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Threefold death


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This is not a theory, just an idea basing on the mythological references, which could reconcile some of theories and standpoints on Rand’s death.


Warning!!! Contains TGS spoiler!!!


It seems that threefold death is quite common a theme in European mythology. Examples of this are a king-hero Cormac Mac Airt (who is one of the many figures we can find in Rand, due to the 13 Depository) and Cu Chulainn, both from Irish myths. There are 2 ways that this can happen to a hero: he can either die 3 times by 3 different factors in sequence (separate events), or he can die by them simultaneously. And those are: air, water and wounding. Cu Chulainn died by drowning (air/water) and finally being beheaded with a sword.


Why I think this might apply to Rand? Well, firstly, In my opinion the final sacrifice needs to be made and so he will die permanently in the end of TG (blood on the rocks, the second dragon mark). Secondly, I like very much the battle of Camlann analogy- that he will die at some point of the battle of Caemlyn/BT and will be brought back to life somehow (either the body-swap theory or TAR-involving stuff ) (Nicola’s foretelling, Min’s viewing, Eggy’s and WOs’ dreams, TOM dark prophecy). And thirdly, I also like to think that Rand’s epiphany on DM was symbolical death (the first dragon mark, “he embraced death”, comeback after 3 days), as well as regaining eyesight (which in a biblical sense means being able to see one’s sinfulness and God’s grace and forgiveness > death of old life, rising to new one).


What bothers me is: ain’t there too much of this death (maybe not)? Well, I personally vote for other than body-swap version of the 2nd death, but this theory implies that actually only Rand’s body dies, which would fit nicely with the VoG epiphany, when- in a way- he died spiritually. And then his 3rd death would be permanent. Or, alternatively, he will willingly sacrifice his life at SG but will be saved, almost dying (I don’t like this option), or there will be TAR involved, whereas the 2nd death is body-swap). And I don’t know whether what Eelfinns said applies to the 2nd or 3rd death.


So, this is my mythological inspiration on how could somewhat vague Rand’s death things be arranged. Now I’m humbly letting you make me feel confused :happy:

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'Twice to live and twice to die'


Like you, I think VoG was Rand's first 'death' according to this prophecy, and also to the Aelfinn 'If you would live, you must die'. (Hadn't thought of the blindness aspect, good one.)


I think Rand will certainly die a second time. But if he's already on his second 'life' he won't be resurrected, there won't be a third separate death. So, this 'threefold death' would have to be by three simultaneous factors.


Let's think about sacrifice, for a moment. Sacrifice is a presentation to a deity or equivalent. There are a couple of things which suggest Rand will face the DO directly:


From ToM25, a Viewing by Min:

"Rand, a brilliant white sword held in his hand, wielded against one of black, held by a faceless darkness. "


From Tom32, from a book Min is reading:

"Light is held before the maw of the infinite void, and all that he is can be seized."

(Min thinks "This is it." She thinks it's significant.)


Does Rand have to die to meet the DO on his home turf?

As for the 'threefold death', he already has two wounds, from Ba'alzamon and Fain. Will it take a third wound to finally kill him, the one that spills his blood on the rocks of SG?


(I really, really hope we don't see a bodyswap, or a TAR-rip, but that's just my preference!)

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To me Tarmon Gaidon would be Rand's first death; and that he would become ressurected.

By ressurection, I mean his own body; not anybody else's body.


possible methods that would fit that::

-a technique similar to construct making




Rand's second death to me would be after Tarmon Gaidon.


both deaths being literal

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