woke Rekinu for his turn at the watch, and he rolled to his feet quickly. Noting that he was soaked, Rekinu said "Why didn't you ask for my cloak? I did not know that it was raining, but you could have used it while I slept." Thinking a minute, Rekinu left his cloak with Torvus, who looked completely chilled and miserable. "Here, use mine, it will warm you as you sleep."


Leaving the small tent, to make room for Torvus to sleep, Rekinu ventured out with one of the sticks at the ready. He made a couple of rounds of the campsite, and returned to the main area. Surveying, he knew that they were going to lack for wood in the morning, and started to think of what could be done. If it is in the rain, it will get wet. I wonder if there will be a place to stash some wood to be drier for the morning. Venturing out even further than he had during the day, moving slowly, cautiously, and returning often to the camp to prowl around, his search turned up nothing useful, except a game trail fairly close to the camp. Since his searching turned up nothing, he returned, and huddled under a tree to get out of the constant drizzle. The good thing about rain is that there will be less animals out and about!


Staying alert, Rekinu kept watch for his shift, until it was time to wake Daniel for the last shift till morning. After rousing him gently, grabbing Daniel's hand when it went reflexively to his belt knife, Rekinu told him of the game trail. (two memories is always better than one!) Rekinu then laid down gratefully. He was exhausted from his shift, plus his searching, but he could sleep anywhere and in any position, and he was out in a matter of minutes. His time as a street rat saw to that!

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Everyone had done their part and they ate dinner and settled on a watch schedule. Sometime in the night it had started raining and when Torvus came in and woke up Rekinu he was soaked from head to toe. Rekinu took Torvus’s cloak and gave his to Torvus. As the man tried to go to sleep shivering Daniel felt bad. He pulled off his cloak and laid it on top of Torvus and went back to sleep.


After a short time later Rekinu laid his hand on Daniel. Him being from the borderlands he immediately started for his belt knife and when realized who it was sat up and wiped the sleep out of his eyes. Rekinu quietly told Daniel about the game trails and such that he found. “Thanks for the tip. Ill set some more snares and see what I can catch. OH and my cloak is laying on Torvus. You can use it. Give me the wet one.”


Daniel ducked outside and slowly patrolled the camp area. He went to where Rekinu had told him he saw fresh game trails and fashioned some more snares. He also did a spiraling circuit of the clearing and searched for anything that would be useful. He found a couple more small game trails and set snares.


On his way back he checked his snares and still he hadn’t caught anything. But he knew that it wouldn’t be tell morning that he caught anything. He checked over the camp once more and everyone was sleeping peacefully and so he took a spot underneath a tree that had fallen into the crook of another tree. It didn’t keep him dry but it helped. As the sun started rise the rain begin to clear up. And Daniel couldn’t believe he had never taken the time to watch this most spectacular sight. It was beautiful and it made him realize why he wanted to follow the path that he had chosen. To preserve this…


As the others woke up Daniel told Rekinu where to find the snares and asked Torvus if he wanted to go fishing. And suggested to the others to gather firewood and see if they could get a morning fire started.

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(OOC, I am not a very patient person, so I guess we will continue?)


As Rekinu woke up, he was ready for the day. It had been a resful couple of hours, and he felt fresh for the days trials. As people started to get up, Daniel told him of the snares that he had set, and Rekinu went out looking. Luckily it had stopped raining shortly before morning, however there was a deep bank of fog over the area as the sun started to burn off the moisture.


Taking with him one of his hardened sticks, he made his way to the game trails. Trying to remember exactly what Daniel had told him, he almost didn't hear the boar before it was upon him. It must have been out for its morning food, headed down the path, and was a mean old one at that. It charged Rekinu with fury, trying to gore him with it's one remaining tusk. As it got closer, Rekinu could see that it's eyes were filming over, and it was covered in battle scars; this would not be a boar that could be scared away.


Thinking quickly, Rekinu rolled underneath it when it hit him, only getting hit by it's paws as it went over him, before bounding back up. He had a moment to calculate as the boar turned around to charge a second time, and Rekinu knew that a split second wrong move could cost him his life. He had faced bullies before, and even most of the trainers, but never before had he seen such madness in the boars eyes!


Shouting, he rolled back to where he had been before, grabbing for the stick in the hopes of having a better weapon. As his hand touched it, the boar was upon him, and there was no time to maneuver it. Grabbing for his knife in stead, he threw himself to the right again, narrowly missing the tusk sweeping through where he had been. This time the boar was faster upon it's feet, and returned even faster.


Light, that was faster! he thought to himself, as he threw himself to the left. The ploy worked, the boar was slower turning around this time, and it stopped, stamping its feet. Thinking rapidly, Rekinu remembered that there must have been a snare set around here, and he pelted down the trail, with the boar hot on his heels. Rushing past the funny shaped tree that Daniel had used as a marker, Rekinu saw the snare, and grabbing the tree, used his momentum to take him all the way around, and behind the animal just as it stepped into the snare, and was yanked into the air.


"For the Tower" Rekinu yelled as he darted in, and slit the boars throat, ending the fight.


Stepping back panting, he fell to his knees, greatful for a respite. The forest was completely silent, and all he could hear was his own panting, and the pounding in his ears; he was also very tired. Only after he had cut the animal down, and started to drag it back toward camp did he notice that his arm was throbbing in pain. With the gore on his arms from fighting the boar, he could not tell how badly he was hurt, but he was able to drag the beast as long as he took short stops along the way. As he got closer to the clearing, he could hear a couple of people talking, probably guarding the camp. Exhausted, Rekinu sat down, and hollered at them to come help.


Light, I am tired! he thought!




(OOC, just a couple of flesh wounds on his arms, nothing life threatening, you can take him into camp and clean him up... but we can have a roasted pig in the evening after it has cooked! :smile: )

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(ooc: I thought I'd throw in a shameless reference to the first book to make things interesting for us)


Torvus had difficulty sleeping, even as he tried to dry his clothes and stay warm under the makeshift shelter. The next day he woke he felt completely sapped of energy, and he had developed a hacking cough. Feeling miserable, he waved off the offer for Daniel and he to go fishing.


He decided to tend to the camp as best as he could, keeping the fire going, making sure the shelter worked well, and attempting to coordinate the efforts of the others to get food and water. There was a good line from the river to get water, and Torvus mentioned a few plants that lived in the area that they could look for in a pinch. Some of the men seemed intent on hunting and fishing their way to an early grave, but they could survive without meat as far as Torvus was concerned.


It was midafternoon, and Torvus was momentarily on his own in the camp. A familiar cawing sound sent a shiver down his spine. Looking up, Torvus saw a crow sitting cockily on a branch above him, looking at him. Torvus knew that most people believed that crows and ravens could be bad news: the Dark Ones Eyes. But surely this was just a harmless crow looking for a free meal.


Still, it unnerved him the way it looked at him with its glassy eye. He mustered the courage to throw a stone at it, and though he missed, that encouraged the crow to fly off and go away.


Later that day, Rekinu came back with the prize of all prizes: a freshly killed boar. How had he managed to kill the thing, let alone trap it and carry it back? Much less with as few scratches as he had! Torvus tried to keep a straight face, but he clearly felt envious of the man's luck. He hadn't exactly been having adventures; he was too sick to walk around much without his cough getting worse.


"I'll be fine," he said to anyone who cared, toughing it out as best he could, even though inwardly he hadn't felt this sick in a long time. He'd pass this stupid survival test, and feel better with civilized medical care. Surely he could wait until then. Boar tasted good by the fire later that evening, though Torvus had a hard time keeping it down in between an unsettled stomach and fits of coughing phlegm.


He managed to keep some down, and also lucked out on not being on watch that night. That allowed him to catch some semblance of rest, though he felt miserable, and not the least that he was probably keeping everyone else up by his bone rattling cough. He saw lightning in his vision every time his chest tightened up and convulsed, and a couple times he tasted blood. That wasn't good, was it?


Morning dawned slowly, and as everyone was preparing, Torvus stood and relieved himself over in the woods. As he was doing so, he heard an ominous sound: dozens of crows were cawing, and there was something unnatural to their voices. They were screaming in some sort of fury. Torvus stared as a small group of forest animals were running his way, as if he didn't frighten them. He heard something high pitched squeel in horrid pain in the distance. Torvus winced; he had only heard that before when killing a rabbit, and having it die slowly. The angry, raucous caws of crows continued, coming closer. Torvus saw a small cloud of black wings burst through a clearing, dive bombing a running weasel. The crows attacked the poor creature in a mad frenzy, and soon drove it to a bloody death. The crows then dashed after the next animal running away, but he saw some of them eyeing him, even though he could hardly be a crow's prey, could he?


Torvus had a sickening feeling that something was wrong. Something was horribly, horribly, wrong. He staggered back to the camp as fast as he could go, doubling over in painful coughs along the way. He waved his arms widly to get their attention, but had difficulty saying anything coherent.


"Crows!" he finally managed to shout. "Killer crows! Headed this way!" they stared at him incredulously, but he tried again to instill in them the level of danger he felt. The crows were not acting normally; they didn't kill animals like that, they usually waited for animals to die first. And the way they cawed, it was vicious and screeching, much harsher than usual crow sounds. Something was wrong with these crows, Torvus felt in his poor, sick, gut. They were mad, like some animals could get sometimes perhaps; but all of these crows were mad.


"We need some sort of shelter," he said. "We need to find a shelter, like a cave or something." If they could find a cave and cover the entrance, or otherwise cover themselves from beaks and claws, they might have a chance. But if they were caught in the open, and these crows attacked them, things might get bloody. Their shelter could bring out the rain, but they had almost no time to build it up to a point where it could protect against crows. What were they going to do?

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Daniel was just making his way back into the camp with his morning catch. It wasn’t a spectacular catch but he caught two fair sized fish and laid them on a rock as he heard Rekinu cry out. Apparently as Rekinu was checking the snares he stumbled across a wild boar and even managed to kill the large beast. He had some minor wounds that Daniel new he could treat. His mother and father had taught him a few herbs that he could mix to keep it from becoming infected and would help a little with the pain.

Daniel gathered up the herbs in mixed it in to a poultice. He tore a few nice sized lengths of bandage from his shirt and went to work on bandaging up his friend.


Not as soon as he finished getting Rekinu situated he heard Torvus shouting something from the distance. He hoped that Torvus hadn’t been drinking. That man was the sneakier then a cutpurse in the tower when it came to hiding his alcohol. He broke into the clearing waving his arms and panting furiously. "Crows!" he finally managed to shout. "Killer crows! Headed this way!" Daniel jumped up quickly and looked over Torvus's shoulder. He saw a black cloud coming this way and looked at his friends.


"We need some sort of shelter," he said. "We need to find a shelter, like a cave or something." Daniel thought rapidly and he shouted orders without thinking." You guys grab the packs I remember seeing a hollowed out old tree near the river. It’s big enough for us to fit in but we have to hurry. It’s going to be a bloody mess trying to squeeze through the hollow while were getting pecked to death." Daniel helped Rekinu to his feet and started rushing them forward. He grabbed one of the sticks he made into a fishing spear and followed quickly to the river.


As they rushed to the river the black mass of crows gained on them rapidly. Daniel kept encouraging his group forward as the first birds swooped in. He bashed and parried beaks and talons the best he could. As the approached the enormous tree Daniel told the others to get inside and be ready to throw up cloaks over the entrance. Daniel spun his makeshift staff as fast as he could to cover the others. He had minor wounds everywhere and he wouldn’t last much longer. There were too many of them. He knew he had to last long enough for the others to be safe and that was all that mattered.


He fell to one knee from exhaustion and from all the little cuts bleeding. Just as a last pack of birds flew in for what Daniel thought was the kill he felt Torvus and Rekinu reach out and grab him by the arms and yank him inside. He just lay on the ground looking up at his friends. He knew he was lucky to be alive. “Thank you guys. I don’t think I could have made it in here by myself. Blood and ashes where did those things come from."


OOC thank you guys for your patience. im sorry it took so long.

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(ooc: great post man!)


Torvus was too winded to think of solutions. Panic was threatening to seize him and take over. Luckily someone else had an idea:


"You guys grab the packs I remember seeing a hollowed out old tree near the river. It’s big enough for us to fit in but we have to hurry. It’s going to be a bloody mess trying to squeeze through the hollow while were getting pecked to death."


Daniel suggested a hollow tree that would work in a pinch. Quickly they scrambled to work as the raucous sounds of cawing came closer. They dragged branches and their packs over to the tree, helping each other get there. Torvus coughed and wheezed, but he'd rather die of sickness than die being pecked to death.


They had almost reached the tree when the crows fell about them, dive bombing them, pecking at their rags and scratching their skin. Torvus and Rekinu stumbled towards the tree without much hesitation. Torvus glanced back and saw Daniel try to hold off the birds with his staff.


What a Light-blinded fool! thought Torvus,incredulous that the trainee would try to sacrifice himself. Rekinu glanced his way, clearly wanting to help Daniel. Torvus hesitated, not wanting to leave the shelter of the tree, but gave in.


"Oh, I might as well," grumbled Torvus reluctantly. Struggling to breath, he and Rekinu dove out into the maelstrom of black feathers and forcibly dragged Daniel back into the tree hollow.


"Come on, you flaming hero, you too!" he muttered, wincing every time a crow got to him. They soon all got inside of the tree hollow and then wedged their packs and branches together to narrow the entrance and create a sort of cage. They then draped their cloaks behind that and the front people held their makeshift spears ready for any crows that broke through.


Claws and peaks dug furiously at the fabric, making many holes, but there was only one bird-sized hole that was formed, and each bird that tried to come through was run through. The vicious birds yelled and screeched and pecked at them. Before long, they would be sheer weight of numbers find more holes and get through. Torvus curled into a rather unmanly ball, coughing and shivering, certain that they were all going to die.



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