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World Wide Circle


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Hi all,

I've just started posting, so please try to be nice, yet rip me anew new one if its needed.

Lots of people have been theorising that the weakness in Callandor will allow for a way for Moridin so steal it from Rand in one way or another, you could even include the bodyswap with this, so i was thinking of ways for our hero to get around being faced with Callandor in the hands of his nemesis. Using a bit of logic i managed to come up with a solution, hear me out please.

The OP turns the wheel which weaves the pattern, of this we know, and channellers are able to manipulate the OP. The OP if the life force of the universe, therefore everything must have a link to it to carry on living, i feel like im still on safe ground here. We know that some are born able to channel, some can learn, and some can't. Yet even those who cannot channel and manipulate the OP still have a link to it or they may not be able to survive unless say they were darkfriends and were linked to the TP in a similiar way. So if everybody still has some link to the OP would this make them similiar to an angreal? Channelers are able to draw power through them, yet the power cannot be used by the vessel itself? If this is true then maybe Rand Sedai, with his new found knowledge and a little help of one of the wonder girls (for the sake of this idea I'll give credit to Elayne, she hasn't appeared to do anything brilliant with the one power recently bar a few bad copies of Mat's foxhead), could be able to devise a way to link everybody the same way a circle can be formed even when using angreal.


On a side note, this way could actually be through Singing, we know the Aiel would sing to the plants to grow even though many of them couldn't channel. Maybe Singing was a way of accessing the OP that the plant uses to grow and increasing its natural draw to keep it alive, I do hope you're following what I'm trying to say, so maybe and this is just completely out there but a channeler with the Voice would be able to use Singing to access everybody's natural connection to the OP which sustains their life, increase the flow, and then take the percentage by which it was increased and use it to enhance their own weaves? Thus being able to bring the entire population into one large circle, providing the power to unmake the Bore instead of just sealing it.


Okay I couldn't find anywhere else this was mentioned, but if i have categorised wrong or a thread similar has already been made please feel free to move/erase. Also if anybody knows of any interviews by any of the creative team behind WoT then could you please make them aware to me?


so there we go, feel free to prove me wrong, show me where my logic falters, this is a learning experience being my first time, thanks in advance for any constructive criticism.


And POP goes my Dragonmount Cherry

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You're making so many logical leaps that it's insane.


True Source turning the Wheel of Time which weaves the Pattern of Ages is not the same as saying that the True Source is the life force of the universe which is not the same as saying that everything must have a link to it to carry on living.


The True Source merely turns the Wheel. The Wheel weaves the Pattern. People's lives are tied to the Pattern. Only in the most ephemeral sense are they "tied to the Source." People don't need a link to the True Source at all to survive. Life doesn't work that way, even in the Wheel of Time. If the True Source were to vanish, the Wheel of Time would stop turning and people wouldn't die. Time would just stop.


Think of it this way: the stedding are bits of the Pattern minus the True Source. If what you suggest was true, then anyone entering a stedding would die.


tl;dr: The True Source is not "the source of life" in the way you imagine it to be. It is not a cosmic life battery. It is merely a power source which turns the Wheel that some people (through a combination of genetics and soul-markers) are able to access and draw directly into the world.


Edit: Oh yeah, welcome to Dragonmount. :)

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Great theory :)


I don't completely agree with it; I don't believe everybody depends on the OP to survive, but I like the idea of singing drawing power through people.


Obviously, Ogier can still Sing in their steddings so it's not the OP, maybe they're just manipulated the energy/power (whatever you want to call it) that's already there to do something more specific than it would do by itself, enhancing it somehow?

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