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Sea Folk Bio - Seralle din Atar Lightening Spray - NSW - No CC needed


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Full name: Seralle din Atar Lightening Spray

Age: 42

Clan: Tremalking

Rank: Windfinder to the Sailmistress of Wavedancer


Physical appearance: 5feet 9 inches, 175 pounds, dark ebony skin with seablue eyes, pitch black wavey hair with a blue sheen on it, full round lips, small perky nose. Muscular body wit nimble limbs. Like all seafolk, she is extraordinarily gracefull in her movements.

Physical weakness: a scar in the shape of a hook stands out on the right side of her neck which she wears as a white badge of honor.

Physical strength: she has great strength in both arms and legs which comes from years working on a ship and her sense of balance is remarkable, even for a seafolk.


Personality: Seralle is curious by nature and what she likes most of all about being on the sea is the exploration of new things. Whether that is new waters, lands, people or items, it’s all the same to her. Anything new excillerates her and she eagerly seeks out any rumor of things she hasn’t heard or seen before.

Personality weakness: She’s not the most patient of people and often rushes in before thinking things through, which lands her in trouble more often than not.

Personality strength: Luckily, she is also very imaginative and inventive, which allows her to get out of most of the trouble she seems to attract, though certainly not all of it. She is very adaptable, while maintaining a fixed eye on her intended goal.


One Power: Seralle is a channeler of exceptional skill and strength among the Seafolk.





Seralle, like all other Atha’an Miere, was born on a ship as the fourth daughter of the sailmistress Moran din Atar Seagull. Her mother was hard on her from the start, for Seralle’s sisters didn’t amount to much among the people and her mother was determined to produce at least one child of note. Her father, the ship’s cargomaster, never had much time for his daughter, as he was being kept busy with the ship’s trades and the raising of a daughter was the providence of women. Or so her mother claimed and whatever her mother claimed, her father took for law. Love didn’t facture in to Seralle’s upbringing, which was completely dominated by her duty to her family. She was punished harder, longer and quicker than anyone else, even to the point of drawing murmers from the crew as to the harsh conditions the girl was growing up in. Even those that understood that favoritism amongst family members had to be avoided at all cost felt that the treatment of Seralle by her mother was above and beyond what was necessary. And yet, her mother ruled her ship with iron hand and none ever dared confront her. She did well by her ship and her clan, for hers was the most productive and profitable of all the clan’s ships, so the Wavemistress was happy to let her mother be, so long as she continued to prosper the clan. She was confident in her position and confident that her mother did not pose a threat to her, because none of the other sailmistresses held any affection for her. While she was an exceptional tradeswoman, she was also incapable of maintaining a steady crew. Her ship being the one with the highest level of rotating crew of all the ships. A clear indication of a woman not capable of securing a crew’s loyalty, which was an absolute sign of incapability for a potential Wavemistress. And so, Seralle’s mother was stuck as sailmistress, something that shafed at the woman every minute of every day. Consequently, she was even more determined to see one of her children rise so she could claim status through them. This was a most shamefull line of thinking, since Atha’an Miere did everything in their power to avoid such links, but there you had it. The combination of all of this made Seralle’s childhood a living nightmare and many feared that the girl might end up giving herself to the deep blue at some point.


But Seralle had a secret friend. A life savior that none knew about. She was born with a talent of great imagination and inquisitiveness, and while she was forced to grow up under the most harshest of conditions, this provided her with an escape from what might otherwise have been a very gloomy outlook on life. She worked hard, learned quick and secretely relished in every new thing that came her way. Examining it over and over in her mind, which became a habbit whenever she was punished again. She also developped a skill for fixing most problems before anyone found out, even if she created most of them herself by her curiosity and lack of patience. She endured the regime of her mother but couldn’t wait till she would be placed on another ship, hoping that she might finally be allowed to pursue her dream of exploration in truth.


When the time came for her to be tested, Seralle was fourteen years old, and it was determined that she could learn to channel. She was placed under the Ship’s Windfinder, though not before she was beaten and strung up by her feet for a full week for daring to go against her mother’s wishes. Her mother wanted her to become Wavemistress of the clan. As Windfinder, she would never be able to do that, a drop in status that her mother took as a personal affront. But the laws were clear, channelers become Windfinders. Period. Not even her mother could go around that. And so she was placed under the Windfinder and life became somewhat better for Seralle, since a Windfinder’s apprentice was the Windfinder’s charge and not the sailmistress’. For two years, her mother completely ignored her, which was fine with Seralle. Then came the time when Seralle had to be transferred to another ship and, luckily, this was also up to the Windfinder to decide or Seralle was sure her mother would have picked the worst ship of the bunch, just to get back at her for daring to have the ability to channel.


She was transferred to the Wavedancer, where the Windfinder soon became quite taken with Seralle. There, for the first time ever, the young woman found affection, appreciation and genuin friendships. The sailmistress was a hard woman, as all sailmistresses were, but she was also very fair. Quick to punish anything that threatened her crew and ship but equally quick to reward exceptional service to ship and crew. Hers was known to be the most loyal crew of all the clan’s ships. She wasn’t as skill a trader as Seralle’s mother had been, but she made that up with the ability to secure people’s trust and goodwill. She was also considered to be a high threat to the Wavemistress, as she was also quite popular among the other sailmistresses (excepting her mother, another reason the Wavemistress favors her). So, Wavedancer was always the first to be sent in to dangerous situations. A tactical move from the Wavemistress, who was hoping Lenara, Wavedancer’s sailmistress, would get killed on one of those expeditions.


Because of this, Wavedancer’s crew became quite skilled in sea combat, interaction with different shorebound cultures and political intrigues of the various rulers across the world. And the ship’s Windfinder became quite skilled in defending both ship and crew in every situation that required their expertise and talents. Consequently, Seralle too became exceptionally skilled in these matters and she learned quickly. So quickly that she graduated to full Windfinder within another two years and became the youngest Windfinder in history. She stayed on Wavedancer, as now she had the freedom to choose her own deployment, as the ship definately could use two Windfinders, though only one could be the official one. So Seralle became the assistant to the Windfinder. This wasn’t a luxury, since the Wavemistress kept sending the ship off more and more in to ever more dangerous waters. Seralle didn’t mind, she loved it. For this was the ship that went to the most varied of places, saw the most varied people and encountered the most varied things and situations. She was in heaven!


During one such encounter, the Windfinder was captured by the Seanchan. Seralle wanted to try to save her, but the sailmistress forbade it and made her take the ship to safety. Seralle conjured up the Winds and Wavedancer literally flew over the sea, creating a spray of unseen proportions in her wake. The crew was dumbfounded by the sight of it and the sailmistress called her to her that evening. She promoted her to Wavedancer’s Windfinder and gave her her salt name, Lightening Spray.


Seralle’s mother was also captured by the Seanchan and her ship and crew were sunk, while her mother and father were beheaded for not yielding to Seanchan leadership. Seralle could find only one emotion at the news. She let out a sigh of relief, for the suffering of her siblings had finally come to an end. She had never been allowed to form a bond with them, but that had never stopped her from feeling sorry for them as they continued to live under their mother’s thumb.


Now, the Coramoor was their greatest priority. A new Wavemistress was chosen and it wasn’t Wavedancer’s sailmistress. She had been offered the position but refused, feeling that she could serve the clan and the people better as sailmistress. She had been the first to throw her support at the woman that now led the clan.


Seralle wondered what new explorations lay beyond those horizons and she was eager to get started on them. And to avenge the faith of her beloved Windfinder.

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